Thursday, July 28, 2016

random life happenings....and a few treasures

 Hello and a beautiful day to you!
I'm just popping in to share some things that have been going on.
I love to read about other blogger's every day lives.
Do you?
It's always so interesting to me and making new friends here is
 one of the things that I love most about blogging!

So welcome, welcome!
And thank you so much for coming.
Comfrey drying in the cool of the shade tree and swinging
in the summer breeze while the wind chimes
jingle-jangle a little tune..
Comfrey is high is Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.
It can be a real plus when used as a fertilizer.
It's VERY easy to grow.
Mine came from a plant that I found in a ditch along the road several years ago.
 It grows in partial shade or full sun.
A waffle cone filled with a mini celebration!
Crunchy, golden sugar crystals topped with green, pink, blue,
yellow, red, orange and white ThOuSaNdS and MiLlIoNs!!
This is my absolute favorite way to eat ice cream.
Actually, the whole family is kind of addicted to sweet and crunchy goodness!

And when the crunch is all eaten off the top, just for fun, just because you
want to, you can always add another layer.
This bird bath is too deep for birds but perfect for floating candles!
All tucked back into the honeysuckle bush, it added an enchanting, warm glow to our evening gathering last weekend..
Music, singing visiting around the fire.
A red beauty standing tall and sharing her gorgeousness
 in our garden world.
I have a question..
These sweet roses come out with their lovely blooms every year since we 
bought this home 15 years ago and I'm not sure what it is.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me.
One of my favorite places in my room~
This old rocker came from our family farm in West Virginia.
Do you like pictures of flowers? I do.
I brought this one home from a thrift store.
It's so cheerful..
Time for a little relaxing in the gypsy camp.
Outdoor living is so soothing to my spirit.
Sounds of nature and the offerings of the earth..
I try to be out as much as possible.
This Bavarian plate belonged to my lovely mother-in-law. 
I used to think it needed to be up somewhere and it's been in a box
for 12 years because I could never decide where to hang it. 
I decided to just get it out and put it SOMEWHERE 
so everyone can enjoy it! So it's sitting on the island looking 
very elegant and reminding us of someone very special 
who is no longer with us.
Miss Liberty knows how to keep cool on a hot summer day.
This has the appearance of a lawn but it's really our precious
patch of grass that grows underneath our apricot tree:)
I lay on the hammock and she likes to be close underneath.
She's so sweet. I tell her that she's the best dog in the world.
(and so is yours!)

Last evening, we went and played music at the Foxfire. 
It was so much fun. Such lovely people to play for and with.
Such kindredness and kindness.
The scenery is breathtaking to me.
I took a few pictures. I will post them soon.
So many new songs to work on!

I've been working on projects for the craft show this weekend.
It's a dance and BBQ as well.
A delightful shindig in the mountains!

I've been very busy. Well scratch that.
I've been working very hard.
There's a difference isn't there?
Being busy doesn't always mean getting a lot done.
Working hard inspires me to do more and doesn't drain me
like being overly busy does.
Any thoughts on that subject?

Wishing you a fabulous weekend
and as always ...Thank you ever so much for your visit.
Please do let me know what's going on with you.
I love to hear from you!
I respond to all comments.
Not here but I will either track back or email you.


Monday, July 25, 2016

The Enchanting Forest... Will You Join Me?

Is there anything as serene as a walk through the forest?
It's one of my favorite pastimes. 
To meander while weaving my way through the trees and brambles,
being ever so careful not to step on anything precious.

Listening to the scurrying of little feet as they run and hide from the intruder!
Taking in all the sights and smells of the moist, rich earth and the life
that quietly abides there.
Wild violets cross my path 
On ventures yet I step,
Into a field (or forest) of dew 
Where once, I think I slept.

Charles D. Layne
Lesser lilac~
A happy little flower that draws you close with her 
wonderfully fragrant, aroma~
Roses in the wild..
A wild, yellow violet.
Be still my heart~
A grouping of May Apples...
Fern fronds.
Oh, aren't they just so enchanting?
Awaiting the perfect moment to unfurl their loveliness and spread open their
little wings.... Just like I would imagine
 little faeries coming out of a deep winter's sleep.

