Thursday, June 30, 2011

Answering the Call of Evangelism

Tuesday evening at our home is what we call "Discipleship Class." It's our practice to
work at discipleship as a way of life but we also realize the need for more formal study
as well. Tues. evenings offers us an opportunity to address or study a truth or principle
from the Bible. This week the focus is evangelism.

Have you ever heard of Ray Comfort.  He is one of the most passionate evangelists
on the streets today. Kirk Cameron and he have introduced an informative, assertive,
effective type of evangelism to Christians through their course "The Way of the Master."

Have you ever wondered why there are so many false conversions? Listen to the theory
of these men as they share information that parallels that of Charles Spurgeon and John

Jeff, I and our seven youngest children have attended the basic training course. It is a
six to eight session course that is well worth the commitment. Some features of the
course are as follows:

*role playing
*effective use of tracts
*scripture memorization

There is MUCH more to the course. After we attended, our compassion for the lost
was rekindled and we felt more equipped and confident to approach people to
share the gospel with them. 

Last evening we watched a video called "We Cannot but Speak..How to Gain a
Passion for Evangelism" featuring Ray Comfort. It was s good follow-up refresher
to the course.

Our family has always had a desire to minister to the lost and hurting that are around
us. To offer them a hope here on earth as well as for eternity. We believe we are to
be active in fulfilling the call of the Great Commission as the scripture commands
in Matthew 28:19, 20.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I
have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Being the beautiful feet that spreads the good news of the Gospel is part of the
foundation of the heritage of truth that we desire to pass on to our children and
share with others.

If you would like more information about the study and access to some wonderful
resources for evangelism Click Here

The Living Waters website offers a wealth of information about evangelism as well
resource links about what I will call for myself "Responsible Christianity" as well as
"Responsible Citizenship." What I mean by this is the challenge to be informed and
get involved. I am shocked and ashamed at how uninformed, naive and ineffective
that I am. God has commanded me, as a Christian, to occupy.

The Ray Comfort video is available through Vision Forum and you may order
it Here

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Opening the Treasure Chest While Saying Thank you

One of the main purposes of this blog is to bring encouraging, challenging and inspiring
information that supports brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord or brings
others to a place of reconciliation with God.

In my efforts to grow as a Christian and to teach our children, I do a lot of online searching,
researching and reading. (The other day Jeff and I deleted the search engine cookies on
my little Lenovo and he was amazed at how long it took! That's because I am all over
the place looking for good teaching materials and tools to sharpen myself and to

I have an insatiable appetite for the things of God and whatever may help me to go deeper.
I also love to learn and love people. This has landed me on a multitude of amazing
blogs and sites that I want to begin to share. They will be on a wide array of subjects,
but all will pertain to our heritage in the Lord. That is a very broad spectrum. I get excited
just thinking about it!

I am sincerely and deeply touched by all of these people who share of their hard
work and knowledge with the online community. They offer a treasure chest of help,
support, encouragement and information. It is so very generous of them and I am

I often leave comments on other people's blogs to thank and encourage but I don't know
if they ever see them. Expressing appreciation is so important and I want  people to
know how much they have blessed me. I am a one on one kind of person so I try to

In saying all of this, my point is to highlight as many blogs and sites as have blessed
myself or our family in some way. One of the sincerest ways I know to express my
gratitude for their sharing is to spread the word about their blog or site. They
will probably never know but I will.  And the information will benefit those of you who
visit my blog. It works out perfectly. *smile*

I will begin this week. Have a blessed day.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sowing Seeds of Encouragement

From where you are positioned in life, do you see a lot of people that need encouragement?

Most people have need of it.  Most everyone needs a hand up now and then. I know I do.

An affirming or kind word. The need is not specific to age or situation in life.


Barnabas. Does that name bring any thoughts to your mind? Do you think of encouragement?

Matthew 11:24, described him as a good man full of the Holy Spirit. His name translated

as "son of consolation" and "son of exhortation."( International Standard Bible Encyclopedia)

                  _______Console: To comfort;
                                to cheer the mind in distress or

                     _________ Exhort: to encourage,
                               to embolden, to cheer, to advise

People go through times that are heart-breaking. Faith is challenged by circumstances of

unemployment, illness or strained family relationships. The work place can be place of

extreme stress with project deadlines and unreasonable expectations. Harsh words are

spoken and the constant threat of losing one's job can create an oppressive atmosphere.

