Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging For Life ~

                              __________________Blogging for life.........

What exactly do I mean by this? The meaning is to bring forth good. 
Contributing something to people's lives that will make a difference
would be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful to me.

Walking in humility while sharing with sincerity and passion.
Helping people to experience a different perspective while I'm learning
from them would be such an honor. Working together with others
 toward a common purpose.

Lifting up the name of the Lord, while being true to His word.

Life. A growing experience..hope..encouraging words.


Because this is my heart's desire, I will be blogging less.

I have read this in Simple Blogging by Rachel Meeks.

You can find her E-Book Here

I have not even finished the first chapter but this spoke volumes to me.

I will explain why that makes sense practically.

As I blog less, I will be able to be more prayerful and apply

responsible research to my posts.

This excites me yet brings peace at the same time.

This blog belongs to God. I am the voice but He directs the content.

{Prayer is not an option, but a requirement.}

Being irresponsible with information would totally defeat my purpose.

 I cringe at the thought of doing that to my readers.

It means everything to earn their trust

while publishing timely content.

The number 1 reason that I know that this philosophy of blogging less

is right for me is because it lines up with what God

 has been telling me for months.

~Less is More~
{That is a subject for another time.}

So...I look forward to being able to put forth

a higher quality post. It's my desire to work very hard to accomplish

what God has put in Jeff and I's heart to do.

My plan right now is to post 3-4 times/week. (This doesn't

include ads or small inspirational quotes or scripture.)

I would really love to know what you as my readers
would like to read about that I may serve you better.

 Thank you for stopping by and for understanding
about this new schedule.

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