Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Freedom to Create~

It's my heart's desire to create. I feel so blessed to have a husband and family that are supportive. Our home is very accommodating in size and design.

I'm most grateful for the blessing of God to be upon my work as I want to dedicate it all to Him. It's from Him that the ideas flow. They are born of my heart and then my mind tries to comprehend and turns it into an idea. And the process continues until my hands create and my eyes can see what began in my heart.

After homeschooling for nearly 30 years and serving in the church for the same, God has released me to a new kind of ministry. I loved that season of my life and thankful to have been given the privilege of both. It was with a lot of thinking and re-thinking, praying and letting go of pre-conceived ideas of what ministry was. And also of coming to a realization that God has given me talents and desires and I should pursue and use them to honor Him, bless others and be true to my heart's desire. (And possibly earn a small income from it. Yesterday, I was asked by a local merchant to bring my things
in on consignment. So, an open door.)

So here, I begin a beautiful new season of my life with the freedom to seek my dreams to create and play music as I celebrate the goodness of God and the blessings of this life. Both which cause my heart to overflow.

Thus, creating~

What are your dreams? Your talents. Listen to your heart.

Great Blessings to you,

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Jeff LeFevre said...

CREATE! my love!! You have such a gift for making things beautiful and special!