Thursday, November 1, 2012

Too Many Thoughts~

Here I am. It's three in the morning. I couldn't sleep.   I was a little disturbed when going to bed last night. Sleep came quickly. It just didn't last.

There's a collection of things. So many distractions. Working through a small real-estate purchase. Decisions about the work being done outside. Influencing my home in a way that makes a difference.
Trying to make right offenses. Approaching holidays.

The noise....     Tomorrow there will be new concrete. It will look so nice.

Focus... at times is so hard. More decisions. Concerns. My mind is tired and my heart is burdened for those whose lives have been devastated by that horribly destructive hurricane.

Thoughts.... too many...undirected....

Like the leaves ...drifting..

At times life is just like this. When there is so much coming at us, it helps to listen.
Process. Consider. Journal. Simplify.

Whatever it takes for you to reach that place of peace.

 Find a place of quiet. But the most important place to be quiet is
in our hearts. Keep in mind that this will pass. I used to have to try to convince
myself that all would be ok. But now I am sure that everything will work itself out.
I can trust the One who made me. He knows what's best and I don't have to
worry anymore.

There is nothing that He doesn't consider for my good.

Remember this, above all else, and peace will come.

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