Friday, January 11, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things..

The title of this post almost made me laugh! Why? Because nothing is small to me. I make everything very big. Sometimes huge. And I often get buried along the way. I am learning to keep things simple. Life in general. I love it all so this isn't easy for me. I have to stop and watch the butterfly. Embellish the package. Draw pretty borders on my hand-written letters. I'm a "flowers-on-the-table" kind of girl.

I am smitten with details~

Yet still, I can overlook the smallest of lovely and important thngs. Forgetting to make someone feel
special because I'm caught up in my own opinions. There are times when I'm too busy about my own affairs to take the time to listen. Asking questions is an art.

The art of celebrating has been a learning process. Sometimes it can seem like I'm never doing enough and what I am doing is falling short. SO... instead of adding more or making myself feel guilty, I can be glad that I'm learning. 

Anyway, here are some things that I have learned that have helped in my journey of celebrating.

I have always known that I have wanted to live this way. To walk the path of celebrating. I didn't overlook things because I just chose  to.

What I had to come to realize was that there were certain tendencies in my life that have interfered with my desires.

*Slow down.

*Don't focus on outward things.

*Talk less.

*Allow time to be creative.

*Take care of myself.

*Be content.

*Create a more peaceful world around me.

These are BIG things to me. Working the reality of these things into my heart and lifestyle have not been easy and sometimes I still don't quite feel things working the way I'd like. But it's all a work in progress. And I am determined to get this down because it's what makes a my life rich and can make a difference in the lives of others.

I tried to upload photos but Blogget wasn't working and so I just decided to post without photos.

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