About Me

and welcome to this introvert’s
special place where I share about my life.
I've never done an about me page before and I don't really know how.
I guess it should be original and fun.

Where Blessings Gather
My blog is about looking at life as simply
and authentically as possible. I'm learning
to treasure everyday things.

Considering all the
ways that blessings are hidden
and how they gather around in
ordinary circumstances
and sometimes not so ordinary.

I believe that there's a Master plan
and there's good in everyone.
I love to see people following after
their dreams!

Life is good and rich and everyday is
filled with inspiration.
Some days we just have to look a little harder for it.

Here's a list of 25 10 things about me.

(I couldn't think of 25)
Ok and then I thought that was ridiculous and so 
I tried again. 
Here goes!

1)My eyes are hazel.. like my dad's
2)Horses were my first love
3)Popcorn is my FAVORITE snack :)
4)I have to create
5)I'm addicted to thrift store shopping
6)Akron, Ohio is the place of my birth
7)Campfires bring me peace
8)I try to sing and play music every day
9)Talking on the phone is something I avoid
10)I have a strong sense of justice
11)I have driven across the US about 30 times
12)My faith is very strong
13)People who know how to network inspire me  14)Gift-giving is one of my love languages
15)Nature feeds my soul
16)7 of my children are adopted
17)I enjoy asking people questions
18)I want a vintage pick-up
19)Selling my creations is a dream of mine
20) I've always been a SAHM
21)And am so thankful that I could be!

Here's a list of 25 things that I love
3)a hot cup of tea
4)listening to music
6)my family
7)snuggling with my grandkids
8)inspiring quotes (words in general)
9)thrifting (woohoo)
10)playing guitar
11) baking bread
12)drawing and painting with my grandkids
13)feeding the birds
14)road trips
15)permission to make mistakes
18)Mexican food
19)helping and encouraging others
20)quiet time to myself
21)string lights
22) watching movies
24)quality time with people
26)having folks over 
29)taking walks(especially in the woods)
30)decorating for parties
31)anything rusty
32) shabby things

(I couldn't stop at 25 :)

What's are some of your favorite things?

Here are some fun pictures 
of some of our family.

I don't know if this page will be read or not..but I guess it's a start.
I really wanted to wait til it was perfect
but I have to get ovah that!

But I had fun making it.
Thank you for stopping by!
Blessings to you..


1 comment:

Kelly @ Homespuns 'n Hayfields said...

I absolutely love this page. I love how you have expressed yourself, your interests, your loves, etc. And I just love the fun photos of your family. Thank you for sharing.

After reading things about you, we do have a lot in common.