Friday, February 22, 2013

Dry Brushng Your Projects- VERY Simple!

I've been continuing to pour over my dream place for creating.  This little basket has made itself useful in keeping an assortment of trinkets organized. It's sturdy and nice looking. But I wanted to give it a new look and bring it up to date with my space.

I've been learning a lot about different art/crafts techniques. Including painting. The dry-brush look
is very attractive to me and so I wanted to give it a try.

                            dry brush technique:

using a dry brush almost free of paint to stroke in highlights and shading..

                            The basket in the natural. I really liked the wooden handles.

 After being dry-brushed.
 This is really very simple and you can see the nice shabby chic
appearance it gives. Just barely dip your brush in the desired color and apply lightly. You can go back over it until you get the look you want. And if a spot is accidentally covered too heavily, it's pretty easy to lightly sand and remove some of the paint.

There are SO many things that you can apply this technique to. Furniture, fabric, wicker...Just be creative and bold. You can start with something thrifted to practice on. But it really is very easy. This was the first item I ever painted and I thought it turned out nicely. And the process is very fast.

The brush I used was an old chip brush. They are inexpensive and work well for dragging. They lack bristle density which causes them to kind of  'finger'. This means that they clump together a bit which causes nice lines and a varied look. They can lose bristles at times though so you may want to double check for those so they don't get dried onto your project.

Well, that about covers it. I hope you have fun trying this fun and inexpensive
way to dress up your project.

Blessings to you!


A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Very pretty! I love the shabby chic look and your projects are always so beautiful and creative. God bless you.:)


mikailah said...

Oh, I love the this look! ;) So much fun! :) The basket turned out very nice, and now has paint and glitter organized so nicely in it, which just adds to the charm. :D

Love you!

Tamara said...

Thank you Sherrie,

I always enjoy your posts as well and shabby chic can be so fun as well as feminine. I hope that you and your lovely family are well. Thank you for stopping by!
Blessings to you,

Tamara said...

Thank you Poos!!
You're so encouraging. I'm glad that you like the basket. We will enjoy seeing in on the shelf!
I love you and thank you for the comment.


Jeff said...

Very pretty!! You are so talented and creative!