Friday, April 26, 2013

Simple Fabric Rose Embellished Slippers

A good Friday to you.
And it has been a beautiful one!
I hope yours has been lovely as well.
I wanted to share this little project that I did just recently.
It's very simple but it gave these plain slippers a
little more personality.
I found the slippers quite a while back and was getting kind
of tired of them. They were still in good shape though, so I
decided they needed a little sprucing up.
I really like adding bits of lace to things and
this flat lace was the perfect color.
to go with the chocolate brown.
And off white is one of my favorites.
I just hot glued the lace on which was very quick.
(I wondered about the hot glue holding on
in the wash but have washed them since
and it did just fine.)
The rose is made from a scrap
piece of valour. My daughter had just cut off her
sweat pants.
If you've never made a fabric rose, they are very easy
and I really like the soft, feminine look that they add.
(the slippers are anything but feminine looking!)
The size of the rose you want
will be determined by the thickness of the fabric and
the length that you cut.
I cut this piece about 1 and 1/2 inches wide and about 10
inches long. Then it was folded in half lengthwise.
(Tearing the fabric gives the rose a nice ruffly edge
if you can manage it with the fabric.)
 Folding the velour side to the inside so
it would show. The next step is to turn it over so the fold side
is facing up and begin to roll it up. With a
needle and thread, begin sewing the rolls together on the
bottom until you are done. Tie it off.
Now it's ready to position and glue into place.
And that's it. Pretty simple, huh? Fabric roses
are so nice for so many projects. If you need a lot of them,
they can be a little time consuming but with some
planning ahead it can be done while traveling or watching
a movie!

A finished slipper.
Thanks for stopping by!
Blessings to you,


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