Sunday, January 26, 2014

Encouragement in His Time..Will Come

Have you ever had to just really hang onto that feeling in your gut and trust?
Not allowing yourself to look at the outward circumstances?
But following the voice of your heart and that
of the One who loves and leads you?
Knowing that things will come?

I have and do. And it's an area in which I am thankful for
release and growth. I am still "in progress"
but am no longer
crippled by circumstances that seem to

speak scream failure or insignificant.

There have been so many times that I have asked God about
quitting but He never seems to release me to walk through
that door from "Blogland"
and quietly close it behind me and tiptoe away knowing no one
in the word will notice my absence!
But He will. Because He has not said to do so.

And so I persist and grow and learn to trust ...

Myself and Him.
I dig deep. Very deep. And then deeper still. Trying to understand.
I struggle to learn...
how to pour out my words...
 in colors and pictures and
Moods and feelings.
Sounds and textures.
I think it's coming.
Not so much because I see it
(though I have seen some progress)
but because..
He said He would and He will.
He is:
Leading. Guiding. Teaching
We can relax.


He who promised is faithful.

 God knows just when to withhold from us any visible
sign of encouragement, and when to grant us such a sign.
How good it is that we may trust Him anyway!
When all visible evidences that He is remembering us
are withheld, that is best; He wants us to realize that
His Word, His promise of remembrance,
 is more substantial and dependable than any
evidence of our senses.
When He sends the visible evidence,
after all, that is well also;
we appreciate it all the more after
we have trusted Him without it!
Those who are readiest to trust God
without other evidence than His Word always
receive the greatest number of visible
evidences of His love.~ C.G. Trumbull.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To Define and Re-Define : It's A Learning Process

Hello all. It's another too gorgeous day here at our mountain. home. The weather has us all wishing for flakes from heaven. Charlotte is even wearing her snowman earrings. We resort to anything that we have with snowflakes and add it to our prayers. We like to think that it works. ;)

My thoughts have been focused a lot of on my vision
 and goals for the......

 dream that is being fashioned and defined
in my mind and heart.

I am inspired many things

Soft neutrals mixed with a touch of  beautiful,
cornflower blue and faded pinks.
 Soft, textured flowers and frayed edges that
look worn and loved by the passing of time.

And paper..
Pearls and lace draped and gathered with ruffles together with
 time-weathered barn wood.

I'm learning to understand .....

what's in my heart and how to let it spill
out from my hands and create.
It's inspired by:
 the richness of life ...the abundance of beauty...
people's stories
and lifestyles..
The other day, on Amazon, I ran across a book.
It was called:
Rachel Ashwell Couture Prairie: And Flea Market Treasures

I LOVED it! 
I stopped to think and it made me
laugh; it made me see
how long it has taken me to settle on just WHAT it
is that delights my heart and inspires me.
My life has been so full of homeschooling, putting my heart and
hands to work in our busy home of 11. My husband and I also lead
 praise and worship at community events and in our church. And teaching Sunday school
in the mornings, and wrangling the youth
at our church kept us hopping for sure!

It was all very fun, fulfilling and
I learned so much!

Gratitude fills my heart when I think of how God
allowed us to be used in these ways and for how
it enriched MY life. The time was blessed
though sometimes crazy!

But you can understand, I didn't have much time to
think about the things
that were waiting to be created or decorated!
Though, we did encourage the children to work with their hands and 
nurture the gifts and talents that they had
Our life itself was a tapestry of
creativity as each day unfolded in our rambling,
country home.

 Now the season has changed and I still
want every area of my life to be a star shining with....

Encouragement... Blessing...

but through another means.

When I first began realizing my dream of designing crafts and
 decorating, I was intrigued by the Primitive
designs. I was drawn by the rustic look... weathered wood...
the homespun and stained fabrics.
The kind of historic charm and homey warmth
that comes with it all.
And just plain country.

 Though there are some
fabulous artists and it's full of warmth, 
Primitive just isn't me.

I'm sure my tastes and style will continue to transition as God

and others inspire and help me to define and re-define
who I am on the inside and out.

It's been (can be) discouraging at times feeling like I
would never quite find the resting place.
But there are some things I've learned:

*Always, ALWAYS enjoy every step of the way*

*Remember that everything I'm experimenting with
adds to my knowledge*
(Or, it's ALL good.)

*It's never too late to begin something new or change directions*
(Life is an ever-changing progression of seasons.)

*Always take time to encourage others*
(Whether a heart is seasoned or brand new,
each one is uplifted by a little sunshine.)

*Be grateful for every seemingly small accomplishment*
(Don't let the numbers influence me. This is about beauty
and a genuine, creative spirit.)

*Show appreciation to those whom I have learned from
and continue to be an encouragement to me.
They are so gracious. BLESS them!* 


I'm excited about what's to come and thankful
for the privilege of the all that's gone before.

I hope you are inspired and fulfilled ..
Wherever you are in your pilgrimage.

