Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thankfulness Grows...Out of Giving

What a bounty of thanks I felt on our day of giving. It truly felt like the day was supposed to. Actually, as soon as we had made our plans, I knew it was going to be a special day.
I had a purpose.

                    Perfect doesn't happen very often.

We were blessed to have some very special friends dine at our table. Gracious.

It's tradition for us to make place cards for each person.
Inside there's a scripture that's chosen escpecially for
them. Something that will encourage.


My husband's thoughtfulness took him back to town on a special trip to buy
these flowers for me. (That is something special and something
to be thankful for.)  They were.... PERFECT~

Five kernals of corn. Reminding ourselves of how blessed we are.
Five Kernels of Corn
by Hezekiah Butterworth
‘Twas the year of the famine in Plymouth of old,
The ice and the snow from the thatched roofs had rolled;
Through the warm purple skies steered the geese o’er the seas,
And the woodpeckers tapped in the clocks of the trees;
And the boughs on the slopes to the south winds lay bare,
and dreaming of summer, the buds swelled in the air.
The pale Pilgrims welcomed each reddening morn;
There were left but for rations Five Kernels of Corn.
Five Kernels of Corn!
Five Kernels of Corn!
But to Bradford a feast were Five Kernels of Corn!
“Five Kernels of Corn! Five Kernels of Corn!
Ye people, be glad for Five Kernels of Corn!”
So Bradford cried out on bleak Burial Hill,
And the thin women stood in their doors, white and still.”
Lo, the harbor of Plymouth rolls bright in the Spring,
The maples grow red, and the wood robins sing,
The west wind is blowing, and fading the snow,
And the pleasant pines sing, and arbutuses blow.
Five Kernels of Corn!
Five Kernels of Corn!
To each one be given Five Kernels of Corn!”
O Bradford of Austerfield hast on thy way,
The west winds are blowing o’er Provincetown Bay,
The white avens bloom, but the pine domes are chill,
And new graves have furrowed Precisioners’ Hill!”
Give thanks, all ye people, the warm skies have come,
The hilltops are sunny, and green grows the holm,
And the trumpets of winds, and the white March is gone,
Five Kernels of Corn!
Five Kernels of Corn!
Ye have for Thanksgiving Five Kernels of Corn!
“The raven’s gift eat and be humble and pray,
A new light is breaking and Truth leads your way;
One taper a thousand shall kindle; rejoice
That to you has been given the wilderness voice!”
O Bradford of Austerfield, daring the wave,
And safe through the sounding blasts leading the brave,
Of deeds such as thine was the free nation born,
And the festal world sings the “Five Kernels of Corn.”
Five Kernels of Corn!
Five Kernels of Corn!
The nation gives thanks for Five Kernels of Corn!
To the Thanksgiving Feast bring Five Kernels of Corn! 
 Our day was not perfect because of the food or the decorations.

It was the blessing that came from reaching out to ones who needed someome
to tell their stories to.
Sharing a long, warm hug with a lonely friend.
Playing games and making a trip to the chicken coop
with a friend who just celebrated her 56th birthday,
but lives in an 8 year olds world.

And to be honest.. it was for me. I needed to be needed.
I needed.
And even in my selfishness, I was blessed.

Thanksgiving is a time to not only count our blessings but a time to share 
what we have.

Now we are rich.
And my thankfulness has grown..... out of giving.

Do you have any thoughts that you'd like to share
about your Thanksgiving?
I'd love to hear them.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Blessings Realized~

They are personal to each one...



                                                                                               healing inside or out...

peace of mind....

                              a song...

                                                  an uplifting word....

                                                                                       chimes blowing in the wind...

a lovely picture...

                               a warm hug...

                                                     a smile from an enemy...

                                                                                            wet kisses from a child....

                  Giving ....
                                      sharing a friend's burden....


                                                                                                            the quiet...

              I am overwhelmed by the goodness that I call my life.

I haven't always appreciated these simple things. I have often wanted
bigger things. Selfish things. Through loss, I have learned.
And gained. How is this possible?

By losing peace, I have come to understand the blessing of peaceful times.
In losing a friend, I have to come to treasure the gift.

To see a blessing, I have had to change my perspective.
And instead of wanting more, I have learned am learning to see through
different eyes. The eyes of the my heart see. Finally.
Truly see.

Thankfully, I have not had to lose everything
to understand the
richness of this life that I live and love.

During this last week before Thanksgiving,
I pray that more and more
I will see with my heart the preciousness of all
that I have been blessed with~
And then, that I would never forget.

A true blessing indeed.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Seligman - Hidden Charm

Recently, we took a family trip to Seligman, Az. It was to be a quick trip and we weren't
sure what we might find there. It was a delight to see. The charming, historical, little, some-
what abandoned Route 66 town, totally won our hearts! Here are some photos of our wonderfully warm visit.


So much color.
What a charming little town. Don't you agree?
 The reason for our travels in the
first place was to sing at a church there. We were very excited about sharing
with people who wanted to hear us sing about the Lord. But it was a four hour
drive. A bit of a distance for overnight. (And by the way, we didn't get any pictures
of the gracious people at the church or of us setting up or singing. I always feel
somewhat awkward about taking photos on occasions such as that.)
Looks a little like Radiator Springs? The little town in the movie 'Cars'
was inspired by Seligman, Az.
We had a simply delightful time walking the street (literally) and taking
photos. It was a memory that was worth the making.
Thank you, Seligman, Arizona.
The town that time has forgotten. Or so it would seem.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fragrance of Autumn

There is just no keeping us inside when the trees are touched with gold and there is a crispness
in the air. And having family to snuggle up next to by the fire is just another good reason to share
our meal outside surrounded by the fragrance of autumn!

Whose been helpin' fix the fire?
 Guess who? 
 My secret recipe burgers! YUM.....

 My daughter's creation. Homemade Jalapeno poppers. They are SO delicious and they go
perfectly with burgers! A very easy finger food for parties.

One of the many things that make my life so rich. Time spent with family.
I am so thankful. I am impressed more and more about the preciousness of this life
and how quickly my days will be lived out. So, I'm just lovin' this life that I'm livin.'

(I've thought of changing my blog name to that exact thing.
"Lovin' this life that I'm livin' ")

Blessings to you~