Friday, December 21, 2012

Images of A Mountain Winter~





 The mountain seems to rise to catch the snow. The gray-blue skies absorb the sun. Birds gather. Snow melts. Icicles shine. The piles of wood sit ready to warm the hearth. The trees rest. The ground is waiting for the snow.... when it flows to quench it's thirst.

I love this time of year. To be honest, I can never understand why people say they don't like the cold and snow. To be out in it makes me feel alive. It speaks of seasons come and gone. Memories from my childhood dance to life.  I remember winter's past when I used put bread bags on my feet and stuff my feet into worn fleece-lined boots that did not keep my feet warm or dry. 

My horse, Jenny and I would wander the snow-covered back roads of Guernsey County, Ohio with the moon lighting our way.

********* Snow, glorious snow!*********************

And now, with children of my own, they love the snow. The promise of the woodstove warming their boots.The whistling of the tea-pot as it seems to say, "Ready your cups for home-made hot cocoa!" The reading of stories and gathering for family games. Just knowing that they're safe and warm and close. 

Counting our blessings. 

 *FAITH* family* FOOD* fun..

May your winter days be blessed with all that warms your heart and home~



mikailah said...

Such beautiful pictures, Mommy! Snow is SO beautiful, and so much fun. :) And there are so many blessings, and things to enjoy, through the snow. ;)

Love you!!!

Jeff LeFevre said...

I love the pictures and the beautiful thoughts!