Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Measuring of Others

Very recently, as I was browsing through my list of blogs that I follow, I came across
a couple posts that caught my attention. And not in a positive way. They were very disturbing.
They brought about different reactions in my heart.

Sadness. Pity. Compassion. Frustration. And somewhat angry.

One post was written in response to someone who had posted a negative comment
about her choice to spend her time blogging. And the other, a young woman who had
found herself in a place where she could wear jeans, slacks etc. She was trying to be
sensitive to her readers and so was apologizing for her change of standard. She ob-
viously thought that she may offend someone by her decision. I appreciated her
tact and thought that very thoughtful of her.

My first reaction, I admit, was not one of understanding. I was truly aggravated because
these woman were having to defend themselves in their actions. Why would  or should
they be judged?

I have been through the gammut of churches, standards and understanding in searching for
the place that was "most Holy" or "right." And to think that I have had thoughts that would
accuse these woman in the very same way, is most appalling to me. I am ashamed to think
that, I too, at one time would have looked at the dress or actitivites of another and think it
was less than noble.

So in my "new" place of  "holiness", where I have grown so mature, what am I doing? I find
myself measuring again. But this time, coming from the other viewpoint. The viewpoint
of grace.

But grace is supposed to be gracious.  Not critical and judgemental. It is meant to set free
not bind up.

What I really want to be to others is like a well of encouragement. I know how much it means
to me to have someone who really cares stand beside me and extend grace and understanding.
It is so affirming. Maybe I need it more than others. Sometimes that seems so. But, actually, I
believe that there are many who are hurting and hiding and longing for a word of

I stand once again in the place of needing forgiveness and prayer for humility. Wanting SO
desparately for my heart ot be changed. To get past all of this stuff that hinders and distracts
from the person that I really want to be.

I hope to grow to that place where I can truly help others see their potential and gifts.
The beauty of who they are and the possibilites that are always there.  Beyond the
small matters of the heart. Because everyone has something special planted deep inside them.
Let God take care of the changes that need to be made in a person's heart. I want to be an in
instrument of encouragement and watch them burst into flourshing as God intended each one to

                                                           Blessings of grace to you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

He is Your Father ~

I found this on an encouragement website and it so encouraging. 
I wanted to share it with you.
“He is your Father, and His role is to protect you; He will comfort you
 and guide you.He will feed you; He will carry you when you are weak.
 He will seek you out when you go
astray; He will help you in times of trouble. He will not let your enemies
go unpunished; He will cherish you like a father cherishes His child. When you fall,
 He will pick you up; when you don’t understand, He will always understand.

When you feel like life is weighing you down, He will lift you up.
  When you feel like giving up, He will encourage you to keep going.
When you are sad, He will lighten your spirits. When you need advice,
His line is open 24-7. When you feel unsafe, He will be your safety;
 when you are worried, He will be an ear to your concerns.
When you feel burdened, offer your burden to Him and He will take it.
  Where you have been burnt, He will make you beautiful; where you hurt,
He will heal.
  Whenever you feel lonely, He will always be with you.

Where others have not supported you, He will support you.
 When you feel discouraged, He will be your encouragement.
 Where you don’t know, He will tell you when the time is right.
When you feel unloved, remember that He has always loved you.

You see limitations; God sees opportunities.
You see faults; God sees growth.
 You see problems; God sees solutions. You see limitations;
  God sees possibilities.
You see life; God sees eternity.”
And this is one of  my favorite songs by the Crabb Family:

Have a blessed weekend.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unfinished Projects

It's summertime. It has always seemed like the perfect season. Days seems to  stand still and
there are less responsibilities pressing me to keep moving. I have always looked forward to
this time of having a little more freedom.

I get excited about having time to work on unfinished projects. However, accomplishing this
can sometimes be a challenge. Do you find this to be true? Here are a few ideas that have
helped me.

* Keep an organized list of unfinished projects in a convenient place. I forget about
projects and then when I have some time, I often flounder and don't know what I could
be doing.  Having some direction helps me make good use of my time and get more

By organized list, I mean have some details about each project that make it easy to jump
in and work on it.

