Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Decorate and Re-Purpose a Mason Jar... or any Jar

Hello and Happy Friday!

It's a good day for working outside so that's what I did this morning.

I am in watering gear. It's a little early this year by about two to three weeks.

Spring here in the mountains is not the loveliest place but one has much hope 

when you add water and wait on the sun to work it's magic.

 Soon you see green wonders popping up everywhere!

I want to go out every morning to check on them all.

Today I wanted to show you an easy project. If you have mason jars or any 

other kind of jar sitting around, you may not want to get rid of them.

They can easily be used to make a vase or they can be used in place of gift bags

to hold those special items that you want to give to someone!

They can also be used as desk top containers for 

paint brushes, markers, pens, or cooking utensils in the kitchen.

I'm sure you could come up with other uses as well.
Acrylic paint works really well!

Choose your color and then apply two coats as you follow

the directions on the container for drying time. 

If you like the distressed look, take a piece of sand paper and

gently go over the places you would like to distress.

Then comes the fun part of embellishing in any style 

or theme that you want!

You could use sea shells, paper crafting cutouts or paper flowers. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Just have fun being creative! The materials for this 

project are very inexpensive and it's a simple project.

What have you been doing?

Besides, working on cleaning up and de-cluttering, I made 

some whole wheat bread.

I will share my recipe sometime.
 We've had some very beautiful sunrises lately!
 This is over looking our little town in the early morning hours.

Jeff and I have been watching the crown. A very inspirational and interesting

series on Netflix. It's about the life of the current Queen Elizabeth. 

I highly recommend it if you enjoy history.

Thank you so much for coming by.

I appreciate you all so much.

 I wish you a very lovely weekend~

Tamara xo

Thursday, April 13, 2017

She Wanted to be a Forest Angel~

It's a beautiful day here at our mountain home.
It's time to water and think of all the good things that
 warm weather brings even though last week 
I was taking walks in the snow.
We are so very thankful for all of the wonderful moisture.
Our thirsty ground just soaks it up.

She first came to be in the thoughts of the 
keeper of the gypsy camp.
There was a fluttering of wings and a whisper
that said, "I love sweet flowers and the soft green mosses
that grow in the cool of the tall trees on the forest floor." 

And so the keeper of the Gypsy Camp began to 
envision her in her heart. 
Her mind took over and her hands began to 
gather all that she would
begin to use to bring this delicate,
 and magical angel to life.
She thought that a soft pink would suit 
for the season and the 
rich greens of spring in the 
forest would be perfect~
Soon her hands began to fly and after many hours 
of thought and work....
Flora the Forest Angel was
 ready to find her way 
into the world of the 
Keeper of the Gypsy Camp 
 and down the shady, forest path. 
Here she will meet many new friends and find 
many wonders as the 
magic and mysteries of 
her new life unfold.

She glitters and sparkles with happiness and
her wish is to spread her happiness all around.

Thank you so much for coming by and 
please come again for more adventures 
in the life of Flora!

Blessings to you and may you 
find that you have angels in your midst~
Tamara xo

Saturday, April 8, 2017

An Ordinary Matchbox Altered For Spring

Happy day everyone!
I hope that your week is going well.
I have been absent again! 
I'm not sure where the time goes but I am determined...

to figure this out!
And I'm actually praying about letting it go for awhile.

I love it but I'm not sure if I can make it fit with 
the other things that I've added this year.

I need to simplify my posts.
I joke with my husband (though it's very true!)
about how I am SO good at complicating things.

But I am learning to turn that around.


The magic and beauty of spring can be found 

all around. I have been walking about and finding lovely surprises 

all over the yard. The most wonderful have been the two peonies

that I marked off of my list of survivors from last year's plantings.

I am so happy and excited about seeing them come up and am anxiously

waiting for them to grow!

I want to share just a little project with you today.

It's an altered matchbox.

I love taking something ordinary and making it pretty.

Do you like to do that?

I apologize for the photos.

They aren't very creative or even good.
 I  covered it with some pretty, spring paper and gathered some embellishments.
Ferns are one of one of my favorite plants.
So I picked some to use.
 Boxes are so fun to decorate for gifts, craft storage or for decorations. 
And the possibilities for decorating are endless!
This one is pretty simple. I do love losing myself in creating with details though.