The feeling of inadequacy can bring a lot of pressure and negative feelings towards
ones self. Failures and mistakes can cause one to think that they are no good and
never will be.

I have to work at being encouraging and consoling and God's word is clear about how

He would have me communicate with others. But my motivation goes much deeper

than that; I understand the feelings of inadequacy and failure. Maybe you have

lived through a season that when a kind word was spoken, it prompted tears.

Therefore, encourage one another and build up one another, just as
you also are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11
So, then, the things of peace may we pursue, and the things of 
building up one another. Romans 14:19

But everyone who prophesies speaks to men  for their strengthening,
encouragement and comfort. 1 Corinthians 14:3

I want my words to be a like a cup of cool water in the desert of life. Something that

brings life and hope. Refreshing.. renewal..

We never know what will result from encouraging another. How do you respond when

others take the time to sow seeds into your life?


We have an adopted son who had gotten off the path that he wanted to be on. He is now

pressing into God's truths and seeking to strengthen his relationship with the Lord. He

needs to know how valuable he is to God and to us as his parents. He has many strong

qualities. There are multitudes of things that we can say to build him up and we need to do


God will give wisdom as we seek to build up those along our paths. He is the perfect one

of all comfort and encouragement. He understands others in ways that maybe we can't.

Even if you don't have the gift of mercy, God can help you become the spring of hope

that you desire to be.

Friday, June 24, 2011

After the Fire...Home Again..

I thought I would write a small follow-up on our return home for those who were
reading so much about the fire and our evacuation.

We have been home for week. We were greeted by roses in bloom. That was a welcome
and refreshing sight after so much focus on the destruction of so much beauty.

Our home and property were not touched by the Wallow fire, though it did get close. Our
animals are all fine. We are thankful to have a home to return to. The beautiful mountain
that stands behind our home is still green.

Though we were trusting God with our possessions, we have been through post-fire
reconstruction. It was a valuable time of gleaning and growing but we did not want to
take that journey again.

Some homes were not spared. While others lost their beautiful scenery, some lost part
of their livelihood. We are saddened by these losses and pray for the affected families
as well as for those who continue to battle with largest fire in AZ. state history. We
thank God for those who have worked so hard to protect our home and community.

To be honest, I don't particularly care to live here. I have to work at it I feel badly
saying it. Like it's not spiritual and I may seem ungrateful. Maybe it's selfish. If God
were flesh as we are, He would be weary of my complaining heart. Though there are
beautiful places to enjoy, the reality of every day life here is that the wind and the
drought can be oppressive. 

But no matter where we live, there are imperfections. And God has to
continually remind me that contentment is not found in a place or a circumstance.

My situation in life does not determine my happiness. If I treasure Him, put Him first,
glory in Him, reverence Him, and love Him, this will bring a satisfaction beyond
what any earthly reality can produce.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21

 "What a man loves, that is his God. For he carries it in his heart, he goes about with
it night and day, he sleeps and wakes with it; be it what it may-wealth or self, pleasure
or renown."
                       Martin Luther

I will, prayerfully, by God's grace, allow Him to be my focus and love.

Is there something in your life that has been an object of focus that is keeping
your full affections from God?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Freedom From Chains

                                   Are you bound up tight..

                                                     on the other side of______ freedom..


                                   There is liberty in Christ...

                                                 Jesus responded, " I assure you: Everyone
                                              who commits sin is a slave of sin. A slave does
                                                not remain in the household forever, but a son
                                                  does remain forever. Therefore if the Son
                                                     sets you free, you really will be free.
                                                                     John 8:34-36

                                     Feeling ___  shut in  ___ captive

                                                      He is the provision for the oppressed.

                His desire for you is absolute... 
                                                     His truth is unswervingly resolute...
                                                                                       and He has already accomplished it..

                                                     Be free~

                               Be open... let go...allow the walls of protection to

  Extend upwards to His mercies..