Details such as:

1) How much time does it take? 10 minutes or an hour? Most of us have bits of time
to work in not large blocks. It's helpful to know how long it will take when you're
planning finishing touches. (Don't forget to include clean-up time! I learned this the
hard way.)

Sometimes projects can only progress in tiny steps because of the season of life that
you're in. It took me the longest time to realize that this is just a fact. I thought there was
something with me. Be realistic. Embrace and enjoy the season as well as
the project.

2) Be sure to make notes of any items needed to be purchased. It is so frustrating to
set aside time and be geared up to finish only to find that I am lacking supplies. A little
planning goes a long way for me. It can make the difference between being enjoyable or

3) Can I accomplish this on my own or will I need  or want someone's help or advice.

* Plan a time to work on it and then keep it a priority.  Staying focused can be difficult
and for me, again, it was something that I had to learn.

Planning is huge! It can make the difference between success and failure. Relaxed
or stressful. Projects can at least be enjoyable. And it's nice if they are downright fun!

* Know your limitations and boundaries. Maybe you started a project that is beyond what
you feel you can complete. For whatever reason. Perhaps you absolutely hate it! Most of the
time, it's good to finish what we start, but sometimes it is wisdom and OK to delegate.


There are times when finishing a project seems boring. If this is the case, it's probably
going to take plain old-fashioned stick-to-iteiveness! Discipline. Just jump and do it.
You'll feel so good when it's completed.

If you have children watching this process, they are likely learning life-long skills from
you. It's nice to include them in your project planning and process when you can.
It's helpful to keep in mind their age and interests so as not to exasperate anyone. (Speaking
from experience.)

I have a few projects that I am working on. Here is a pillow that I am working on.
I have progressed since this photo was taken.

A few other projects that I am working on are a small logcabin quilt pillow and a homespun wallhanging quilt. I still have flowers to plant and mulch to spread in my
herb garden. There are stools and chairs to paint.

Summer is flying by and I need to set some relaxed goals to get these done. But I work
at not allowing myself to feel pressured. Just purposeful.

I hope you're enjoying your projects and your summer. I'd love to hear about both.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am so in love with life! Most of my days start with such bright hopes.
And there are so many
wonderful ways to live each day.
Sometimes the options are overwhelming!

One of my favorite inspirational avenues is quotes~
There are so many and you can find quotes on
just about any subject.

One of my favorite things about quotes,
is that it not only has the potential to touch my life but I can share them
with others as well.

I read this one today and it spoke to me of
dreaming dreams.

Do you find that inspiring?
When I think of dreams at this point in my life,
I actually think of others who may have let go of their
dreams because of discouragement or life's

{That is what I mean about sharing with others. Maybe a quote can encourage
someone to re-visit a hobby or seek to accomplish
something that they lost all hope of ever achieving.
WOOHOO! I sure hope it does! }

And not just any old dream.
But large ones that may seem impossible to achieve.
A dream that you feel
 you have
the passion to go after and see it fulfilled!

Dream it!
Have the courage to pursue it!
Achieve it!

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost;
that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau


Is there something that particularly inspires you?
I would be really interested in hearing what it is.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To Heal Our Country

We live in a great country. The United States of America
was founded on Godly principles. I'm very grateful for the
the founders of this country.

And though our government is less than just at times and the
imperfections of this land run deep,
we are blessed with and
enjoy tremendous freedoms here in this vast country.

As always, where there is greatness, there is the opportunity
for corruption. The power hungry will always be with us
and those who have their personal agendas in first place,
will find their way into positions of authority.

It's easy to criticize and complain.
And I do that sometimes. I shouldn't. 

Am I doing my part?

*Being a Godly example.
*Exercising my right to vote
*Contacting congressmen

Another way to see
the changes we want to see in our country is
to lift our nation up to God
through prayer.

Will you join me? Not just on this Independence Day.
Will you make a commitment to lift up
the needs of our country on a regular basis?

I want to be an example of this scripture and humble myself and walk in Godly
integrity that God will hear my prayers concerning this great land.

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble
 themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and
will forgive their sins and restore their land.

II Chronicles 7:14

~ With my freedom comes responsibility ~