Friday, March 27, 2015

An Up-cycled Denim Flower for Spring...

Hello everyone and 
Happy Spring!
Isn't it just so exciting to see 
those little green shoots
coming up around the yard?
And my, oh my! The birds are singing
such happy little songs. 

I hope that your spring is shaping
up to be a happy one. 
Filled to the brim with many blessings.

I find that when I'm feeling blue,
if I practice a little

it helps to change my outlook.

I did some cleaning up
and watering around the yard
and in my herb garden this morning.

I'm not feeling very well and so
it felt good to be out in the sun!
I've been using my essential oils like
crazy and they help so much. 
I'm very thankful to have them.

I have a little spring project that I'd like to share.
I really enjoy re-using and re-making things.
And denim is so fun to work with!

I was going through my scrap drawer one day
and decided to just gather some different
pieces of random things to try to 
put something together.
And I came up with this little sign 
and the flower seemed perfect for spring!
It's made of a side seam 
from an old pair jeans.  

I really like the quote. 
We are all so unique and
shine with a special light and have 
a beauty all our own!
Id' love to hear about any projects that you 
have going for spring! Are you planting and 
re-arranging plants outside yet? I know that it's a 
little early for some to be out but it's 
 great fun to be planning, isn't it?

Thank you so much for stopping by.
 Wishes for a peaceful weekend
and I hope you feel beautiful as well!

Tamara xo

Monday, March 16, 2015

Old Windmills, A Vintage Truck and The GiveAway Announcement!

Happy Monday, everyone!
It's a beautiful day here in the White Mountains.

Today, I will announce the winner of my 
altered book but first I'd like to share some 
photos with you. 

I said I wanted to start sharing more 
of our travel experiences.

We do a lot of traveling and sometimes
it's worth the extra time to 
take to the back roads.
That's really my favorite way to go.

It opens up the heart and mind a little and makes
spontaneity more of a reality.
 And doesn't that enrich our lives and
give us a fresh perspective?
It also makes room for surprises
or finding the extraordinary.
That's how we came across this
collection of windmills.

Do you like them?
Maybe some of you have never seen one. 
 But here in the west, they are still
a part of working ranches. 
And there are also many that 
are abandoned but still standing.
 What a beautiful blue-sky day it was! 
With just a few fluffy clouds floating by.

"When the winds of change blow
some people build walls,
and others build windmills."

~Chinese Proverb~
  At the bottom, left of this picture, you can see the
pipe that is fixed over top of the stock tank 
so the water can flow in. 
just love seeing how things work!
 Aren't they beauties!? 
tall and inspiring....

And there's a little log cabin, too.

Below, there are some photos of a
rusty, vintage truck.
Do you ever wonder who drove those 
old treasures to the store..
church...and maybe the country wedding?
I've always wanted to write a song
about one of those old trucks!

I had a good time trying some different angled shots. 
I hope you all don't mind. 
I recently read a blog post about how 
annoyed some people get with all the 
different shots of the same thing!
I'm sorry if that's me.
I don't know what this place was but
I was very excited to have found it!
 Out in the middle of no where.
I would have liked to ask some 
questions but there was no one around. 
 It seemed a little mysterious 
and that added to it's charm!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour and now onto
the giveAway announcement!

And the winner is.......


Congratulations to you! Could you please
contact be by email with your mailing information,
I will get your book sent out to you this week!

Thank you very much to all who stopped by and left lovely,
sweet comments about my book and other posts!
You're all very kind and gracious and I
appreciate you so much.

Blessings to you all,
Tamara xo

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Baby Bird and Altered Book Give Away .... Just Because

Happy Monday!
Was your weekend 
restful and productive?
I hope so. 
It's so good for the
 body and mind to 
take time to rest, relax and 
then get something done!

Do you feel just 
"all around better"
if you keep things 
in a balance? 
I do.

The weather is changing and many
of us are starting to focus
on outside projects.
That's always exciting
as well as a lot of hard work. 

We are working on an area
of our property that we
have had dreams about
working into something special!
I will be sharing about 
that in the future.

I know it's been a long, 
cold winter
for a lot of people.
It will be spring soon!
And...this is what 
we have to 
look forward to! Isn't it precious?
This is one of our Sugartree babies.
It's a little Fly-Catcher. 
You'd never know it but there 
are five of them in the nest. 
Those parent birds were
very busy!

It's always fun to win something.
And during the 
it was suggested that we
 have a giveaway.

However, I wasn't sure what to
 give and so I didn't have one.
But I thought of the books that
I had altered and decided
to offer one of those.

I have been wanting to host  
a giveaway for a while now.
I'm a gift giver for sure so this 
will be fun!

Here goes..
So, if you'd like
 to enter, just leave 
a comment. And if you're new
here, WELCOME! If you 
 find some encouragement 
or inspiration here, 
I'd love to have 
you follow along.

Here's the book that I
will send to you if 
your name is chosen.

The winner will be 
announced next Monday.
March 16th.
Thank you so much for stopping 
by and best wishes to 
all who enter!

Tamara xo