          {He loves you unconditionally}

Embrace it extravagantly...relish in it... celebrate it... share it...ponder it...

                        walk in it...shout about it...bow in reverence to it...treasure it...depend on it..

                                             Let it shield you...wash you...cover you...

                                                                teach you...transform you...

                                You are invaluable to Him_______ 

                               Is your heart feeling overwhelmed.... broken...crushed

           He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

                                                   He is _______________

He knows your name~

 Fashioned your very being.

Trust Him.
~He is enough~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

De-Cluttering...Desks, Shelves and Organizers

Do you have the desire to get out from under clutter and decrease your cleaning

It seems to make sense as we try to prioritize the precious moments of time that we
have been given. I don't have time to waste. Most people don't.

I must admit that most of the time I enjoy cleaning and organizing. However, there
are plans and purposes that the Lord has for my life that come first. I want to be
a good steward of my days as well as be obedient to the Lord's direction for my life.

Our days are numbered. We only have so many. Psalm 90:12 says "Teach me to
number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom."

It is only by God's grace that I have another day. He has given me the gift of time
each day and I am responsible to be the best steward of that time that I possibly can.

As I seek God and consider my days, I will have the desire and learn to walk in a
greater degree of  discernment and wisdom in every area of my life.

I am very fond of desks, shelves, cabinets, boxes, and plastic organizers. They are so
quaint and neat looking. They can be so creatively organized. And I admit I like to
organize stuff.  I used to think that I needed them to keep my home in order. This 
was a gross misconception.

The trouble with desks, shelves and organizers in my house is that they have created
a lot of work and I was spending too much time organizing.

I finally got wise to the merry-go-round that I was on. Having these things to organize
my stuff- TOO much time organizing because I have TOO much stuff in TOO many
places. One of my biggest problems with clutter is that I like stuff. 

It was very easy for me to give away. But I would begin the cycle again with
bringing more in. Thinking big can be a good thing, as long as it's coupled
with discernment, wisdom and good stewardship. 

When we are unrealistic about what we can accomplish, our purchases are not
balanced either. May I give you an example?

Books. How many books do I have on my shelf that I have not read? I am not sure
but there are some. A few of them have been on the shelf for years. If you are a
reader and love books, you understand the temptation to buy books that you may
not have time to read.

This last week, I had an opportunity to visit a Border's bookstore. Throughout
my browsing, I had picked up around 10 books. I would choose them and then
put them back on the shelf.

At one point, I found myself talking to the Lord because I was so tempted to
make a purchase that I wasn't sure of. My final purchase consisted of  Nancy Drew
Mad Libs, White Fang and a Barnyard Friends board book for my granddaughter.

I have had to learn to take these things very seriously to honor my husband. He has
entrusted me with the purchases of our home. I want to walk worthy of that trust.


There are also seasons which we journey through that create a need. As a homeschooling
family with 5 girls and 4 boys, there was a need at times to have a good amount of resources
on hand. (Though the need was greater, I can see now that I was unrealistic about what
we truly needed.) We now have 3 teenage daughters at home. Obviously, the need has
greatly decreased.

There was a transition time that took place where I had to learn that our needs had
changed. Recognizing and accepting the different seasons is not always easy. But as
we do, our home will run more smoothly and the resources on hand will be more
relevant to our needs and the direction that God is leading in.

This season of change has offered an opportunity for thinning. With adult children
who are now homeschooling, we have been able to bless them by passing on
books, games, and other teaching tools that are useful to them.

I ask myself this question often; DO I USE THIS STUFF? If I don't use it, why keep it?
If it does not serve my family in some manner of enrichment or helps, it is not an
asset but a burden. Jeff says that I have learned to be ruthless.

I don't own a desk anymore. I am comfortable on the floor, the couch, or standing to do
what needs to be done. I rarely sat at the desk anyway. It thought it would be helpful and
I think it supported my image of a teacher when I began homeschooling. It's funny.
I thought a desk would somehow help make me a better teacher.

I am actually more on top of my paperwork than ever because I don't let it pile up.
The area I use for this is centrally located and serves our family better.

You won't find many organizers in my home anymore. There are a few that are used to
organize what craft supplies we keep on hand. Our bookshelves have been thinned out
as we have become more selective about what we store on them.


