Monday, July 24, 2017

Taking Time ..... Thoughts and an Altered Tea Pot

Hello and welcome to.. 
Where Blessings Gather.

If you're new here let me tell you a little bit about my blog.
It's where I share about anything and everything
as it brings a blessing to my life!

There are so many things in this world that enrich my everyday
 and I enjoy writing about them.

I'm a hugger, so here's a 
squeeze to new friends and old friends as well.
I hope you enjoy your visit!

I know life is not without it's challenges but I hope
 that each one of you have at least one special 
something gracing your life.

One of those things for me is the joy of taking a
simple object like a plain, black teapot and with paint,
paper and other materials,
transforming it into something that, 
hopefully, inspires or encourages someone. 
 Whatever you have sitting around that is calling to you to 
  give it a little makeover, might be fun to try!
Use any theme or colors that you love.

Working everyday or found treasures into something creative or 
unique is one of my favorite things to do.
And my message of course is to 
TaKe TiMe~

The bad news is that time flies..
The good news is that you're the pilot!
Michael Altshuler
Bits and baubles
Paper and paint
Are what I like!

Stamps and ink 
A bit of wire
What do you think?

Just a little poetry fun.

I hope you're having a wonderful summer so far.
Some are talking the end of our fair season already!

My goodness! I hope not...
What a lovely summer it's been.

I know the time will pass but we can make the most of it
and find the magic in it.

We can find the hidden nuggets as we live in the present and not
allow circumstances to over-shadow the beauty of the moment.

Thank you so much for coming by.
I am slowly making my way around to visit again.

Blessings of beauty, joy and peace to you.

Tamara xoxo

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Hello and how are you?

I hope that you had a meaningful
and super-fun holiday with your family
and friends.

It can be a good time to teach our children
and grandchildren
the true meaning of Independence Day.

A much as I enjoy the magic of fireworks,
the community parade and family gatherings
with games and food, I want the history and those that
gave and those that now give so much to be remembered.

If you've never seen the mini series, John Adams,
and you're interested in history, you may want to
watch it.

A while ago, I shared some photos of my homemade bread
with the promise of sharing the recipe...
so here it is.

I use to make bread by hand but as our family grew
to 11 members, I decided to buy a Bosch Universal Machine.
That was more than 20 years ago and I still enjoy making bread
and so I still use it to mix and knead my bread.
A warm slice of homemade bread spread with butter
and dripping with molasses is near the top of 
my favorite things list.
The recipe is as follows and makes 4 loaves.

Add to the machine mixing bowl
or a large stainless bowl.

If you're mixing by hand, you will 
probably want to cut the recipe in half.

2 C milk (heated for 1min 45 secs)
2 C hot water (not too!)

2 T yeast
2 T dough enhancer (totally optional)
I never used this back in the day ;)
1 T salt
mix well

Then add:
1/2 C honey/sugar/ or molasses
1/2 C melted butter
2 C unbleached flour

and then slowly begin to add whole wheat flour
until the bowl sides begin to mix clean or until your dough isn't too sticky. You want it just a little sticky or 
it will be too dry!

(I grind my own wheat so whatever brand you like)

After you're done kneading, divide dough and 
shape into loaves and drop into 
generously greased loaf pans..

I let my dough rise until it's close to 
being double is size... or for about 20 minutes, covered 
with a tea towel atop a stove with the oven 
pre-heated. That extra added warmth helps 
it to rise. 

After it's risen to double it's size, place in a 
325-350 degree oven.
My oven is a bit hot so I bake my bread at 325.

You can have some fun with your dough. 
You can twist it or make pull apart bread or make 
tiny loaves for the kids or grandkids! 
The giggles were here the last time I 
baked so they filled some heart pans
 to take home to their mommy.
Now comes the anticipation of smelling 
that deliciousness
as it comes floating out from the
 oven door and into the kitchen!
Oh, I have happy memories of when my mom used to 
make homemade rolls to go with
the big pot of beans that she made!

I think that was my dad's favorite meal.
He was raised down on the farm in the hollows of 
West Virginia. He was the 6th of seven children
and they ate very simply.

I don't have photos of any sliced..
 Bad blogger! AAgghh!

But the next time I bake bread, 
I will take some and post them.

When the bread comes out, it cools for a few minutes
and then gets brushed with butter!
So delicious.
I hope you get a chance to bake some
happiness and share it with someone.


There are so many other things happening.
I'll save that for another time.
But I will say that this crazy plant lady
FINALLY finished the last 
(we'll see... are we ever done? I think not! ;)
of her planting this morning!
It has been such a joy and lots of work too.
Perennials... herbs.. vegetables....annuals, 
Virginia Creeper and a new bush. 
Photos to come! 
The Gypsy Camp is growing and going through
all kinds of changes.

And then off I go tomorrow
 to the city with three of my daughters
to play. We're going to get a tattoo,
 dress up and go out to eat,
swim, shop and who knows what else!

I can hear the laughing now and of 
course we'll have some 
serious heart to heart talks, too.

I wish you a joyous rest of the week.
And thank you ever so much for coming by.

Tamara XO