I have been so very busy with family outings.
This last week I had a spontaneous shopping trip
with my youngest daughter, a visit over breakfast with two of my daughters and
granddaughters. Thursday, we took five of our grandkids to 
see Beauty and the Beast.

Family outings are so special and celebrating
those relationship often and having fun
makes lasting memories that we'll always treasure.

This evening there's a girls night out eating dessert and going
to the movie to celebrate a daughter's birthday
and then.....
tomorrow dinner with our oldest daughter and SIL to
celebrate their anniversary..

HAHA! ;)

With a (very) large family, and packed schedules, 
it sometimes takes months to squeeze those special outings in!
 Having girl time with Liberty is something I try to do once a week. 
That probably sounds a little odd, but she's getting older and 
she is a good, kind dog. She deserves special 
attention and I love doting on her.
It's always a good time to work on adding a little color or 

something new to add some cheer to my home.

There's something warm and wonderful that happens to a room

when you add something new. I can imagine it smiling.

A bit like getting a new scarf or pair of earrings! 

This floral cheer came from a flea-market.

I loved the colors and it was only a dollar! I was so surprised....

I bought a pile of pieces to bring home and sew into pillows or something.

I have been reading the most wonderful book!

It is packed with inspiration and wisdom.

I will share it with you soon.

(I need to get busy on my posts!)

The excitement of what I'm learning in my personal life or

through my reading sometimes bubbles over and keeps me up late

journalling and drawing.

Do you ever have thoughts or ideas that you want to get onto
paper before you go to sleep at night because you know it will be vanish
while you sleep?

I loved this entry.. it came from the devotional:

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I have to remind myself of this often and so it really spoke to me.

What speaks to you?

Well dear ones..

Here's wishing you a lovely new week!
Thank you for coming by. 
I hope you were able to take away something
with you that was encouraging or inspiring!

Blessings and hugs...


Thursday, March 30, 2017

There Was A Time... Shall We Get Back to It?

Being here feels so foreign after nearly three weeks between posts!

I have missed you and wanted to come and tell you so.

I am trying to  change so many things in my life.

Te be more in tuned to people around me.

I can be so self consumed in the moment.

It has been a beautiful spring here and with the

loveliness of life there has also come the busyness.

There was a time when I was

posting two times a week but I can't seem to stop

overthinking about this and get overwhelmed!

But I'm going to work at getting back to it.
 Spring came early to the mountains and there has been work to do 

outside. The tender care of mulching,

 and weeding. I have to do a sort of plant hovering in the spring

because the baby plants come up and then WHAM!

We get snow and cold temps again.

We had a beautiful, wet snow

the other evening and Liberty and I took a walk and came back dripping wet!

It was so fun and refreshing that I was trying to find reasons to stay outside.

Those walks take me back to my girlhood days when I use

to wander the farm in all kinds of weather.

I do love seeing the new plants popping up and 

the trees heavy with blossoms.

There's also been the sorting and cleaning out of every 

"nook and cranny"! It has felt good but has been a lot of extra work.

But in the midst of the work, I've been having so much fun

 learning new songs and playing a lot of music.

It truly is my #1 obsession!

And I'm excited that there are many singing opportunities

coming up. I enjoy the people so much but

to be honest, I am not a very good performer.

I'm more of a passionate, closet musician. Haha! So, I'm having to learn to 

be more expressive when singing for others.  I always felt like that

was show-offey. But I understand now that it's just enjoying

myself and letting it be about the music not me.

Isn't there always so much to learn?
(the azalea bush that my daughter gifted me for my birthday. 
I love pink!)

 There was a time.. 

I tried song writing. 

Have you ever let something die just because

you felt you weren't good enough?

Maybe it's time to turn that negative thinking around and try again. 

Don't think too much about it. 

Just follow your heart, Dearie!
There was a time ...

when I worked like a crazy person making things..

Well...I have been working on projects again now that

the biggest part of the sorting is done.

I have finished another book page, angel. 

She is woodsy and all about spring!

I will share her soon.

And my late evenings and Sunday mornings are a good time to make cards

for friends and family. Thank yous.. Birthday cards and any other

reason that I can find to make them! I do enjoy paper crafting so much.

Do you have certain times set aside that seem to work for you?
There is a new friend that has taken up residency here... 

I will call him my new studio assistant.

He was a gift from my husband.

He received a very nice bonus from work and he

bought ME a gift :)

He is so very thoughtful and giving!