                                                I have to try to remember the lesson that God
                                                                      has been teaching me.

                    {Less is MORE}___________

This is my understanding of what God intends for me to glean~

*More peace
*More time
*More depth
*More creativity
*More growth
*More understanding
*More appreciation

If we are really serious and committed to de-cluttering and living a life of greater
depth and fulfillment, it's imperative that we take definite steps to unloading what
weighs us down.

It's a process and it will never end. Don't feel pressured or anxious. Begin with a
particular area and set reasonable goals. It's a good season to begin.

As needs change and God brings clarity to your family, He will enable you. (We
watched a teaching this past evening that confirmed some areas and clarified others.
In response to this, I am already thinking of items that we will be passing along to

If we allow God to lead us in the ordering of our possessions, we won't feel driven by
the compulsion to "whip the house into shape" but we will have His peace as we move
forward to reach our goal.

I would love to hear of any helpful hints, victories or struggles that you have had in
this area.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Honoring the Father of the House

Today the wind is expected to blow up to 60 miles an hour.  Typically, for Father's Day,
we plan a picnic outing in one of our favorite beautfiful mountain places. But today that is
not possible. The forest is closed.

Having our life interrupted by the Wallow Wildfire has been distracting. I felt unprepared
and discouraged about honoring the father of this house today. But God is so faithful to
give me ideas. They usually come when I'm lying awake at night.

Knowing that Jeff enjoys simple things, God knows just how to bless him. He doesn't
care about having more stuff or fancy celebrations.

We are going to have an indoor picnic. I have planned to grill some chicken and make a
macaroni salad. There are peaches from the freezer that we can cut up for ice cream.

He doesn't know it yet, but, we have a surprise coming in a few months. We are going to
treat him to the movie, Courageous. It highlights fatherhood and the challenge to be a
Godly leader in the home.

Honoring, encouraging and supporting our husbands as fathers is one of the most
things we will do as a wife and friend.

Here are a few ways that you can encourage fathers in your family.

*Give books, CDs and other information (websites, blogs, seminars, etc) that encourage,
 teach and inspire
*Speak words of encouragement
*Be careful to notice the positive aspects of their parenting and speak of them often
*Offer prayer and support when they are discouraged
*Pray for them regularly
*Don't be critical of their mistakes
*Read books together that support him in his role
*Offer to do a Bible study with him on the topic
*Extend grace and mercy when they fail
*Teach your children to honor and respect their father in their words and actions
*Listen carefully to their oppinions and show respect for their leadership

Setting aside a day to honor our husband in their role as father will encourage them and
express how much we daily appreciate their hard work and sacrifice to serve in
this challenging role. It is a wonderful opportunity to bless and minister to him as we show
our love and respect.

As our culture is distracting and misleading in what a man is, it is so important to help
build our husband up in the truth. There are many who believe to be a follower of Christ is
to be weak. We know that the Bible teaches that our strength is found in Him. To be
"your own man" is thought to be one who knows who he is and is self made. The Bible
teaches us that if we are hidden in Christ, we will be seen as Christ-likeAnd that we
find our identity in Him.

Though it isn't a Biblical practice, it gives us a day to make them feel special by focusing
solely on them; it also offers another opportunity to teach our children about honoring
the role of fatherhood.

Here are a  few locations where encouraging recources can be found. (The blog of John Piper)  ( This is not connected with Rob Bell, author of Love Wins.
It is Mark Driscoll.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Blessings~

If you have been reading my posts in the past 10 days, you already know that we have been
evacuated from our home. I am STILL not home. Jeff is.

The Wallow fire continues to grow. It is the largest in the history of Arizona as of yesterday.
This is a record we were hoping to forgo. It has been so very sad. There have been 33 homes
lost so far. The loss of a home is so tragic. Over 450,000 acres have been decimated. Our beautiful
mountain that we loved to roam is burning.

I have not been able to work on any posting since Monday. While being with my children
in the Valley of the Sun, I have been enjoying the blessings of family.

Yesterday, I was able to go with my daughter to hear the heartbeat of the new grand baby that is
to arrive in December. A  precious little life. What a miracle. That was a blessing.

