Wednesday, August 30, 2017

There's A Lot To Be Said For Normal

Here it is Wednesday.

While so many are scrambling in the midst of chaos,
so many more of us are carrying on with
normalcy and everyday things.

(Most of us are thinking of and praying 
for the people whose 
lives have been devastated by
the floods and then there are the others
 that we know that have been visited by other

What a blessing everyday life can be.

Just to watch some little ones delight in the wonder
of their day. Finding many exciting adventures around every corner.

I remember this day. 
We were out collecting eggs and Anayah
really wanted to hold a chicken.

Isn't it funny how kids don't think about what they can or can't do!
They just go after what they want.

My summer has been very busy...
It's been so fun to spend time with friends and family.
Outings and meals and even making new friends.
But it's been hectic at times 
and not without heartaches.

And I find that within all of that,
I enjoy and find rest and contentment in
the quietness of keeping house, watering plants,
tending to my family and taking care of myself.

There are so many things
that I can think of that go in my
basket of gratitude.
Even very basic things.


Then there's

so much beauty... 

I know you're grateful, too.

What it is about little people and chickens?
They just go together like
PBand J!

And ham and eggs...
Thank you, Red, for your contribution to that :)

That chicken is so sweet to allow herself to be 
sort of squeezed. 
I have a huge trip coming up and I'm a little
panicky about it.
We're moving my daughter across the country to Ohio.

We are very close and I'm going to miss her ....
I'm not sure how that will be for me besides hard.
How is life treating you these days?
I hope that your summer has been wonderful and magical.
As well as productive and meaningful.

I've been working on few art projects.
I will share them.
I have figured out a little system
to my overwhelming photo gallery and so I 
hope to be posting more.

I take WAY TOO MANY photos!!
My days are filled with music.
I'm working on new songs almost every day.
My gardens are doing pretty well. 
Except our rains have stopped too soon and 
I find myself wandering about with the hose.
And look who has been coming out with me?
Do you remember Sunny? 
My bearded dragon.

I think I told you about him...
He's a foot long.
He has grown 8 inches since he came to be mine.
He's very sweet.
Well.. quiet and friendly. 

He rides on my arm or shoulder, 
eats out of my hand and 
knows my voice. 
He also runs around in the yard while I water.
I sometimes spray him with the hose.
He just closes his eyes and enjoys!
Life is beautiful 
and fragile 
and terrible.

Full of magic 
and sadness
and glory 
and love.

We live one minute at a time
 and often times with a choice of how to look at 
all that's going on in our hearts and beyond.

Wishing you peace and beauty in your days as lovely 
fall or spring approaches! 
Depending on where you live.

Thank you ever so much for coming by.
You are appreciated so much.
Show yourself lots of loving care and believe in
your dreams. There's only one you and 
as Mr Magorium once said....

Your life is an occasion.
Rise to it.

Hugs and abundant blessings to you~
Tamara xo

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Beauty in the Storm

 Hello friends~

I'm not going to say how long it's been since I last posted.
I'm starting to sound like a broken record.
All I can say is that I miss you all
and I am trying.

And it seems that I'm not the only one absent.

As you can see by most of my photos, I am a country girl.
So at least that explains WHERE I am and what I'm DOING
 much of the time. 

You'll often find me
wandering about in the beautiful outdoors working
or taking in as much beauty as I possibly can.

Is there anyone else out there that feels the draw of that
magical and wondrous place
outside your four walls?

The other day my daughter and I saw a T-I-N-Y
fawn hopping through the field with it's mother!
So sweet.
Makes hanging around outside so very worth it.

If someone told me that I was part gypsy,
I would nod my head and say,
"I knew it all along!"

And then there are the storms...
 This photo made me think of the song
 Gentle on My Mind,
 sung by the amazingly talented guitarist and singer,
Mr. Glen Campbell.
He will be greatly missed.

"You're moving on the backroads by the rivers of my memory and 
for hours you're just gentle on my mind."

Such sad days when we lose one more of the great artists.
I had just learned that song in the last week and I'm so happy that I did.
It will be a honor to sing it and I will always think of him when I do.
 It's always nice to have a friend nearby during stormy times.
 The beauty of it all just calls my name.
It feeds my soul and brings me peace in times 
when chaos is looming and threatening.
While it's pouring rain,
 the lightning electrifies the air and the thunder 
is rolling through the mountains,
it's a good time to jot down what's been happening 
and send some letters off to friends and family
  in  far away places.

Do you like writing others and making handmade cards?
After the rain stops, it's fun to wander around outside.
There are usually some little surprises just waiting to be spotted!
Here, a Cicada has just some out of it's shell.
Kind of ugly...
But sort of miraculous.
How DO they do that?!

I have a time lapse video of the one above coming out. 
I had to watch it for twenty minutes. 
I got impatient toward the end and almost missed it!
Are those raindrops on my wings?
During my wanderings, I often find little treasures to create with.
What have you been doing?
I know everyone has such interesting lives and this time of year
is full to overflowing with work and play and 
special outings with family and friends!

I'd love to hear about some of your adventures!
I do hope that you are well and that 
life is treating you kind.

As always...
Thank you so very much for coming by and visiting my
little online world. 

Blessings and happy summer days to you!
Tamara xoxo