Monday, January 25, 2016

Steaming, Apple Blueberry Crisp For a Cold Winter's Day

Hello everyone.
I hope you're safe and warm on this winter's day.
I know that there's been a lot of weather 
in the mid-west and east.  

I'd like to start sharing some of my
favorite recipes and ideas about food.
I do love to cook and bake.
And isn't there something so satisfying when
your hands and heart are at work to create  
 delicious, lovely to look at and good for you food.

When I was married, I had no idea that there was
 so much more to serving what we eat
 than just prepping it and getting it on the table! 
Our four boys and five girls gave me 
LOTS of opportunities
to learn creativity, grace and skill. 
And I'm still learning! 
Today, I'd like to share this very easy and delicious
crisp recipe with you.
It's perfect for a last minute throw-together dish
and is easily adjusted to different kinds of fruit.
Fresh or frozen.

Apple Blueberry Crisp

4 C. fresh blueberries
4 C. apples sliced thin
2 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice
 1 & 1/3 C. packed brown sugar
1 C. wheat flour*
1 C. old-fashioned oats*
2/3 C. butter, softened 
2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. salt

*In baking and cooking, I try to use the healthiest 
ingredients possible. You could use white flour and quick
oats if desired.

Heat oven to 375.
Mix apples and blueberries together.
Arrange fruit in an un-greased, 13 by 9 baking dish.
Squeeze the lemon juice over the top.
Mix brown sugar, flour, oats, butter, cinnamon and salt. 
Sprinkle over the top.

Bake until topping is light brown and apples are tender. 
About 30-40 minutes.

You can serve this with ice cream as a dessert or 
topped with whipped cream.
We also eat it for breakfast as a fruit, topped with
vanilla yogurt and sliced almonds.
 I like mine with sliced almonds ANYTIME!
This really is such a quick, simple and delicious dessert!
The crumble on top just melts in your mouth. 
And it's so pretty! All the bubbling blueberry juice.
My husband noticed that the apples had taken on 
a lovely purplish- blue color as 
they baked in the  juice.

He loved this crisp. He complimented it by saying
it just might be the best dessert he'd ever eaten.
Wow.. I was surprised.

It was perfect for a cold winter's afternoon. 
We sat by the wood stove and relished 
in the warmth of hearth and home. 

I hope you've enjoyed coming by today.
I always appreciate your visits and comments.
Thank you and have a wonderful day

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hope in Your Heart : Mixed Media

Here we are and it's Monday again.

We have only dipped our toes into the creative spring
of the new year 
and there's already so much inspiration 
to be found.
In our hearts and all around.

What inspires you? 

Some of my most inspired moments come through...


I love that moment when I read something or 
hear a song and for whatever reason
it finds it's way to the depths of my heart.
 I am somehow forever changed
and awed by the beauty of the moment.

Does that ever happen to you? 

Today, I'd like to share with you
a mixed media piece that I made. 
It doesn't have a name but
HOPE in your Heart 
is the theme.
This is one of my all-time
favorite words. I think the reason needs 
no clarification.

Sometimes I just like to grab some things from my 
scrap drawer and from leftovers laying
on my desk and try to fit them altogether to 
create something.


Have you been creating?
I try to work on something every day.
It feeds my soul!

The desire to create is one of
the deepest yearnings of the human soul.
Dieter  F. Uchtdorf

May your basket of HOPE be full
to overflowing..
in spite of your circumstances.

 With God all things are possible..
Matthew 19:26

So, there's always reason to hope.
And I have always thought that hope is what 
sets us to action.
If we don't have the HOPES 
that things could be different or better
somehow, we wouldn't take that next step.

Now, I'm going out to take a walk. 
I promised Miss Liberty and she's waiting!

Thank you for coming by.

Blessings and hugs,

Monday, January 11, 2016

Making Fun, Winter Cards And Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network

Hello Everyone.
It's another week with
opportunities to see
the beauty in the everyday and for me to 
count my blessings. 
I hope you had a good weekend.
Mine was quiet but not unproductive.

Our home has taken on a stillness like never before
and I wish to share with you some revelations about my art
journey very soon.

Before I share about the cards that I'm making, 
I wanted to mention an inspiring
"class" that I'm taking.
It's being offered by 
Just click on the name to go to her blog
and join her creative network for free.
Once you're in, you can browse all of the wonderful
classes that they offer! 
It's an amazing network of all kinds of artisans.
Right now, I'm taking part in the inspiring video series,

I have been so blessed by the wisdom, testimonies
and encouragement by these entrepreneurs and artists.
The inspiration and authenticity just flows from their "realness".

It began on 1/1 but there's no deadline for finishing and this
one happens to be free.
There's an amazing group of support and networking.
If you'd like to learn more, you 
 can click on the link above to do so. 

It's a four week study about finding the quiet in this 
world that seems to never stop. It's also about
tuning into God and finding out what He has for
each of us. This isn't an ad, I just want to begin sharing
 more about the people and resources that
give and inspire!


I've been wanting to send my grand daughters
a card. I haven't seen them in a 
few weeks and I like to keep in touch.

As this cold weather keeps us in by the warm,
crackling fire, sipping tea, it creates the 
cozy setting to make some.

The giggles love snow...    and pink...   and sparkly things.

Very much like a lot of little girls,
I believe. 
What a delight they are!

The cards were fun. I wanted them to be very
informal. I tried to capture the whimsy of snowy
frolic with the rough and uneven design.

The shimmery strip is a piece of ribbon from
 the dollar store. The snow girlies
are cut from gessoed sheet music.
The thought of sheet music had come to me for this 
before but the colors without the gesso
didn't fit with my desired colors.

The little hats were cut from a pattern that I drew.
The girls would not wear black top hats!
They wanted something a bit more stylish and fun ;)
(doesn't it look as though she's glancing up 
at her hat just to show it off?)

You probably recognize that her flowing scarf
is a bit of seam binding.
As I looked through my bag of sequins to find some
little extra embellishments,
 I found these perfect pink snowflakes
for their hats and the turquoise swirls
that looked like a small gust of wind!

SO fun!

I'd love to hear about your inspirations!

Thank you for coming by. 
I do so appreciate your visits. 

Best wishes for your week.
Tamara xo

Monday, January 4, 2016

Thrifted Purse to Re-Loved Shabby With Vintage Trims, Doilies and Antique Buttons

I hope you are all looking forward to 2016.
I can hardly believe it's here. 
Though my 2015 was not a "fly-by" year.
Last year was a turning point for me for learning to
live in the moment.
If I was pressured to think about the future or tasks ahead
too much, I realized that I was trying to fit too
much in.  It was a helpful gauge for
keeping me within realistic boundaries.

And in working to stay true to that,
 it increased the quality of my time and focus. 
It also slowed the passing of my valuable time. 

Don't you love learning new things? 
I sure do.
CHEERS to 2016 
and all that we will learn
and be the richer for!

Today, I'd like to show you this really cute purse 
that I found at a thrift store.
As usual, I don't have a before photo.
I had one but have misplaced it.

This is the first purse I have re-loved.
 The color and style caught my eye and I thought it
would be perfect for a project.

It was so fun thinking it through and dressing it up 
with vintage trims, doilies and antique buttons!
 Here, I added a bit of chain for interest.
The flowers are made from a cotton, thrift store shirt. 
I thought the detailed stitching 
on the purse added a lot.
 I have a few of these tiny antique metal buttons.
It was just what I was looking for!
I so enjoy finding treasures that I
can re-love and use or find new homes for.

What do you enjoy doing?
I'd love to hear about it.
Life is so interesting.

Thank you so much for coming by.