Yesterday and today were birthdays in our family. Hannah turned 24 and Charlotte turned 17.
Their big sister Angie, put together a little Birthday Sundae Party to celebrate. It was a very
special time as all the little ones played and we built sundaes in honor of the birthday gals.
More family blessings.

After sundaes, the mommies held their babies and we visited while the kitchen was
cleaned. We had a serious conversation about the books Boys Adrift and
Girls on the Edge. I love those times of having spiritual, relevant conversation with my
daughters. It doesn't happen very often.

Last evening, I was able to give Anayah a bath. She loves her baths. This evening, I watched
Jude and Silas play with ants and beetles in the back yard. Quality time is important to me.

Tomorrow, we gals get to take special trip to the mall. That has NEVER happened! We are
looking forward to more "mother/ daughter time ". I am thrilled. I love my girls so much;
We have such special relationships. They are such  a joy, blessing and comfort to me.

I will return to everyday life as I know it. I will always cherish these special family blessings
that I was able to experience while staying here. During this difficult time, I have been
so very blessed to be with my children while others have been in shelters or motel rooms.
I am very thankful for that. The comfort and love of family~

I am grateful that God, in His mercy, enables us to walk in the grace of blessings even during
very difficult times. He has the ability to take the humblest of times and cultivate them and
cause something very beautiful to grow.

I have many pictures that I want to share soon.

Bless you and may you allow God to plant His seeds of beauty in the soil of your
heartaches to bring forth something wonderful. He is faithful.

Romans 8:28 All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and to them that
are the called according to His purpose.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wallow Fire..God of This City


Chris Tomlin singing
God of This City

Angie told me about this:

I don't know who put this together.. But I had to share it..
Thank you and Bless you to all who contributed
to the making of this amazing video and getting it
out there to encourage us all!

Wallow Fire...Along the Path..

10% containment.. 443,989..Round Valley Returns Home~
6pm.. Sunday June12th________________

Saturday, June 11th 2011

I am awake. It's 9:00 am. Looking outside, I'm noticing it's a little breezy. Windy
condition's are expected today. I will be looking to see what the updates are. Total acreage
last evening was at 408,886 based on the latest infra red data....

After posting yesterday, I decided to take Grace and Charlotte to the Superstition
Springs Mall. We go to a mall once or twice a year.  Living in our little mountain
community places us between 175 to 220 miles from the nearest mall. So it's a real
treat when we walk through the doors. The sights and sounds. They were looking
forward to it.

I was thrilled to find a Borders book store. One of my favorite things..Books...
With all of the internet shopping I do, and our location, I don't have the
opportunity to enjoy looking at and even smelling the books. I love the
smell of new books.

 I must admit, it was a little overwhelming yesterday, though. I couldn't concentrate;
 I found myself thinking of the firefighters and how hard they were
working to get things under control. How hot it was and the exhaustion that must be
beginning to creep in. I felt badly about being out and having a good time.

We did enjoy our time together. Charlotte was able to eat at Chic-fil-a....  her
favorite fast food stop. Petland was fun..We saw the cutest "Hatchi" pup. Like the one
in the movie. I don't remember the name of the dog. They're bred in Japan, I believe.

I am thankful to have had a day off from working on the blog. Though it has
very helpful for the processing of this tragedy, it can weigh heavy at times. But through
the blogging, I have been able to not make a record for our family. There have been hours
spent on these postings. But the investment will be well worth it.

It has also helps keep us all connected. Grace, Charlotte and I are in Phoenix. Jeff is is St
Johns and Mikailah is in California; she went with David and Hannah. He is teaching her
how to surf. It has been a point where we can keep kind of connected as we share news and
updates about the fire.


Channel 3 news. Views of the fire area as well as interview with the DC-10 pilot.

The DC-10 did not run on Friday. It wasn't needed for the plan that was in place
for the day. It made two drops on Saturday in the Greer area. Utilizing the aircraft
costs $12,000 per hour not including the cost of the slurry. It holds 12,000 gallons
of retardent.



Get Microsoft Silverlight

                Briefing meeting. June 11, 2011 10:00 am. This video gives a lot of details of the
exact work that's being done. It explains why and where.

