Monday, November 12, 2012

Seligman - Hidden Charm

Recently, we took a family trip to Seligman, Az. It was to be a quick trip and we weren't
sure what we might find there. It was a delight to see. The charming, historical, little, some-
what abandoned Route 66 town, totally won our hearts! Here are some photos of our wonderfully warm visit.


So much color.
What a charming little town. Don't you agree?
 The reason for our travels in the
first place was to sing at a church there. We were very excited about sharing
with people who wanted to hear us sing about the Lord. But it was a four hour
drive. A bit of a distance for overnight. (And by the way, we didn't get any pictures
of the gracious people at the church or of us setting up or singing. I always feel
somewhat awkward about taking photos on occasions such as that.)
Looks a little like Radiator Springs? The little town in the movie 'Cars'
was inspired by Seligman, Az.
We had a simply delightful time walking the street (literally) and taking
photos. It was a memory that was worth the making.
Thank you, Seligman, Arizona.
The town that time has forgotten. Or so it would seem.


Mikailah said...

Love these pictures, Mommy! :) Seligman was a charming little town; such culture and character in all the buildings, and even the people.

I love what you said about it too... it was such a charming little town. :) And such a great experience, too. Everyone there was so gracious and generous.

Love you!

Jeff LeFevre said...

Great post!....great memories!!