Saturday, July 21, 2012

He is Your Father ~

I found this on an encouragement website and it so encouraging. 
I wanted to share it with you.
“He is your Father, and His role is to protect you; He will comfort you
 and guide you.He will feed you; He will carry you when you are weak.
 He will seek you out when you go
astray; He will help you in times of trouble. He will not let your enemies
go unpunished; He will cherish you like a father cherishes His child. When you fall,
 He will pick you up; when you don’t understand, He will always understand.

When you feel like life is weighing you down, He will lift you up.
  When you feel like giving up, He will encourage you to keep going.
When you are sad, He will lighten your spirits. When you need advice,
His line is open 24-7. When you feel unsafe, He will be your safety;
 when you are worried, He will be an ear to your concerns.
When you feel burdened, offer your burden to Him and He will take it.
  Where you have been burnt, He will make you beautiful; where you hurt,
He will heal.
  Whenever you feel lonely, He will always be with you.

Where others have not supported you, He will support you.
 When you feel discouraged, He will be your encouragement.
 Where you don’t know, He will tell you when the time is right.
When you feel unloved, remember that He has always loved you.

You see limitations; God sees opportunities.
You see faults; God sees growth.
 You see problems; God sees solutions. You see limitations;
  God sees possibilities.
You see life; God sees eternity.”
And this is one of  my favorite songs by the Crabb Family:

Have a blessed weekend.


Mikailah said...

This is so true, Mommy! No matter what we go through, Jesus is always right there; helping, encouraging, even allowing us to struggle at times. But He never leaves us. :)

Beautiful post, Mom!

And I love that song. We need to work on it.... ;)

Love you!!

Corallie Buchanan said...

HI, Stumbled across the quote, and I'm so glad God was able to encourage you through it. Its not often writers hear how their work is being used by God to help other people. Thankyou again for allowing God to use me in your life. You encouraged me by being encouraged! :-)

Tamara said...

Thank you Corallie. I was blessed to have you visit. He is Your Father is such a beautiful reminder of God's unfailing love and care for us. I also shared it with one of my daughters who is struggling a bit right now.. Thank YOU for sharing with us!

Jeff LeFevre said...

I love those words of encougagement. So freeing! How neat that the author commented. Beautiful post! I hope many others find your blog and take a drink from the well or life and refreshment it offers. How blessed I am to be married to you!!