The lines are holding. The crews have been working to achieve a black area of 300 ft
and that hasn accomplished in many areas. This means that there is an area 300 feet
deep between the main fire and the area being protected. This helps prevent spot fires from

We read that the fire has grown to 430,171 acresa and back to 5% containment as of 11:00
am Saturday morning. This is an area larger than the city of Phoenix.

It is Saturday and there is not much news available. It was very encouraging to find out
that the animals were not as at risk as rumors had implied. The pattern of the burn has
been patchy (mosaic) and there are many areas that been untouched; the wildlife are taking
refuge in these areas.

However, looking ahead to monsoon season, there is a concern that has been mentioned.
It is that of the ash coverage on the ground. As the run off drains into ponds, lakes and streams,
the PH balance will be disturbed and this could be hazardous to the fish and water life.

People are also concerned with flooding in the area. Jocelyn Peters, a local State Farm
agent has explained that those without homeowners flood insurance can check with their
policy holders. There is a 30 day delay from the time of purchase.

There was a Red Flag warning today from 1-8 PM.

And this is for Sunday June 12, 2011.
Red flag warning in effect from 11 am to 8 PM MST Sunday for

strong winds and low relative humidities...

The National Weather Service in Flagstaff has issued a red flag

warning... which is in effect from 11 am to 8 PM MST Sunday due to

strong winds and low relative humidities.

* Affected area: eastern Mogollon Rim... White Mountains...

* Timing: critical fire weather conditions are expected from 11 am
until 8 PM MST Sunday

* 20-foot winds: southwest winds of 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.

* Relative humidities: afternoon minimum relative humidities will
range from 5 to 10 percent


The air quality in RV as of friday was very poor.  It's unlikely that it improved today.
There are serious concerns about the partical content in the air.

Here is some information that came to me by e-mail on Friday.

Air quality in RV - "astronomical" readings 900-1200; "very hazardous" hope will
level off in 2-3 days.

30 mg/cubic meter is normal; "PM2.5"= finely granulated particles that can embed in your
lung system.

There are masks available at the Red Cross.


The following information is from an update on Saturday evening.

In the area of Greer, there are still places that are untouched by the fire. Sadly
the loss of homes, other structures and a vehicle. It is a relief to know that many homes
and the historical buildings are still standing.

Tall, green trees still remain standing strong and Greer as a whole is living on in the face
of the fire. Although it is changed, it is not lost.

This sign hangs on the bridge in Greer just as you enter town.

The Rendezvous Cafe.. Our family has eaten here.
It's the quaintest little place.
It's still there.

Sikorsky Helicopter..Greer

DC-10 drops slurry near Greer..June 11th

As of Sunday evening, Greer lines are holding. The progress is good.
However, there are still many
hazards.  Officials say it will be another 5 days before the area is safe.


Mopping up in Greer

There has been a lot of talk about mopping up recently. This is part of the process of
achieving containment. Here's a bit of a highlight on the subject.

Jeff used to work for the Forest Service nearly thirty years ago. He was stationed at the
Strayhorse Forest Service site. This remote little area is about 20 miles south of 
Hannagan Meadow. As a member of a fire crew, he used to tramp through some of
the same mountainous terrain as the crews today. It was after this job that he decided
that he wanted to live in these mountains.

I asked him to help me define "mop up". This is how he described it. After a fire has gone
through, the crews go in and start turning over soil with a shovel or other tools. There's a stirring
of the forest floor to dig up any hot spots or find embers or even a spark.

He said it's a long and tedious process. (I am wondering with the new technology if there
are other methods used today for detecting heat.) The goal is to be sure that everything is

He remembers practically crawling around on his hands and knees and sifting through
the debris with his fingers. Smoldering logs are moved and tree stumps are dug up if
possible. Anything with any heat in it is sprayed or smothered with dirt.

So far, the concentrated mop up areas have been Nutrioso and Escudilla.
Nutrioso is looking very good. However, there is a continued threat of flying embers
so crews must remain watchful.
The containment areas are on the northeast side of the fire.


6:30 pm.

I just read an update and the new number of acres burned is 443,989. Fire personnel totals
4,311.This includes 24 hotshot crews and 84 hand crews.

