Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Salvaged Wood Signs, Romantic, Shabby Paper Collage and Travel Plans

 Hello Everyone..

We're oh so close to all that fall goodness!
Are you looking forward to it?
I think I finally am.
It's hard to say goodbye to the loveliness
that summer brings and I
 like to reflect on the time gone by.

It's been a wonderful summer with many
happy memories made and some work done
along with letting go of some things.

Doesn't each season hold a magic and
uniqueness all it's own?

I hope that your summer has been a 
peaceful and fulfilling time with many happy moments
and adventures along the way.

 with open hearts shall we 
embrace the new season that's upon us?

 Here we come!
Pumpkin goodies...
cozy sweaters and warm, 
crackling, fireside gatherings with family and friends
or what ever delights each of your hearts!

And.... so begins my candle season and 
even MORE twinkle lights!
Don't you just love the warm glow of all those candles
and lights.. and the scents??

Oh MY! 
Farm Fresh Apple
Pecan Pie
Sunny Pumpkin Fields

I've been looking for a place to buy candles in bulk and
good prices in general.
I finally found one.
They also have dripless in many colors
Orange Black and Purple


 I recently enjoyed pulling out some of my
pieces of old wood.
Sign making is a lot fun
and one can be so creative.
I always enjoy seeing what designs people make.
 The first two are a combination 
of stenciled and free hand painting
I am always intimidated by hand painting as I'm just learning.
I drew the flowers on with a white Stabilo pencil. 
It worked very nicely and is easily erasable.

I'm always inspired by Miss Mustard Seed. 
Have you heard of her? 
She's very talented and so kind and helpful
 to share little tips!
Here's  a video that I watched awhile ago..
It was helpful and just fun :)
 Beads strung on a thin wire...
I use them whenever I can for a project.
They're one of my favorite ways to embellish something.
 This was an oak stool that I picked up.
The paper I used was Romance Novel by Prima.
Paper LOVE. 
I often find my papers at Hobby Lobby or
Scrapbook.com for a very good price.
Sometimes half off~
After the glue dried, I sealed it with several 
light coats of Krylon Crystal Clear.

With one of my many rounds of flowers that I planted this year,
(I think I am officially a crazy plant lady now)
came a beautiful rose bush that graces us
with PINK and WHITE roses
at the same time.
It was....
SO very Lovely.
And I finally figured out to care for them.
That's another story.
Liberty wanted a drink..
I love how she looks like a giant dog. 
But it made me think of fairy gardens.
And then I found this little friend on the bird bath.
I'm sure it thought she was a giant!
Do caterpillars have thoughts?

I guess they do in Alice in Wonderland ;)
We've had some beautiful clouds with our season of rain.
I really do enjoy a cloudy day. 
I'm preparing for a trip to our beloved
 Sugartree in Ohio. We leave Friday.
I'm preparing for that and getting a few things done
from my ongoing list. 
It will be wonderful to see my brothers and sisters,
some of our kids and grand kids as well 
as a new grand baby along the way!

Antique shopping
junking... good food and just getting away
and some 
I do love hittin the road.

Willie Nelson CD singin..
On the Road Again

 It's been a great summer but one
of very hard work and I need some 
rest and inspiration.

I wish you the happiest first day of fall.
I will be gone until mid-Oct but will be coming 
and going online. 

Have a lovely week, thank you for coming
and I wish you joyous blessings.



Oh... a little p.s.  here~ 
Do you like the Junk Gypsies?

They have a new book coming out.
You can watch a video about it here and you
can pre-order their book 

I pre-ordered mine several weeks ago.
Can't wait to get it.
Love them girls spirits and the talents that they have.

bye for now..

Joining the lovely party at
Share Your Cup Thursday

Come make some new friends and 
enjoy all  the fun and inspiration~

Friday, September 16, 2016

Have Courage...Random Art Paint Collage

 How has your week been? 
I hope it's been a good one.

Mine has been a perfect kaleidoscope of 
 wondrous adventures~

A mix of work and play.

Music always...
Dinner with some of our girls
A movie with my Honey
And there's the floors...laundry.... watering

I'm so glad that I enjoy every aspect of  it.

I'm also still working on projects.
I'm working on an angel made from an old spring
and angel wing ornaments.

Every border of the gypsy camp is overflowing with
spicy scented, yellow flowers...
Jeff and I sat there this morning
sharing our hearts, 
having a little prayer time together and enjoying a cup of tea.

One of the things that we talked about was achieving our dreams.
And we concluded that we have, to some degree, done that or at least begun to.
The realization has begun in a small way and we will enjoy the journey.
What are your thoughts?

It's so easy to feel like things are never enough or just beyond our reach.
I believe that we rob ourselves of the joy of the hard work realized
when we set our sights too high and don't believe in ourselves or our dreams
when they are in their small beginnings.

