Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Shining Light~

Tears flow. Thankfulness runs over.
I am overwhelmed.
The goodness. The blessings.
My life is rich and full.
Our celebration of Christmas was just that.
A celebration of all good things. Gifts were given in many
different types of packages.
There were gifts of time and labors of love. Some were given the gift of song
A brief but sweet visit. Words of encouragement.
It was joy and peace and giving. Celebrating others. Celebrating
life. New life and the life that I live here within the walls of my home and
the outside world that draws me into the lives of other people. No matter where I
go, there are people and circumstances to clelebrate. And I want to remember
that every single moment of every single day.
I am determined.
 The thing that has so impacted me? Learning of the loss of
those precious lives. Ones that were full of promise and goodness and giving.
Hearts that were full of dreams. Talents were budding and blessing. Others were still to be
realized. The words that will now never be spoken. The laughter that will forever be silent.
The living that has been forced from being.
This brutal reality has ripped open my eyes. And with God's help, they will never glaze over
again. The apathy of materialism will not clutter my mind. Nothing will
distract me from the beauty of the lives of others. The hordes of blessings that I have will not
diminish the beauty of a butterfly or the song of a bird. 
And the light of self-satisfaction will not dim the light of a fire burning
in the heart and hopes of another.
I am determined~
I am determined to use what I have to shine a bright light on the beauty that
surrounds me everyday. In the midst of trial, pain and wanting.
the songs that I sing...
the words that I speak...
the things that I create...
what I do with my hands....
I want it all to be a reflection of beauty.To bring hope and brightness to those that are
hurting and searching. God created beauty. For lives to be blessed. There is joy to be found in the everday.
There is so much beauty to celebrate!
Blessings to you and yours~
My blog will be going through a few changes..
the name first of all...
and I will be adding more pages.

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