Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Shining Light~

Tears flow. Thankfulness runs over.
I am overwhelmed.
The goodness. The blessings.
My life is rich and full.
Our celebration of Christmas was just that.
A celebration of all good things. Gifts were given in many
different types of packages.
There were gifts of time and labors of love. Some were given the gift of song
A brief but sweet visit. Words of encouragement.
It was joy and peace and giving. Celebrating others. Celebrating
life. New life and the life that I live here within the walls of my home and
the outside world that draws me into the lives of other people. No matter where I
go, there are people and circumstances to clelebrate. And I want to remember
that every single moment of every single day.
I am determined.
 The thing that has so impacted me? Learning of the loss of
those precious lives. Ones that were full of promise and goodness and giving.
Hearts that were full of dreams. Talents were budding and blessing. Others were still to be
realized. The words that will now never be spoken. The laughter that will forever be silent.
The living that has been forced from being.
This brutal reality has ripped open my eyes. And with God's help, they will never glaze over
again. The apathy of materialism will not clutter my mind. Nothing will
distract me from the beauty of the lives of others. The hordes of blessings that I have will not
diminish the beauty of a butterfly or the song of a bird. 
And the light of self-satisfaction will not dim the light of a fire burning
in the heart and hopes of another.
I am determined~
I am determined to use what I have to shine a bright light on the beauty that
surrounds me everyday. In the midst of trial, pain and wanting.
the songs that I sing...
the words that I speak...
the things that I create...
what I do with my hands....
I want it all to be a reflection of beauty.To bring hope and brightness to those that are
hurting and searching. God created beauty. For lives to be blessed. There is joy to be found in the everday.
There is so much beauty to celebrate!
Blessings to you and yours~
My blog will be going through a few changes..
the name first of all...
and I will be adding more pages.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Images of A Mountain Winter~





 The mountain seems to rise to catch the snow. The gray-blue skies absorb the sun. Birds gather. Snow melts. Icicles shine. The piles of wood sit ready to warm the hearth. The trees rest. The ground is waiting for the snow.... when it flows to quench it's thirst.

I love this time of year. To be honest, I can never understand why people say they don't like the cold and snow. To be out in it makes me feel alive. It speaks of seasons come and gone. Memories from my childhood dance to life.  I remember winter's past when I used put bread bags on my feet and stuff my feet into worn fleece-lined boots that did not keep my feet warm or dry. 

My horse, Jenny and I would wander the snow-covered back roads of Guernsey County, Ohio with the moon lighting our way.

********* Snow, glorious snow!*********************

And now, with children of my own, they love the snow. The promise of the woodstove warming their boots.The whistling of the tea-pot as it seems to say, "Ready your cups for home-made hot cocoa!" The reading of stories and gathering for family games. Just knowing that they're safe and warm and close. 

Counting our blessings. 

 *FAITH* family* FOOD* fun..

May your winter days be blessed with all that warms your heart and home~


Monday, December 17, 2012

hope has come ...

Lift up your heart..
Lift up your eyes.. 
In the chaos, God is....
In the silence, God is...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hurting Far and Near

It's so hard to know what to do or say when there are so many who have lost so much.
Life has always had times like these.
I have been thinking of King Herod and the drecree to send soldiers
into the land to kill countless babies who would never grow to be men.
God was present then just as He is now.
He is comforting. He is grieving.
His love doesn't change and His power
has not been diminished. To go on, it helps to know this.
To know HIM.
It's easy to feel helpless when those hurting are so far away.
But every day, the hurting are close.
We can pray for those who are far away. Our hands
and hearts can reach those who need to feel loved.
Our hearts will lead us to those who need us.
 A hug~
A helping hand~
Words of encouragement~
A visit~
A ride somewhere~
A heart that truly listens~
A meal~ 
Financial assistance~
A call~
A card~
Our heartfelt prayers go out to those who have lost and grieve.
It is difficult to be comforted when there is such loss.
But knowing that there are those who care strengthens somehow.
Life is good..... most of the time.
But let us always remember the hurting far and near.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Gift

as I have reflected on this season and what I do not wish it to be, it has caused me to look to my heart. WHAT ministers to the deepest place.
This is the best gift for the season.
The first gift of Christmas was love.
And it did not come with ribbons and bows.
Look deeply. Listen.
and then give~

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino Dip; An Easy Holiday Treat

When we travel back east, we like to take advantage of the bulk foods that are sold there. On our last trip, we found this charming little store called
The Pantry Door whose shelves were packed with big variety. The
decorations were all fallish with browns, yellows and ambers.
So inviting.
It was plain to see that this was a place to savor.
Hot drinks are a staple in our home. Pumpin is the favorite so the
drink mixes really caught my eye! As I gathered up several different flavors and moved on
I came aross a sample of this DELICIOUS dip.
We sampled it and knew it would make a great gift as well as
a tasty treat for our home gatherings.
What fun!

 We prefer to use Heavy Whipping Cream.


Whipping the cream to stiff peaks.

Fluffy whiteness.
A sprinkling of Nutmeg.
 Doesn't it look so festive and creamy?
This is SO easy and with all the different flavors of drink mixes,
you can pick the flavor to suit the holiday or occasion. I must warn
you, however. It is VERY sweet and a very small amount can satisfy your
sweet cravings.

Do you have a favorite dip recipe for gatherings or holidays that you would
like to share?