The mornings there in camp are a perfect blend of sunshine
 and splashes of shade.
All the while as we sit taking in the beauty, tiny hummingbirds 
come and lite on the branches
and little Pine Siskins visit the seed feeders in the trees.
There's a happy chirping that fills the air around us.

(Remember the little area that I made for the birds and critters in the pines?
You can read the post here. Well, I found some very large footprints near the food and 
decided that it would be better to hang the seed in the trees if I wanted the birds to get any ;)

Below is an acrylic painting that I did awhile ago.
Do you have favorite words that find their way into your thoughts..
journals, doodlings or art?

Words that inspire or challenge you or that you might want to share with
others through letters or special little notes.
Aren't words powerful?

Here's a couple that I would like to share with you today.
 Life can hold some pretty hard things for us to go through.
But there's always a way to get to the other side.
Courage doesn't mean that you don't get afraid,
it means that you don't let the fear stop you.
Bethany Hamilton
Only those who will risk going too far, 
can possibly find out how far one can go.
T.S. Eliot
Success is not measured by what you 
but by the opposition that you have encountered 
and the courage with which you have 
the struggle against overwhelming odds.
Orison Swett Marden
Courage, dear heart~
C. S. Lewis

I hope that whatever you face that you can find the courage within 
you to press on and come to your place of triumph!
Remember, He is always near. 
 Volunteer Marigolds..
Who's that hiding in the beddy by basket? 
Who wanted to snuggle with the lamb and the bunny?
None other than BRUTUS~
He's such a character!

I have a really cute picture of hm that 
I'll share soon.

A sweet little one just crawled into my lap and it's time to start 
making popcorn for our traditional

Do you have Friday night traditions?

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends...
Many blessings to you!
Thank you for your visit.

Tamara XO

Friday, September 9, 2016

A few candle lit moments ~

Happy Tuesday..   
Friday or Saturday
Oh my..
did I lose the week! 

Are you glad that it's it was a short work week?

What did you do over the holiday weekend?
I hope you were able to take a rest from your labors and enjoy whatever
refreshes your mind and body.

What a beautiful weekend it was here in the mountains.
We spent much of it out in the woods with three of our daughters and many of our
grandkids. We hiked among the most gorgeous wildflowers. And the kids all played in the
south fork of the Little Colorado River.

I am here to confess that I am behind in comments and emails.
Last week was very overwhelming. 
Watching girlies and keeping up with our big family.
And I didn't feel well most of the week. Allergies.
I'm sorry I have not responded. 
Sometimes I just can't seem to think through the details..

But! I will come and visit those of you who have stopped by to say hello!
It's kind of a sacred thing to me to make sure that I
remember those who have visited.
Thank you!

We helped with a concert at The Outfoxed.
It's always such a pleasure. Our youngest daughter
plays many instruments and sings. She came along to play the fiddle and guitar
and sing a few duets with me. There are no words to describe the joy that I get from 
sharing these special times with her. 
I only know that when we sing together, time stands still.
She's almost 20 and I know it can't last forever.

We were so busy this past week trying to hold on to and make 
the most of the last days of summer. But sometimes I have to take some time to
rest my mind and enjoy the quiet and some of my special things. 
With the glow of candles or twinkle lights to cast their 
magical light and a cup of my favorite chamomile tea in hand, 
 my anxieties away slowly melt away.
I found these crystal candle holders at a thrift store..
I love the way they reflect the light and when you gently touch them together,
they ring out with a sweet little chiming sound.
I never have enough. Candles are a favorite of mine inside and out.

I also enjoy a stroll around the yard. 
 Brutus loves rolling around in the thyme.
Our work is slowing down outside as the nights have cooled quite a bit and 
the sun is shifting in the sky. 
So I've been able to work on some projects.
I have so many started
I've been working with air dry and paper clay, playing with acrylic paints
and planning some Christmas projects for some sales coming up.
I'm not really making a lot of progress but it's ok.

There are always so many ideas swirling around in my head! Sometimes
I would like to work late into the late but kowing that the next days work is waiting
to greet me early in the morning, I try to behave myself and go to bed.
Do you ever experience that?


I have been hoping to add more to this all week.
But it was like my week just went spinning out of control.
Mostly because of responsibilities and not feeling well.
I was all fuzzle headed and didn't accomplish much.
I'm thankful to be feeling much more myself today.

We received some sad news.
We lost a friend at the Foxfire.
He took us under his wing just two short months ago.
He was diagnosed with leukemia six weeks ago. And now, this man that was so 
talented and gracious, is gone. 
And it happened so fast.
We are in shock and so very saddened.  

I know I talk about it all of the time.
I hope I don't bore you and sound like a broken record.
But once again, I've been impressed to live like we're celebrating every day.
The people... all the blessings.. using our talents
to make ourselves and others happy.
Do MORE of what you love, dear friends..
Hug more ..laugh more...
I want to sparkle with love and shine with generosity.
Fill my space with light and life and sweet inspiration.

I decided to post this as is to say hello
and wish you all a wonderful weekend.
Love and hugs to you all.