Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Measuring of Others

Very recently, as I was browsing through my list of blogs that I follow, I came across
a couple posts that caught my attention. And not in a positive way. They were very disturbing.
They brought about different reactions in my heart.

Sadness. Pity. Compassion. Frustration. And somewhat angry.

One post was written in response to someone who had posted a negative comment
about her choice to spend her time blogging. And the other, a young woman who had
found herself in a place where she could wear jeans, slacks etc. She was trying to be
sensitive to her readers and so was apologizing for her change of standard. She ob-
viously thought that she may offend someone by her decision. I appreciated her
tact and thought that very thoughtful of her.

My first reaction, I admit, was not one of understanding. I was truly aggravated because
these woman were having to defend themselves in their actions. Why would  or should
they be judged?

I have been through the gammut of churches, standards and understanding in searching for
the place that was "most Holy" or "right." And to think that I have had thoughts that would
accuse these woman in the very same way, is most appalling to me. I am ashamed to think
that, I too, at one time would have looked at the dress or actitivites of another and think it
was less than noble.

So in my "new" place of  "holiness", where I have grown so mature, what am I doing? I find
myself measuring again. But this time, coming from the other viewpoint. The viewpoint
of grace.

But grace is supposed to be gracious.  Not critical and judgemental. It is meant to set free
not bind up.

What I really want to be to others is like a well of encouragement. I know how much it means
to me to have someone who really cares stand beside me and extend grace and understanding.
It is so affirming. Maybe I need it more than others. Sometimes that seems so. But, actually, I
believe that there are many who are hurting and hiding and longing for a word of

I stand once again in the place of needing forgiveness and prayer for humility. Wanting SO
desparately for my heart ot be changed. To get past all of this stuff that hinders and distracts
from the person that I really want to be.

I hope to grow to that place where I can truly help others see their potential and gifts.
The beauty of who they are and the possibilites that are always there.  Beyond the
small matters of the heart. Because everyone has something special planted deep inside them.
Let God take care of the changes that need to be made in a person's heart. I want to be an in
instrument of encouragement and watch them burst into flourshing as God intended each one to

                                                           Blessings of grace to you.

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Jeff LeFevre said...

Very well said. I understand where you have been and where you are going. You are moving in the right direction. Grace, understanding and encouragement instead of being critical and judgemental. It is where I also want to go. May God help us!