I will reveal this new little love of mine before too long.

I'm so excited to have him along as my crafting and artistic pal! 

What's been happening with you?

I know that life isn't always fun and exciting.

There are hard things and lots of hard work. 

Even when most of life is going well.

I hope that you're finding the grace and strength to 

work through the hard things and that there are good things

 to bring magic to your days and put a smile in your heart.

Thank you so much for coming by and may your cup 

be full and overflowing.

Tamara XO

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art Inspiration: My Quest ~ Dreams: Focus and Purpose


With a day full of possibilities, what will you do?

We can soar on the wings of our dreams!

Do you have dreams?

I think at one time in our lives,  we all had a dream..

Hopefully, you still do.
 I have dreams.

There have been times when I haven't been true..

to myself or to my dreams.

It's easy to get caught up in expectations of others.

What we SHOULD do can dictate our

decisions and the whispers of our heart's dreams

can be drowned out by so many things.
 Where do your dreams stand?

You know you are the only one that can protect them

I'm building walls around my dreams and learning to guard them

with a fierceness because if I don't...

they can so easliy vanish in the midst of daily living.
 I think we're meant to dream. 

Without them, how would we set goals?

There's a longing in my heart that is leading me to practice being artistic 

and creative. Living life to the fullest in my home and through my 

drawing, painting, playing music and writing songs.

God has given us all talents and gifts along with a desire

to express ourselves through these gifts and talents.
 There have been times when I have prayed and asked for God to make a way,

and to show me what HE wanted me to do.

A lovely revelation came to me.  

{Sometimes God is just waiting on us to make up 

our minds about what it is we want to do.

And then He can bless it.}
 He has given us gifts and talents and 


The desire is natural and beautiful

and one of the strongest motivators to get us where we want to go~
 I am having to retrain myself and it's kind of like steering

a very large vessel through the water.

It's a very slow but deliberate process.

It takes a seriousness of purpose and focus that

has to shut out the everyday.

This focus also comes from knowing what it is I REALLY want.

I cannot tell you how many hours I have wasted

by just letting my mind wander.
 I can't allow myself to putter away at lots of little things that

I think are interesting. I don't have time to chase

bunnies that run across my path and distract.

I have to be orderly in my thinking, keeping the dream ever

before me. Picturing the destination and how to get there helps.
We can achieve anything we want when we have a desire and a plan.

Just recently, I was reminded that one of my purposes was to inspire.

Beauty and truth. 

Here are disciplines that I am learning to apply to be able to 

see that happen.
*Work my mind really hard. I can be and have been

 very lazy in my thought life.

*Be realistic. I have had to come to the truth that I

cannot accomplish every idea that I have had.

This has led me to *purge my ideas

and my home of materials that I will never be able to put to use.

And I am always...always, in some way,

working on some kind of project.

Such as ...learning a new song, researching how to write a song,

playing my guitar or mandolin.

Working on a painting, learning a new technique.

Etc.. this helps me keep the momentum.
This has required letting go of things and ideas that I have attached myself to.

But I can't allow emotions to get in the way.

Sometimes we have to be strong and firm.

These disciplines have made me stronger and enabled me to


Which brings more inspiration and peace 

which my heart was desperate for. 
 It may sound like I am never spontaneous and don't follow my heart.

Actually and ironically, it's the opposite.

The more we are able to pinpoint our weaknesses and work to put forth a plan 

that can clear our hearts and minds of distraction and unwanted clutter,

the less we worry and fret about that stuff and get bogged down

trying to figure out what to do.

We can make mistakes and will.

We will get sidetracked and distracted.

Because that's real. 

But do you have a plan in how to get back on track 

and find your groove again?
 Best wishes for your journey to be magical,
filled with wonder, excitement and purpose!
We will make messes of all sorts but won't it be fun and 

inspiring and encouraging to learn?

And how wonderful to be in a place just to know that we're 

listening and responding to  those quiet nudgings. 

How beautiful and exciting!

I wish you all the best in following your heart and being 

able to achieve your dreams in the truest 

sense of what they mean to you!

Have a wonderful week and thank you so much for coming by!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Peanut Butter ... Just Add Sprinkles! Nurturing the Wonder of Nature

I hope you're having a lovely day and week so far.

I realize more and more how blessed I am. 

Health...  Food... Shelter...
 and just so many wonderful people in my life.

