Monday, January 11, 2016

Making Fun, Winter Cards And Jeanne Oliver's Creative Network

Hello Everyone.
It's another week with
opportunities to see
the beauty in the everyday and for me to 
count my blessings. 
I hope you had a good weekend.
Mine was quiet but not unproductive.

Our home has taken on a stillness like never before
and I wish to share with you some revelations about my art
journey very soon.

Before I share about the cards that I'm making, 
I wanted to mention an inspiring
"class" that I'm taking.
It's being offered by 
Just click on the name to go to her blog
and join her creative network for free.
Once you're in, you can browse all of the wonderful
classes that they offer! 
It's an amazing network of all kinds of artisans.
Right now, I'm taking part in the inspiring video series,

I have been so blessed by the wisdom, testimonies
and encouragement by these entrepreneurs and artists.
The inspiration and authenticity just flows from their "realness".

It began on 1/1 but there's no deadline for finishing and this
one happens to be free.
There's an amazing group of support and networking.
If you'd like to learn more, you 
 can click on the link above to do so. 

It's a four week study about finding the quiet in this 
world that seems to never stop. It's also about
tuning into God and finding out what He has for
each of us. This isn't an ad, I just want to begin sharing
 more about the people and resources that
give and inspire!


I've been wanting to send my grand daughters
a card. I haven't seen them in a 
few weeks and I like to keep in touch.

As this cold weather keeps us in by the warm,
crackling fire, sipping tea, it creates the 
cozy setting to make some.

The giggles love snow...    and pink...   and sparkly things.

Very much like a lot of little girls,
I believe. 
What a delight they are!

The cards were fun. I wanted them to be very
informal. I tried to capture the whimsy of snowy
frolic with the rough and uneven design.

The shimmery strip is a piece of ribbon from
 the dollar store. The snow girlies
are cut from gessoed sheet music.
The thought of sheet music had come to me for this 
before but the colors without the gesso
didn't fit with my desired colors.

The little hats were cut from a pattern that I drew.
The girls would not wear black top hats!
They wanted something a bit more stylish and fun ;)
(doesn't it look as though she's glancing up 
at her hat just to show it off?)

You probably recognize that her flowing scarf
is a bit of seam binding.
As I looked through my bag of sequins to find some
little extra embellishments,
 I found these perfect pink snowflakes
for their hats and the turquoise swirls
that looked like a small gust of wind!

SO fun!

I'd love to hear about your inspirations!

Thank you for coming by. 
I do so appreciate your visits. 

Best wishes for your week.
Tamara xo


Kezzie said...

it is beautiful Tamara! I really love the ideas behind it and all the recycling!
Lovely to hear about the new program you are taking part in!x

Stephanie said...

Just precious, my friend! And they way you described the cards was absolutely delightful :) Your words painted a lovely picture in my mind and then I saw the card and oh my! Such sweetness!

Enjoy your week, Tamara. Hugs!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Awe : ) So so sweet Tamara! I know the girls just loved them. You are soo creative! I like the strip of ribbon; like sparkling snow~
Beautiful work~
And Thank you for passing on the link to Jeanne's world : ) I have not been there lately but used to be a regular there for a while. I had purchase some things from her and also posted some of my paper crafting & stuff on her open blog...
Anyhoo, she IS a wonderful source of inspiration and I was glad to read you were 'hooking up' w/one of her offered classes; etc. Enjoy! God bless you, ~Karen O

Tamara said...

Thank you Kezzie.. it's always fun to use some of what I have!

Tamara xo

Tamara said...

Hi Stephanie..
Thank you.. they just seemed to come alive! It was fun writing the post. Adding a little whimsy and magic. Have a wonderful week.


Tamara said...

Hi Karen..
I actually thought of you when I was writing this. That's wonderful that you've been a part of her lovely network! There's so much inspiration there. Thank you for your visit snd kind words. The cards were a joy to work on..
Many blessings to you!

Jann Olson said...

Tamara, the sweet card is just precious! I bet you grands loved them!! Can't wait to see the video you create. Sounds like a wonderful class.