Monday, November 5, 2012

The Fragrance of Autumn

There is just no keeping us inside when the trees are touched with gold and there is a crispness
in the air. And having family to snuggle up next to by the fire is just another good reason to share
our meal outside surrounded by the fragrance of autumn!

Whose been helpin' fix the fire?
 Guess who? 
 My secret recipe burgers! YUM.....

 My daughter's creation. Homemade Jalapeno poppers. They are SO delicious and they go
perfectly with burgers! A very easy finger food for parties.

One of the many things that make my life so rich. Time spent with family.
I am so thankful. I am impressed more and more about the preciousness of this life
and how quickly my days will be lived out. So, I'm just lovin' this life that I'm livin.'

(I've thought of changing my blog name to that exact thing.
"Lovin' this life that I'm livin' ")

Blessings to you~ 

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Jeff LeFevre said...

Love your post! What a beautiful home and family we have! I really like the proposed new name of the blog. Seems to remind me of a favorite song......hmmmm