Saturday, January 19, 2013

Compassion Without Judgement... A Quote From a Lesson Learned

I was just sitting at the sewing machine working on my red sweater project and I was thinking this is a great place to remember to pray for others who need a lift. It brought to mind a recent tradgedy. As I was thinking about this situation and praying, I thought, it is so easy to judge when bad things happen. To think of  what could have been done to prevent the circumstances. Blaming people never changed anything. Holding them accountable does, sometimes. If one is ready to grow and change.

Allowing life to teach lessons is a good thing but the attitude with which I do that can make a huge difference to the person going through that hard time. In the past, I have been very judgemental at times. Not a very loving posture by one who is supposed to be all about love. After going through many trials, heartaches, being mis-judged and making mistakes of my own, I have learned about compassion. How affirming it is to have people stand around me in support no questions asked. Believing the best, yet knowing that I am imperfect. And even knowing that I have made mistakes. Just loving me anyway.

While I was sitting here thinking of that, this quote came to my mind:

" It's good to remember where I came from so I can have
compassion and not be judgemental when someone is in
need of help and support."

Words for me to live by. And to love by. And so we help them.


My project is coming along. Still needs some tweaking. As I grow in my journey of artistry that I have embarked on, I find that I need a little time to think about the details. There's a certain "vintagey" look that I'm trying to accomplish. And of course then, there is life that jumps in and bumps the project!  (a daughter who wants ME to layer her very long  hair! much fear and trembling...) The goal is to have the project finished by the middle of next week.

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for being judgmental.

~Your Stister

Jeff LeFevre said...

So true. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Love You!!