Tuesday, October 27, 2015

a little Gypsy CaMp MaGiC...with thrifted, ViNtAgE, Christmas lights

It has long been my good intention to tell you about
 and show you pictures of our *GyPsY CaMp* 
and how it all began.
It was born of a dream and that 
dream is living still and slowly moving forward!
But the telling of that will be another time.

I do get ahead of myself but at least these
are night time shots so not too much of a spoiler..

I love LiGhTs!
Actually, our entire family is drawn to their
way of bringing a bit of sPaRkLe and a feeling
of "let's celebrate" to the most
COMMON of  days.

So, whenever we can, 
we string 'em up and plug 'em in.
Even if it's only to roast marshmallows
or to sit and 
enjoy some solitude from life's lovely, 
but sometimes loud, daily clatter...
(which for me is MUCH needed at times)
or to have a little family, jam session.
We have lights up all year 'round.
Inside and out.

And these old lights were picked up at a
thrift store for a couple of dollars 
per string. We bought several strands and my husband, 
very patiently, switched out the bulbs until we
had a couple of good strings! He's so helpful
with so many things. We are 
blessed to share so many "likes".  

 An inviting fire ready to enjoy.. 

And then there are the dazzling beauties hanging
in the trees and shining forth their brilliance
that I might find my way! 

I do love my times by the fireside and
we've always been blessed to live in a place
where we could have a fire ring. 
One of life's simple pleasures.
  coloring the Juniper tree with shades of green and blue
and red and yellow..
Magical  Luminescence..
 Enjoying the crackling and dancing
of the flames in a few moments of peaceful resting.
And I'm so grateful.

Isn't it good to dis-engage sometimes? 
from phones..computers, radios and the tv?
And, yes, even from people..
To let your senses just rest and to hear your heart.

Some of my most profound thoughts and
revelations have come to me during these times of
refection and total quiet.
Just a thought, Dear ones..
A good fire slowly dying.. 
It's time to gather my thoughts and
 bid goodnight to this magical place.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit to our 
GyPsY CaMp and that you have a magical place of 
your own where you rest, sing, dream and gather
with all sorts of loved ones..

If you do, I'd love to hear about it! 
Thank you so much for stopping in.
May your week be blessed beyond measure.

Tamara xo


Kezzie said...

What a beautifully romantic, yet serene and contemplative place you have created there. I love it!!!x

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Very beautiful spot. xoxo Su

Sea Cottage said...

Lights outdoors are always so fun!!!

Wen Sylvestre said...

What a wonderful place to gather, Tamara! It's looking so cozy with the camp fire and the lights. Hugs xx

Tamara said...

Thank you, Kezzie..
My husband and I do spend many hours together here.


Tamara said...

It's very cozy Wen.. One of our favorite places to be.. Thank you for coming by.

Tamara xo

Roosterhead Designs said...

I can totally 'concur' with your statement Tamara!

"Some of my most profound thoughts and
revelations have come to me during these times of
refection and total quiet."

Nothing is truer to me. Amazing.
Thanks for the glimpse into your reflective peaceful place : )
Blessings, Karen O