Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unfinished Projects

It's summertime. It has always seemed like the perfect season. Days seems to  stand still and
there are less responsibilities pressing me to keep moving. I have always looked forward to
this time of having a little more freedom.

I get excited about having time to work on unfinished projects. However, accomplishing this
can sometimes be a challenge. Do you find this to be true? Here are a few ideas that have
helped me.

* Keep an organized list of unfinished projects in a convenient place. I forget about
projects and then when I have some time, I often flounder and don't know what I could
be doing.  Having some direction helps me make good use of my time and get more

By organized list, I mean have some details about each project that make it easy to jump
in and work on it.

Details such as:

1) How much time does it take? 10 minutes or an hour? Most of us have bits of time
to work in not large blocks. It's helpful to know how long it will take when you're
planning finishing touches. (Don't forget to include clean-up time! I learned this the
hard way.)

Sometimes projects can only progress in tiny steps because of the season of life that
you're in. It took me the longest time to realize that this is just a fact. I thought there was
something with me. Be realistic. Embrace and enjoy the season as well as
the project.

2) Be sure to make notes of any items needed to be purchased. It is so frustrating to
set aside time and be geared up to finish only to find that I am lacking supplies. A little
planning goes a long way for me. It can make the difference between being enjoyable or

3) Can I accomplish this on my own or will I need  or want someone's help or advice.

* Plan a time to work on it and then keep it a priority.  Staying focused can be difficult
and for me, again, it was something that I had to learn.

Planning is huge! It can make the difference between success and failure. Relaxed
or stressful. Projects can at least be enjoyable. And it's nice if they are downright fun!

* Know your limitations and boundaries. Maybe you started a project that is beyond what
you feel you can complete. For whatever reason. Perhaps you absolutely hate it! Most of the
time, it's good to finish what we start, but sometimes it is wisdom and OK to delegate.


There are times when finishing a project seems boring. If this is the case, it's probably
going to take plain old-fashioned stick-to-iteiveness! Discipline. Just jump and do it.
You'll feel so good when it's completed.

If you have children watching this process, they are likely learning life-long skills from
you. It's nice to include them in your project planning and process when you can.
It's helpful to keep in mind their age and interests so as not to exasperate anyone. (Speaking
from experience.)

I have a few projects that I am working on. Here is a pillow that I am working on.
I have progressed since this photo was taken.

A few other projects that I am working on are a small logcabin quilt pillow and a homespun wallhanging quilt. I still have flowers to plant and mulch to spread in my
herb garden. There are stools and chairs to paint.

Summer is flying by and I need to set some relaxed goals to get these done. But I work
at not allowing myself to feel pressured. Just purposeful.

I hope you're enjoying your projects and your summer. I'd love to hear about both.

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