Ferns were such a big part of my pre-teen years.
I used to spend hours roaming about the woods on our 150 acre farm.
And the wooded areas were always my favorite.
Delicacy on the forest floor..
Such dainty, courageous little blooms a livin' in the rough.
Do you see the face?
Ferns a lovely..
Reaching for the light
Clothed in green of bright~
Woodland Sorrel
Pink Trillium
Lovely, moss covered rocks settled by a stream in the hollow.
I love this moss as it spreads and creates a carpeted resting place on the forest floor.
What's left of a tree from ages past.
And it offers a break from the wind to the wild rose bush.
Last years leaves still clinging to the tree.
Hello...Anybody home? 
Mr Groundhog is most likely out gathering his dinner!
We shall call again later for a visit.
And who could forget the Dazzy Dills?
That's what my little grand-daughter calls them ;)
Such vibrant yellow flowers and fuzzy headed relatives!
How beautiful! 
Such perfection with it's tiny, charming purple blossoms.
And all nestled next to the fallen tree that
used to be home for several woodpeckers.
And possibly some 
friends of theirs as well.

Taking strolls through the woods is such a rich experience.
The tranquility is amazing indeed as the forest showcases her 
prized possessions. 

I hope you enjoyed your walk. 
It's in the forest at our Sugartree place in Ohio.
It's one of the reasons that I love to visit there and I'm grateful
to be surrounded by so much beauty and the blessing of being able to 
lose my inside it!

A happy Monday to you and a beautiful rest of the week.
May we find enchanting moments wherever we are!

Much Love,
Tamara XO

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Altered Writing Desk... Nature Friends and a Simple Painting

Hello dear friends..

I hope you're well.

There is so much going on right now...

Mucho mucho..

Probably for you also! I really have to pace myself .

I'm up early to get out and plant and visit my garden areas.

I am working on my 6th round of plants that we've bought.

Perennials... annuals... bushes...

What fun I've been having (and a lot of work too :) but I must get out before the sun

burns too hot. I plant something almost every day.

Today it was a pack of moss rose and six lilies.

The pulaski tool has become one of best friends

as I prepare new beds in this rocky Arizona terra.

It's all so inspiring and such good exercise.

And I'm so very excited to see so much more color!

And honestly, anything in this high dessert that's 

green, is a welcome sight.


Today I have a little project to share.

I wish I'd taken more before pictures.

It was a deep red and green writing desk that was decorated

with a primitive Santa. I rescued it from the 50 cent bin at a thrift store.

The hinges needed repaired and the paper santa motif was coming off..

Here are a few photos to show some of the changes.
Some vintage wallpaper.
I primed the desk and then painted it with one of my favorite acrylic colors.
Vintage White~
And I used some of my favorite scrap papers to decorate.
There was a little lid that opened at the top and I wanted to attach a 
chain to it to catch the door.
I did a little distressing with some fine sand paper.
And some blending with Frayed Burlap Distress ink.
It gave it that grunge worn look that I like sometimes.
And then I began to add little embellishments.

I love using odds and ends of rusty stuff for this kind of project.

I wanted it to look old and be like a letter storage box.

I'm sad that I didn't get many pictures of the finished desk

but you get the idea. The inside was all finished and the little lid had some 

extra details inside.

What're your favorite embellishments to use?
For the final look, I added very small rusted nails to the 
little ornate piece at the top. They became butterfly antennas. 
It was a really fun project and I'm happy to
say that it went to a new home in the Valley of the Sun.
Isn't it so fun to find old things and bring them back to life?
It's one of my favorite ways to create.

Now on to other things that I've been doing.

Meeting new friends in the garden is always a treat!
My thyme is home sweet home for this special creature.
When I drizzle the water over the plant, it scrambles out to say hello..
I love that!
Here is a White Admiral butterfly

I love what happens when I'm watering my plants and the water spills over!

It's magical...

All kinds of creatures come for a drink. 

I will share the movie I took when I figure out Hand Brake.

It's an editing tool that will resize my videos.

 Brutus taking a break from his garden duties.
He works very hard at re-arranging the catnip!
*A little update
(this morning, the little snoot chewed off a peony bush 
branch and broke another. 
But who can resist that little fur ball when he's sleeping;)

Below are some of my new plants.
We've been having thunder storms.
The sounds of the rain hitting the roof is glorious and the smell after
the showers are so refreshing!
And the plants just seem to act so blessed to have that rainwater~

Here's a little painting that I've been working on..
I used to be so intimidated by paint. My techniques are very simple but it's a start.
Do you like to paint? 

I've been working on this post for days. Yesterday, our internet was down!
It's time to get it published..

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for paying me a visit!
I always love to hear about what's happening with you.

A little side note.. I love to watch movies..
Many different kinds. Dramas based on true life experiences are
some of my favorites. They aren't always easy to watch but usually worth it.

I  just watched Nothing But the Truth.
It's a bit disturbing and it ended differently than I expected.

Love and hugs..