Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a little Gypsy CaMp MaGiC...with thrifted, ViNtAgE, Christmas lights

It has long been my good intention to tell you about
 and show you pictures of our *GyPsY CaMp* 
and how it all began.
It was born of a dream and that 
dream is living still and slowly moving forward!
But the telling of that will be another time.

I do get ahead of myself but at least these
are night time shots so not too much of a spoiler..

I love LiGhTs!
Actually, our entire family is drawn to their
way of bringing a bit of sPaRkLe and a feeling
of "let's celebrate" to the most
COMMON of  days.

So, whenever we can, 
we string 'em up and plug 'em in.
Even if it's only to roast marshmallows
or to sit and 
enjoy some solitude from life's lovely, 
but sometimes loud, daily clatter...
(which for me is MUCH needed at times)
or to have a little family, jam session.
We have lights up all year 'round.
Inside and out.

And these old lights were picked up at a
thrift store for a couple of dollars 
per string. We bought several strands and my husband, 
very patiently, switched out the bulbs until we
had a couple of good strings! He's so helpful
with so many things. We are 
blessed to share so many "likes".  

 An inviting fire ready to enjoy.. 

And then there are the dazzling beauties hanging
in the trees and shining forth their brilliance
that I might find my way! 

I do love my times by the fireside and
we've always been blessed to live in a place
where we could have a fire ring. 
One of life's simple pleasures.
  coloring the Juniper tree with shades of green and blue
and red and yellow..
Magical  Luminescence..
 Enjoying the crackling and dancing
of the flames in a few moments of peaceful resting.
And I'm so grateful.

Isn't it good to dis-engage sometimes? 
from phones..computers, radios and the tv?
And, yes, even from people..
To let your senses just rest and to hear your heart.

Some of my most profound thoughts and
revelations have come to me during these times of
refection and total quiet.
Just a thought, Dear ones..
A good fire slowly dying.. 
It's time to gather my thoughts and
 bid goodnight to this magical place.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit to our 
GyPsY CaMp and that you have a magical place of 
your own where you rest, sing, dream and gather
with all sorts of loved ones..

If you do, I'd love to hear about it! 
Thank you so much for stopping in.
May your week be blessed beyond measure.

Tamara xo

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

mixed media collage..vintage sheet music and gray lumber

Hello everyone..
I'm posting from my creative space where I 
dream and dream some more.
In this cozy and sometimes, very cluttered room,
I also create. It's the place where I am learning to
define the gypsy soul that dwells inside of me.

I am seeking.
I am striving.
I am in it with all my heart.
Vincent Van Gogh

My thoughts and ideas stumble over each other and try
to find a place of validation through the work of my hands.


Here is the place where I escape one 
reality to enter another.
Both are places of contentment but they 
are usually worlds apart! 
Upon occasion, they find a way
to blend in perfect harmony.

Today, I'd like to share with you one of the few 
mixed media projects that I've done.
I love to work in this realm.
It's like a reckless abandon through
 my creative spirit.

What would life be if we had no courage to
attempt anything?
Vincent Van Gogh

These projects usually take me a long time
because I have not yet learned to fully
let my heart lead and I worry about
making a mess or mistake. I also am
learning about color, texture and balance.

And I am always open to suggestions
 and re-direction :)
I have been thinking of beginning a
sort of study of the Masters.
Any suggestions or recommendations here?

I love this quote by Vincent Van Gogh.

I long so much to make beautiful things.
But beautiful things require effort,
disappointment and perseverance.

Does it speak to you?


There is so much going on here 
(maybe too much) that it would be too 
lengthy to explain the entire process. 

But here is a list of the "ingredients"...

vintage sheet music
gray lumber
acrylic paint
stamping ink
hot glue
tacky glue
matte gel
alcohol ink

rubber stamps
sissix dies
paint brushes

brads beads
rusty nuts
rusty washers
carpet tacks

old bookbinding

 Gesso was brushed on the sheet music
 first and then I painted over it with
a creamy white paint to soften the white.

I painted a red heart and chose my
co-ordinating colors and began to build.
I'm learning to thin paint and to use it
to splatter.. I love the look.
Expression without a box.
Still in the planning stage..
Adding some sparkle and glitz...

All finished..

Wishing you good things and 
thank you so much for stopping by.

Tamara xoxo

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Art Inspiration: My Journey... Being Present in the Moment

It's been a long time since I've shared anything about my
journey as an artist.
Becoming one is a dream that I have had
since I was a young girl of seven.

I remember collecting odd pieces of sheet rock scraps
that were left over from the addition that my Dad was 
building onto our house.
I would draw on them with crayons..
a duck..
a horse..

And DREAM of becoming an artist  one day.

 One thing that I've been working on for quite some 
time is to be present in the moment.
Not looking back or spending
too much time thinking about what I
have ahead of me. If I have the need to look
ahead too much and feel pressured,
then I have come to realize that I am 
When I focus on the here and now,
I have noticed that I am less stressed
and the peace in my heart allows
me to truly focus.
I can  focus more on the people
  nearby and take in the beauty that
is everywhere 
  Noticing the smallest of things.
The quality of my time increases dramatically! 

