Thursday, February 16, 2012

To See Family

 Travelling is such a wonderful way to spend time... to just spend time...

And when you add the reason of visiting family and seeing new places, it makes it
especially captivating and memorable.

During this time, God has shown me so many amazing things. I am excited to be back and
to share with you the goodness of everdyday life.

The three younger girls with their uncle.

Brother and sister..

We just love family and spending time with my family back
east has been a priority for many years.

Making regular visits with my siblings has been a highlight
of my travels since I have lived in the west.

I am very thankful to have a good relationship with both of my special 
brothers and my two wonderful sisters.


My family is wonderful.They're so supportive and loving. I'm very grateful for them. I hope to always be able to help them and to someday possibly live closer to them. When I think of them, I know that I have experienced the blessings that only come when God gives us siblings.