Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Opening the Treasure Chest While Saying Thank you

One of the main purposes of this blog is to bring encouraging, challenging and inspiring
information that supports brothers and sisters in their walk with the Lord or brings
others to a place of reconciliation with God.

In my efforts to grow as a Christian and to teach our children, I do a lot of online searching,
researching and reading. (The other day Jeff and I deleted the search engine cookies on
my little Lenovo and he was amazed at how long it took! That's because I am all over
the place looking for good teaching materials and tools to sharpen myself and to

I have an insatiable appetite for the things of God and whatever may help me to go deeper.
I also love to learn and love people. This has landed me on a multitude of amazing
blogs and sites that I want to begin to share. They will be on a wide array of subjects,
but all will pertain to our heritage in the Lord. That is a very broad spectrum. I get excited
just thinking about it!

I am sincerely and deeply touched by all of these people who share of their hard
work and knowledge with the online community. They offer a treasure chest of help,
support, encouragement and information. It is so very generous of them and I am

I often leave comments on other people's blogs to thank and encourage but I don't know
if they ever see them. Expressing appreciation is so important and I want  people to
know how much they have blessed me. I am a one on one kind of person so I try to

In saying all of this, my point is to highlight as many blogs and sites as have blessed
myself or our family in some way. One of the sincerest ways I know to express my
gratitude for their sharing is to spread the word about their blog or site. They
will probably never know but I will.  And the information will benefit those of you who
visit my blog. It works out perfectly. *smile*

I will begin this week. Have a blessed day.

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