Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Meaningful Table Arrangement of Simple Elegance

The colors of the season are easy.
Spring comes with it's own hope of newness and freshness.
Anticipating the warm weather and enjoying nature and her offerings.
The place where we gather is the perfect place to share what we find special
 about the season. Let it match the sentiments of what you find
 lovely and worthy.
Our family enjoys fresh flowers. They bring happiness to our table and
make great companions for a candle or two. Of which you will find
scattered about our home. The glow casts it's own warm light on it's surroundings.
The company of books is never a surprise and daily readings are
a common occurrence. Though it's not unusual to find one on the table,
it IS unusual to find a stack of them in the honored place of the centerpiece.
Though they are worthy, it's not typical.
The stack consists of an early 20th century Bible which is most worthy. It was
printed by the American Bible Society which was a special
find at a thrift store for a quarter.
We enjoy poetry and are always encouraged by books that
 encourage us in our faith.
And all is gathered on a pastel tablecloth that I paid $1 for. There are some
yellow paper doilies and a cream table runner that has been in our linen closet
for several years.
The gatherings are all very simple, common and inexpensive but they represent
some of the most treasured and used items in our hearts and home.
The cost and efforts were minimal but the pleasure in the simplicity and meaning of  it
all is great. And anyone can accomplish this by drawing together a few things
that are cherished and that bring some happiness to your table. Including the things
 that represent your family's values. 
Happy Spring!
Blessings to you,


Sunday, March 17, 2013

God is Our Refuge...That is Sure

A scrap and doodling..... turned into a project....while looking for comfort.
Have you ever thought about the content of this scripture deeply?
I don't think I have.  Though, there have been many times that
I have clung to this promise time and again (and
again today)
with no doubt of it's truth.
 Webster's 1828 definition
  That which shelters or protects from danger, distress or calamity;
a strong hold which protects by its strength,
or a sanctuary which secures safety by its sacredness;
 any place inaccessible to an enemy.
This sounds like a safe place.
From the tempests and storms which rise up from
unforgiving circumstances or people.
There is a safe place in Him.
No man should put there trust in me. 
That is sure.
Our surety comes only from the One who
formed us and redeemed us.
His strength goes beyond our own.
Whatever we cannot face or walk through alone
with Him there is assurance of making it through
as His light leads and guides us.
In letting go of oursleves, we find true lasting strength
for each day and circumstance.
His presence is without fail.
Not only is He ever-present, He delights
in us and wants good to come to us.
All the days of our lives.
Never doubt that you are His Beloved.
God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1
Blessings to you,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Findings


One of my favorite things.
But so scarcely seen.
 The shadows and colors of silvery-gray and cold-blue and white.
The evidence of the presence of a visitor.
The little bird was here and there to forage for his food.
Cold winds leaving ledges and ripples as they travel through to the
next destination.
Beauty of reflecting light.
Footprints of those out to frolick.
 Golden heads of last year's life poking through the crusty white.
Icey tracks formed from yesterday's sledding adventure.
 Tire patterns in the snow.
Life carries on.
Snow touched by the sun left looking like moonrocks.
All because of snow.
A downy -white blessing that floated
 down from heaven.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Consider the Lilies

Each day is marked with abundance.
There is no wanting.
We are in His care.
Consider the flowers of the field and
How He cares for them there.
The birds take their flight
Finding rest in the night.
All without fear.
Why should we worry
Knowing His love?
Without err.
Rest in His blessings that overflow.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Vintage Giraffe Birthday Card

The third birthday of my darling little grand daughter was soon to come// 
The bitty one wanted Giraffes as the theme//
The distance is far // I was sad to be unable to give her birthday hugs//
 A special card would have to do//

Handmade is such a beautiful way to express our sincerest wishes.
(though it isn't always practical)

Here is the adorable image that I decided on.
My printer is not the best but there is a bit of touching up that can be done
with a set of quality colored pencils.
 A special THANK YOU to The Graphics Fairy!
Karen has so many talents and she is so generous to share with us.
If you enjoy using images and graphics in your designs,
you will appreciate this special site.
The image was very large.
It fit very nicely on a  full-sized piece card stock.
I used a Scotch brand
permanent glue stick to adhere the image.
 I used these cut and embossed flowers to cover up a large 5 and G. The image is actually
one of a vintage Rummy card. SO cute!
 The Tim Holtz embossing folder worked perfectly for adding a little bit
of a "grassy" look.

After building the flowers, I blended some inks on the edges
that matched my color theme.
And then went on to use a blended glitter to catch some light.
The glitter is very fine and each color is a blend of 2 colors.
The sample pack is very inexpensive. Around $3 for a 12 pack of colors and is
 available at Joanne's.

The little precious is a girly-girl with a flair for the outdoors and animals.
So this little color scheme and all would be perfect for her.
  I prefer to keep the sweet
feminine side of things obvious anyway. So I chose to add the large,
full flowers along with the lace and buttons.
They also balance it out. The pearly little stick-ons added to little
"horns" were an after-thought.

The little butterfly on the back added a little whimsy!
Some of the tools I used:
* Bigshot
* Brocade embossing folder-Sizzix
* Tim Holtz Tattered Flower Die
*Tim Holtz Fancy & Florals embossing folder
* Elegant Butterfly Punch - Stampin' Up!
 To finish, I just glued this front to full sized piece of' vanilla cardstock and
attached and then embellished with two antique-looking brads.

I was so pleased with the way it all came together. And though I wasn't able to
be there for her party, it was hand-delivered with a hug on her "Happy Day" as we call it.
She really liked it.

 Blessings to you!