Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Geranium in Winter

Vibrant red. Delicate petals. Bold scent.
These are what have made the Geranium a favorite of mine.
To have this blooming in my room in the dead of winter
is a particular joy for the outside world is cold and hard. Gray and brown.
It's right that it's blooming right now. The color red in flowers
and the giving or receiving can be thought of as an
expression of love or desire.
During Post War times they were often found in homes and on
front porches. Seeing them brought hope to many as they
represented a positive change and a bright outlook.
And not only is the plant beautiful, this native of Africa is very useful as well.
The oil of the plant has been used as a relaxant and to ease respiratory
Powdered leaves have been used to treat burns and wounds. In the past,
the tubers boiled in milk
have helped with digestive disorders, while teas taken have
 relieved people from nausea and dysentery.  
I look and I am thankful. I touch the leaves green and soft. I
 smell it's presence when I stand close.
Clean and refreshing. 
It is it's own little celebration and
it touches me with it's


Rebecca said...

Oh Miss T...I'm so glad you found me so I could find YOU! I can't wait to peruse through your blog over time. Looks so inviting and inspiring!

Thank you for visiting me!

Love to you~


mikailah said...

oh, this is so lovely, Mommy! geraniums are such beautiful flowers--so cheerful, and happy, and bright. ;) and that is really neat about all the medical uses for it!

beautiful post, Mummy! <3

Love you!!

Tamara said...

Thank you so much for visting AND for your encouraging words. I'm so glad that we found each other! I look forward to getting to know you and visiting your lovely blog again and again~

Love and blessings,

Tamara said...

Thank you, my dear, sweet Poosie. You are so encouraging! I'm glad that we get to share the pretty Geraniums.

I love you, too.