Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family Blessings~

If you have been reading my posts in the past 10 days, you already know that we have been
evacuated from our home. I am STILL not home. Jeff is.

The Wallow fire continues to grow. It is the largest in the history of Arizona as of yesterday.
This is a record we were hoping to forgo. It has been so very sad. There have been 33 homes
lost so far. The loss of a home is so tragic. Over 450,000 acres have been decimated. Our beautiful
mountain that we loved to roam is burning.

I have not been able to work on any posting since Monday. While being with my children
in the Valley of the Sun, I have been enjoying the blessings of family.

Yesterday, I was able to go with my daughter to hear the heartbeat of the new grand baby that is
to arrive in December. A  precious little life. What a miracle. That was a blessing.

Yesterday and today were birthdays in our family. Hannah turned 24 and Charlotte turned 17.
Their big sister Angie, put together a little Birthday Sundae Party to celebrate. It was a very
special time as all the little ones played and we built sundaes in honor of the birthday gals.
More family blessings.

After sundaes, the mommies held their babies and we visited while the kitchen was
cleaned. We had a serious conversation about the books Boys Adrift and
Girls on the Edge. I love those times of having spiritual, relevant conversation with my
daughters. It doesn't happen very often.

Last evening, I was able to give Anayah a bath. She loves her baths. This evening, I watched
Jude and Silas play with ants and beetles in the back yard. Quality time is important to me.

Tomorrow, we gals get to take special trip to the mall. That has NEVER happened! We are
looking forward to more "mother/ daughter time ". I am thrilled. I love my girls so much;
We have such special relationships. They are such  a joy, blessing and comfort to me.

I will return to everyday life as I know it. I will always cherish these special family blessings
that I was able to experience while staying here. During this difficult time, I have been
so very blessed to be with my children while others have been in shelters or motel rooms.
I am very thankful for that. The comfort and love of family~

I am grateful that God, in His mercy, enables us to walk in the grace of blessings even during
very difficult times. He has the ability to take the humblest of times and cultivate them and
cause something very beautiful to grow.

I have many pictures that I want to share soon.

Bless you and may you allow God to plant His seeds of beauty in the soil of your
heartaches to bring forth something wonderful. He is faithful.

Romans 8:28 All things work together for good to them that love the Lord and to them that
are the called according to His purpose.

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