My life is so rich and full of interesting challenges, enrichment and beauty!

I'm so grateful. 

We live in such a time that there is so much inspiration and 

opportunity to learn more about the things we love.

I must admit, I have to limit myself in this and and keep my feet firmly 

planted as I dream and work toward growing in my music and artistry.

But it's so exciting!

I am still working on the deep cleaning and purging of personal and

household items.  It's also been a soul-searching time as well, which has brought 

about some revelations and changes that I'll share in my next post.

 It is very freeing and I'm finding myself more focused

on the things that really matter to me.

Today, I want to share some pictures of a 

recent project that I did with my grand daughters. 

It's super easy, fun and serves a purpose. 

Not porpoise ;) Silly me....

The project is

Peanut Butter and Birdseed Pinecones

There's not much to explain.

The only thing that I did differently this time was to

 add a screw to hang it by. It was easier than trying to wrap

the ribbon around the pinecone itself.
 I added some sprinkles to the seed just to make it more 
colorful and festive. 
We all know that's what little girls love!
And honestly, I like it, too.
 And the birds like a sweet treat now and then.
This is potentially very messy but the cake pans helped a lot. 
 The girls did a wonderful job!
Peanut butter was thoroughly smushed into every crack!

They love watching the birds and helping me feed them.
I allow them to take the little, yellow bucket outside. 
Using a small measuring cup,  they each count out four scoops 
as they pour the seed onto the patio.

I don't use bird feeders. They eat so much! 
I sometimes feed them three times a day. 
 We took them outside to hang them in a tree.
 Sweet birdwatchers!
 It didn't take long for the birds to find them
and now they are picked clean.
I loved sharing this project with girls. They had so much fun making them!
 Their mom helped, too.
 I wish I had gotten a picture of the three of them 
with their pinecones.

It's wonderful way to teach them how magical nature is and how to 
be a part of helping the lovely creatures of the wild. 
It also helps nurture that love and wonder for nature that kids already have.

What kind of magic and wonder is happening in your world? 
I'd love to hear about it.
Thank you so much for coming by. 
Happy March 1st!

Tamara XOXO

Monday, February 20, 2017

Vintage Suitcases, Books and the Mysteries of the Past ~

It was a cloudy morning that has turned into a sunny 
Monday here at our mountain home. 

And there are little surprises popping up in my flower gardens.
Hyacinths... Poppies and Lilies 
are peeking out to see if it's safe to 
come out and say a proper hello! 

It's all very exciting.
And there is talk about
additions to the gypsy camp.

It's one of my places to dream. 
It's there that I play
so much music and even make believe. 

Even though.....
 I love the winter months and
 the magic and beauty of snow is one 
of my favorite things!
 The handsome and lively elk and deer visitors 
come to call, too and it's so fun
 to watch the young ones 
run down the pond hill and 
play chase around the field!
And then to watch that herd of fifty 
run all together as one is a beautiful sight, indeed!

Even though ... 
all of that will have to wait until
another time,
I do hear the gypsy camp beckoning...
Such excitement in the air!

Today, I have a couple of photos of a decor change that 
I made with some thrifted, vintage suitcases and some of my favorite books. It was a much needed change as I hadn't changed it
for several years. 
(I won't tell you how long.. I'm too embarrassed!)

They sort of embody that adventurous, wanderlust spirit that
stirs up the gypsy in me. 
Do you ever look at them and wonder?

Who packed them?
Where they travelled and why?

Was it their honeymoon...
a business trip?
Were they traveling with the circus?

Oh my.. Don't you just love the mystery?
My husband and I really like the change. 
I like using what I already have and I'm learning to
just switch things around. 

I like the neutrals here with just a splash of color.
I'm starting to hang some of my art around the house.
I also really like plants blended in with neutral colors.
Wooden boxes and crates are another favorite to use in
my home. I love the history that they represent.

I am not very good at decorating but 
I'm learning. I use to think that I had to be loyal to one
color palette but my gypsy soul loves 
it all! So I'm learning to create
small places with groupings of colors that I love.
It usually has some sort of quirky twist.
That's just me. 

Books are not just for reading.
They can be such lovely things to decorate with. 
I have stacks of them all around my house. 

Do you like books?
What are some of your favorites?

I hope the beginning of your week is off to a 
good start. Thank you for coming by.

I hope your week is lovely with an 
element of enchantment and beauty.