In my creative space, I have become aware of
the fact that I can concentrate for 
longer periods of time when my mind
isn't focusing on so many things.
And this allows me to go to a deeper place
 of creativity which will ultimately result in the
beauty and inspiration that I wish
for my heart and hands to create.

I love this and it's so encouraging
to know that one has much control of these things.

I am still learning and have far from 
perfected this area of my life.
But I am determined.

The other day I read this article about 
information overload
It was very interesting as
well as scientific and  
I was surprised by the facts. 
If you are concerned about this at all for
yourself or someone you know,
it's helpful information.

I'm very grateful to God for my gifts and the heart's
desire that He has given me to use them. My resources
are extremely abundant.
I have a life that allows all of these things.
I am also grateful
for the beauty that surrounds, 
the eyes that capture that beauty,
and the ability to understand what beauty is.

This beautiful sunset is from
a recent walk that I was enjoying with 
my husband and daughter.

The words are from a worship song that
I have recently memorized and play on guitar.
I still have yet to share about our music.
Some day.

I hope you all have a peaceful week.

Loving thoughts and prayers to my blogging friends
who are going through difficult times. 

Hugs and thank you so much for stopping by.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

From Old, Thrifted Dictionary to Cute Little Hedgehog

I hope you're all having a good week so far. 
I've been thinking of and praying for those 
poor people down south. 
I have so much to be thankful for.

I have been catching up and resting up 
 after having visitors for the weekend. 
My daughter and grand-daughters were here. 
I've also been working on some
hair accessories for the little girls
and making some shabby flower pins to sell.

We had a lovely rain and our first fire in the wood
stove. Yesterday, there were tornado
warnings just west of us. This is practically
unheard of in Arizona!
Thankfully, nothing came of that.

Our youngest daughter recently celebrated her
19th birthday. Her last year of being a teenager..
she is such an old soul, sometimes I forget that she is
barely an adult. 

She really likes hedgehogs and I can understand why.
They are one of cutest things that God ever created!
She's always very happy
when I make something for her so when I saw this little
hedgehog on Pinterest, I knew I had to make it for her
and give it to her for her birthday.

I have a love for old books. I use the paper and covers
 for project and for decorating. So I am always collecting them.
I had just what I needed to make this cute little thing.

So for a little bit of whimsey, I thought I'd 
share it with you all. 
If nothing else, maybe it'll bring 
out a smile or two!
Here are the instructions if you'd like to make one.
It's super easy and it doesn't take very long!

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Your visits and comments always 
brighten my day :)


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crepe Paper Streamer Medallions or Rosettes

I hope you're having a wonderful week.
Can you believe that today is the last day of September?
first day of October? 
I tried really hard to get this done 
yesterday but was a little overwhelmed with catch ups 
after being at my daughter's for a week.
As you can see, I didn't get very far.

Happy, Happy October!

Listen, the wind is rising
And the air is wild with leaves!
We've had our Summer evenings,
now for October eves.

~Humbert Wolfe~

More lovely weather to walk in
and fires to have in the evening.
Playing guitar and sipping 
tea or a glass of wine...

Simply Lovely


I love to create with paper and any thing else that
 can be worked into my projects.
Here are some medallions or rosettes that I made
from crepe paper streamer and other bits of what I have.

You can start with a piece of heavy 
card stock or poster board and just cut it 
about 3/4 the size as you want your finished 
medallion to be.

Besides your paper and embellishments,
you will need a glue gun.
Begin by gathering a little of your 
streamer paper to make it look ruffled.
And beginning close to
the outer edge, use your glue gun to attach it
to your cut circle. Just work your way
to the center of the circle by layering
circles of whatever material you're using.

It's very easy. 
You could also use fabric, regular crepe paper
and even tissue paper. Tissue paper
comes in so many cute prints.
That would be fun. You could make
small or very large ones for decorating
bags, gifts for any occasion.
They could also be used as co-ordinated
wall decorations for a themed party!

They would also be fun and frilly to decorate a
girls room, make them out of more neutral or masculine
colors for boys and to give to children as awards.
The center of this one was made out of paper ribbon
and the tattered flower die from Tim Holtz.
I laid eyelash yarn between the flower
 layers as I glued the layers together.
I really like to use glitter whenever it fits the project.
To do edges and other small areas, I find that
the Ice Stickles from Ranger work wonderfully.
The glitter infused liquid flows nicely and evenly 
without clogging, like some of the lesser
 quality glitter glues do.
I had so much fun making these!
I want to make some 
more of all different colors for 
bags and maybe some to sell.
The options for embellishing are endless.
I glued a yo-yo that I had made in the center of this 
one and then built off of the colors.

Just plain fun! 

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!
My blogger friends are one of the greatest 
blessings that gather here.

The weather is cooling quickly this week. 
The sun now disappears behind our mountain
by 5:15 and I can smell the roast and onions
that are cooking in the crockpot.

It all brings to mind long, cozy evenings
by the wood stove and playing music or games
as a family.  
Give me AUTUMN~

(I just noticed that my picture corners are not
edited the same. I have had that problem before! :(
And I tried to be so careful.. 
I wonder what happened. 
Anyway..I'm sorry about that. It's not very
professional looking! )

Have a wonderful, peaceful and 
creative weekend, Dear Friends. 

Tamara xoxo