Blessings and a hug to you,


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Sweet Vintage Tag

Hello.. It's another beautiful day here in the mountains.
We are praying for snow as it is so dry. I've been doing more
personal posts lately. My days were so full of sweet family and  lovely festivities during the holidays.
Now I'm trying to get re-focused in my little
room where I'm learning to write and create!
Today I wanted to share with you this tag
that I came up with. It was a lot of fun putting the details

I started off with a plain shipping tag from an
office supply store. I covered it with layers of yellowed,
white streamer paper and let the glue dry.
{I found an unopened roll at a thrift store for $.25}
I like to choose my colors and lay out my design before
I start attaching the pieces.
I chose some mottled, rose colored paper along with
the ruler image and the number 2 from the vintage Traveler
collection from Stampin' Up! I tore a piece from the sheet
to roughen the edges because I really like that look.

The vintage 20's Ferris wheel image is from the Stampin' Up!
set 'Celebrate'.  The partial image is stamped on with
 burgundy ink and then glued onto the tag.
I rubbed a smidgen of ink on for a blended background
look.  The butterfly image is from a punch. 
The butterfly, ruler and#2 are all crinkled to give
an aged look. I also rubbed a little Chocolate Chip ink
around the edges to give a
distressed sort of look .

Do you like the teal glitter?
The snippet of white burlap was unraveled a little
and placed and the ruler was glued on and then I
 machine stitched over them.
The little rhinestone was
 cut from an inexpensive, elastic bracelet
that I had found at Wal-Mart for $1.99.
 {They have several pastel, iridescent colors!}

  On the burlap, there's a tiny little rosette that is made from
this old linen napkin. And the tea stained strip of lace that you see  below the Ferris wheel, is just bunched up and glued on.
Nothing fancy here!

The word "Sweet" and the postal cancellation are stamps
from the "Lovely Little Labels" set. Sweet being stamped with
Marina Mist and the other with black!  And I'm sure you noticed
the little, bronze brad attached to the butterfly wing.
The tie came out just as I had envisioned.
If you're a crafter, you know that that doesn't always happen!
In my fabric collection, I remembered that I had this piece of
teal velvet. {Thrifted!} And so I cut a narrow piece of that and
threaded it through the tag hole with a thin piece of jute
string and a torn strip from the vintage {60's ?} linen napkin.
First a teal bead was strung onto the jute.
Then wrapping the strip of linen only around them all,
I tied it with a little knot. {I had originally tied them
all together but it came out looking too bulky.
So I tried something different.}
Keeping it all very loose.
It looks very shabby and old! I love it.
I have to tell you that I use those linen napkins more than
any other item when I want that soft, frayed, shabby look.
It frays perfectly when I tear it.
Anyway, I hope you like it and maybe were
inspired a little, too.
Blessings to you,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Five "Turn-Around" Thoughts to Help You Succeed

Hi.. I hope you're having an " I Can" day. What exactly does that mean? I'll try to explain. Maybe you want to grab a nice hot cup of something to drink. I don't know about your homeland, but many are experiencing VERY cold temps right now. This morning on our little mountain, it was 11 degrees!

When you think about how you feel about what you want to accomplish...

                                           Are you.....

                                     discouraged before you even start or do you think...

What an opportunity.
I'm so excited about getting started.
There's nothing gonna stop me now!
I am not one of those who always know where I'm going, how I'm going to get there or WHY. However, I usually do. Most of us know our own minds and what we want to be about.  Mostly..

There are always things that are changing and that we are learning.


I just miss it or I allow something to influence me that I shouldn't have.

If I'm feeling confused or inferior, it's because I've allowed myself  to start believing my

own  {misconceptions.}

        I think too much.

                And this is something that I have battled on a regular basis...

But...I have been able to pinpoint at least some of the things that can catapult me right to discouragement.
                                If I allow them to.

And so... I'm working at turning those things around.  YAY!

Here goes: 
1) Thinking about myself as just as capable as the next person.  
( NOT... comparing myself to the practically perfect.
Which I KNOW does not exist but rational thinking sometimes has wings!) 
2) Trusting my own judgment. ( NOT... second-guessing myself.
I have talked myself out of countless GOOD decisions!)
3) Seeing failure or mistakes as OK and part of the process.( NOT... giving up too quickly. Allow myself  grace... and lots of it!  This is
supposed to be fun. Maybe even laugh a my mistakes.
 Remember Thomas Edison's MANY ways NOT to make a light bulb?)
4)Accepting and moving on. ( NOT... dwelling way too long
on things that I can't change. No matter WHAT it is, I'll get through it!)
5) Keeping the "racket" of life to a quiet hum. (NOT allowing technology, cares,
etc, to rob my heart, mind, home or life of quality, beauty or quietness. )
There have been WAY too many times that I have exhausted myself by allowing
myself to be over-stimulated or negatively influenced.

So there they are and I am resolved.  And I plan on having MANY more "I CAN" days!

And I am convinced that my help comes from the Lord.   Who made the earth...

          Your list is very likely different from mine. But the desire to accomplish your dreams or live your life in a meaningful way is probably very similar to mine~

 He fashioned you and me. He knows what we want and what we need.
                                                 He delights in each of us and wants us to succeed. 

Blessings to you and best wishes for all that you do to grow and prosper~

Here's a little video...JUST for fun! Don't worry.. it has a happy ending!

We can!