Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Whimsy of a Baby Girl~



{Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.}



priceless moments
held close

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some Uses of Lavender Essentil Oil

Hello and I hope you're having a good day. I have
recently become and IPC for doTerra Essential Oils.
It will be a continual learning process for me
as the oils and uses are many and there is
SO MUCH information!
But anyone can learn how to use these effectively
for themselves and then can share the information
with family and friends.
I believe they offer my family
a choice for healthier living.
Today I want to share with you a few
facts about lavender essential oil.

Did you know that the application of lavender has
immediately stopped the pain from burns?
You can apply it directly to the burned area and with no
dilution. This has been known to stop the blistering
and to aid burns in healing and sometimes
will prevent scarring.

Let me explain about dilution.
Some of the oils are known to be very hot!
And if you apply them without
 diluting them without the 
use of olive
oil, vegetable oil or fractionated coconut oil,
they can

PLEASE use care especially with small children.
Whenever I share with you, I will be sure to give the
information needed for application.

Some other uses for lavender are:
*Bites and stings
These are just some of the many uses of lavender oil.
More about oils next time!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Simple Fabric Rose Embellished Slippers

A good Friday to you.
And it has been a beautiful one!
I hope yours has been lovely as well.
I wanted to share this little project that I did just recently.
It's very simple but it gave these plain slippers a
little more personality.
I found the slippers quite a while back and was getting kind
of tired of them. They were still in good shape though, so I
decided they needed a little sprucing up.
I really like adding bits of lace to things and
this flat lace was the perfect color.
to go with the chocolate brown.
And off white is one of my favorites.
I just hot glued the lace on which was very quick.
(I wondered about the hot glue holding on
in the wash but have washed them since
and it did just fine.)
The rose is made from a scrap
piece of valour. My daughter had just cut off her
sweat pants.
If you've never made a fabric rose, they are very easy
and I really like the soft, feminine look that they add.
(the slippers are anything but feminine looking!)
The size of the rose you want
will be determined by the thickness of the fabric and
the length that you cut.
I cut this piece about 1 and 1/2 inches wide and about 10
inches long. Then it was folded in half lengthwise.
(Tearing the fabric gives the rose a nice ruffly edge
if you can manage it with the fabric.)
 Folding the velour side to the inside so
it would show. The next step is to turn it over so the fold side
is facing up and begin to roll it up. With a
needle and thread, begin sewing the rolls together on the
bottom until you are done. Tie it off.
Now it's ready to position and glue into place.
And that's it. Pretty simple, huh? Fabric roses
are so nice for so many projects. If you need a lot of them,
they can be a little time consuming but with some
planning ahead it can be done while traveling or watching
a movie!

A finished slipper.
Thanks for stopping by!
Blessings to you,


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's A Day To Make Beautiful...

I love waking up to the morning.
Have you ever noticed that

hope is fresh and things looks bright?
Most of the time~
But even in spite of bleakness that may seem to loom,
there are so many ways to make a day beautiful.
New beginnings await as the day breaks.
Courage is standing tall. 
Resolve seems immovable.

And the windows of the heart have lost their shadows.

Goodness is there to be found.


Sometimes hidden but still present.

 At times clouded by the circumstances of the past.

As the light of hope is allowed to shine, they will appear.

Their grayness will give way.

The beauty that lies beneath the drab will

at first be timid.

As the goodness is revealed,

 it will grow to overcome the

things that make it small.


 Look for goodness~

Hope will grow~

Beauty can be seen in every day.

And I always want to remember the butterflies
the flowers..
the people who touch my life..
little conveniences..
my health...

the sun as it warms my back on a chilly spring day..
the cold nose of our dog, Liberty when she wants to "hug"

My list  could go on and on.
 There is
always, always
something  in my life to make me smile.
Even if it's through tears.

Blessings to you,





Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Rusty Horseshoe to Bedroom Decor

I've been wanting to do something with
my daughter's sanctuary (her room) for a very long
 time now. One of the
reasons that I haven't is that we could never
really decide what style she liked.
They look neat and pretty but it has never been my
preference to purchase the "bed in a bag"
or the bedroom furniture set.
And living in a very remote area, we just don't have much
access to that sort of shopping either.
Anyway, the color was to be blue....Hopefully this would fit with
 the theme or look that she/we wanted.
Well, one day when we were looking at some blogs and
she decided that she would like to have frilly and shabby.
I got excited!
First, because now we could actually get somewhere.
Second, because that is the style that I have come to
appreciate and have a lot of fun with.
My home would never be mistaken for one of an
interior designer. And home decorating is
probably my weakest point of being
the keeper of my home.
However, I have found that I am developing a bit of an eye
for the Shabby Chic and French Country. It comes a little
more naturally to me because
it's about old stuff. And European. And putting something
together from treasured bits and pieces. Either our own
or some special thing that came from a thrift store or yard sale.
There's always been a special place in my heart for
 all things old. Growing up as a country girl, I was
never particularly fond of frilly but that was
because I didn't know how to blend it with the
country. Now I think ruffles and lace are truly
gorgeous especially paired up with denim and burlap!
With just a hint of pink. wink
Now here's a very simple project that I had fun with.
And simple is good for me right now. There are bigger
projects in the planning stages and I am gathering
materials...paint, pieces of furniture, fabric
and all sorts of other fun makings.
But sometimes you know how life is just full of
family matters and other things that take first place.
That's where I seem to be parked right now
and sooooo..... I
find pleasure, comfort and peace in working on
these smaller projects that add a bit of charm and color
to our lives!
Living in the West, these little gems seem
 to be abundant. They are something that our girls and boys
always liked to pick up and pack rat. So we have quite a
 few laying around. This one has been
 floating around the house and
 ended up in my daughter's room. I asked her permission
to transform it as a little surprise.
So here it is..

Do you like it? She loved it!
It took me about 15 minutes. Just a little dry brushing with
the Martha Stewart Pearl paint. Added a little blue tulle and
a large rhinestone. Then some
little stick on flat-backed pearls from my
card-making supplies.
And  Ta Da... a new life..
I thought it turned out pretty cute. I think
I'll try to sell some.
( I don't know about you but I always wonder
about the "old life." What was the horse's name that
wore it and who was it's owner? Where did the horse
travel? Just what kind of life did it have?)
 Wouldn't it be so interesting to know the history?
Thank you for stopping by.
Blessings to you~

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Friendship Tag~ It's the Small Things..

How many times have you been thought of in a
small way? Someone has and
given you a token of friendship
or thanks?
Isn't it the small things that brighten up your day?
A smile.... A squeeze of your arm....
A Hug?
I remember the saying that
"Good things come in small packages."
Have you ever heard that?
Think of the person who just needs to know they're
loved and appreciated. It may be your sweet mum
or a sister that lives far away.
Or it could even be an elderly neighbor
who seldom gets a visit.
There's such a huge blessing that comes from
knowing that  someone's day is brighter
because we took the time to care and share
even the simplest things. 
This little tag was fun to make and I gave it to a
friend on Valentine's Day. She love it. Yes, she thought
it was cute, but it was the idea that she had been
thought of that she brought the smile to
her face.
I'm sure you have your own ideas about something
simple that you could do to make someone in your
circle (or outside)
to feel remembered!
Let the small things
touch your life and have a blessed day!
Today, I'm remembering how much I have to praise Him for.