- Resources include 15 Helicopters, 5 Air Tankers available; 334 Engines; 66 Water
Tenders; 27 Dozers

Map posted June 11~Not a very good's all I could find today.

The following information was posted on the Apache County Sheriff's Dept. site

Residents of the Springerville, Eagar and South Fork
areas will be allowed to return to their homes.

As of Sunday, June 12 at 10 a.m., residents of the Springerville, Eagar and South Fork
areas who were evacuated because of the massive Wallow Fire will be allowed to return
to their homes.

After consulting with fire officials, it has been determined that the fire risk has diminished
enough that it will no longer be a threat to the citizens of the towns.

But, it should be noted that the smoke from the wildfire still poses serious health hazards
as has been outlined by Chris Sexton, Apache County health director, and the smoke problems
may continue for weeks.

Because of the health problems associated with smoke from the Wallow Fire, Apache
County Public Health Services District and the Emergency Operations Center warns residents
of Eagar and Springerville that it would be best not to return to their homes until the
concentration of smoke diminishes.

Air quality for Eagar and Springerville (Round Valley) has been in the “Unhealthy” to
“Hazardous” range for the last few days. The elderly and very young and those with existing
respiratory problems like emphysema and asthma face increased risk by exposure to tiny
Particulate Matter 2.5 microns and if they return, they do so at their own risk knowing the
hazards associated with possible health effects from wild fire smoke

Information about current smoke conditions can be accessed at

Symptoms from short-term exposure to smoke include scratchy throat, cough, irritated
sinuses, headaches, runny nose and stinging eyes, and more serious reactions among those
in high-risk groups. Elevated levels of PM also increase the potential for asthma attacks
and other asthma-related symptoms in children.

Air pollutants have been associated with increases in respiratory problems and diseases
in children, including reduction of lung function and increased severity or frequency of
asthma attacks. Air pollutants have also been associated with a number of other adverse
health effects, including cancers and heart disease.

People with health issues (heart or lung disease, COPD, emphysema or asthma) should
only return if absolutely necessary. Residents dependent on oxygen should wait to return
to their homes. Hospitals and medical resources are limited. The White Mountain Regional
Medical Center is waiting for air quality to improve before opening to admit patients. Only
the emergency room is open at this time. Anyone needing to be admitted will need to be
transported to another hospital.

Interview with Whitney Wiltbank, owner of Sprucedale Guest Ranch, Alpine/Nutrioso


Sunday morning briefing Channel 3

                                                  Miscellaneous Photos

Back burn highway 260

                                                           The Alpine highway a way firefighters use this dead, flammable grass
to fight the fire and buffer the areas in danger and keep the flames
from spreading.

                                                                    Burnout..fighting fire with...

                                                       Mule deer running to safety

                                                                  Keeping Watch

East Fork of Little Colorado

Fire crew preparing for back burn near Eagar.
So many working so very hard to protect.

Burnout using drip torches.

Hillside Eagar

Navajo Hotshot Crew

Preparing for back burn in Eagar.

Sharpening tools~

4:00 PM
So.. Jeff called and said that he is at the house. Everything is fine. The house is a little smokey
inside..outside, he can see Flat Top. That's a good sign. He will continue to monitor for us. He
will stay there tonight.. Burly, our black cat has already been inside and had his yogurt and has
gone back out. Brutus, our yellow cat, has not shown up yet. But he will.


11:00 pm

Things have quieted down. The big story is over. Media teams are leaving town.
The cat showed up. The house is still standing..Though our home
was a mile from the fire, our property wasn't touched.
Neither was the beautiful mountain that we look at everyday.
Everything is fine. For us.
Those words are not true for others.
There are many families whose reality is changed forever.
The fire is not yet extinguished.

We are thankful that we were spared this time.
But we are grieving and praying for those who have a journey of
recovery as well as those who continue to work
so tirelessly and diligently on our behalf, to bring this fire
to complete submission. 

Thank you so very much to all who have worked and continue to give so
much of them selves to protect our community and to make it safe once again.
Words cannot express our gratefulness.
You have done a GREAT job!!!

(I do not take any credit for any of the images shown on this page.)