Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Winter Scape Wanderings~ Keeping the Wonder

I hope that your
new year is off to a good start.

I'm sitting here by a crackling fire, 
(that needs a log ;)
drinking tea with my feet up. 
My day started very early today for 
which I'm happy. 
That allowed me to get my work done early
and have creative time.

What a lovely "wintry" winter it's been so far.
Most days, when it's cold and snowy outside,
I can hardly wait to lay footprints
in the brand new blanket of white.
I have such wonderful memories 
of roaming the hills of our farm in Ohio.
That was way back when I was a girl and teenager.
Now the mountain you see invites me to
 wander and roam it's canyons, slides,
draws and ridges. 
If you've visited before, you know that we live
 at the base of a mountain. We call it ours,
but it really belongs to the 
National Forest Service ;)

Some mornings, we are 
awakened by the beautiful
creatures that live alongside of us.
Their antlers scrape the house as they bite off the
grass that grows there.

Last winter, it was so dry, they were drinking from
a hose that was draped in a tree.
They heard the water as it 
trickled down to the ground.
So we are very grateful that the mountains
have several feet of snow.
Aren't they such magnificent creatures?
we never tire of seeing them
but we do have to chase them off at
times because they make a snack
of the things we work hard to grow!

They roam the mountain among the trees. 
I saw them this morning skirting 
across the meadow at the tree line.
The deep snows have driven them to the
lower country to forage.
Here is a Yucca plant.  
Pronounced yoo-ka in Spanish. 
They grow wild here. 
They produce tall spikes of beautiful,
creamy white flowers during the rains!

My son and his wife lived in Ecuador for
 a year and they learned how to
cook the root. He baked us some
 Yucca root fries when we visited 
at Thanksgiving. They were delicious! 
Crispy and chewy.

Being the first snow of the season, makes it extra special. 
 I was blessed with a window that day to take a
luxurious amount of time. All I wanted really. To hike around
and take in the sparkles that wink at you when the sun hits 
each tiny little flake. To breathe in that 
cold, fresh mountain air...
Oh my.

I always want to keep the wonder
that creates excitement over these
tiny miracles that pile up and spread the
beauty of winter over mountains and valleys.
Don't you truly believe that there are those 
special little miracles and wonder in every day?
Something that touches you down deep.

I thought this little dried plant 
was so pretty even in it's simplicity.
Maybe especially because of it.
Simple pleasures.

It looked so frail but yet has held up 
through all the rainstorms and wind
and now it stands through 
the snowstorms, too.

Are we like that sometimes?
We will experience times of feeling fragile 
but we are stronger than we know.

Isn't it so lovely in all it's slenderness 
just holding up that snow 
that's reflecting the light of the sun.

(Some of my pictures are sunny and some cloudy
 because the skies cleared up while I was out.)
Thank you for coming by and sharing in
 my wanderings around the mountain.
I hope I haven't bored you.
I get so caught up in nature and life and can
obsess over the smallest thing!

I'd love to hear about something
 that you have found 
that causes you to stop and wonder.

That makes me think of Mary Poppins!
Enjoying the wonder of the simple
things in life seemed to be part of her very being.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.

Tamara xo

Monday, December 31, 2018

Sweet Tidings For A Happy New Year...And Fun Craft Tags

Merry Greetings and Sweet Tidings 
to you all!
And fling open wide the doors to
 the new adventures and 
possibilities of
a new year. 
A fresh beginning.
Does that give you hope
in your heart?


I do hope that you're all doing 
well and have had a 
joyous time this past month.

My holiday was more meaningful this year.
Sharing our music was a joy as several 
  family members visited 
a home for the elderly. 
We sang carols and 
visited with these sweet ladies. 
They were so grateful and we just LOVED
our time with them! 

We also sang at the community 
Reason for the Season
program and were able to have two benefit
nights to raise money for
local Angel Tree kids and the volunteer
fire depts. I was so happy to be able to make a difference for Christmas by sharing our music.

The time was full while trying to keep in
 mind that Christmas 
is about love and that
kindness and sincerity are some of the most 
precious gifts that I can share.
This season has been 
 filled with so much 
good cheer and good things.
Cookie decorating with our
 kids and grandkids.

Twinkling lights~
Sparkles of the garlands~
Brightly colored packages 
with pretty ribbons and bows~
I enjoy it all so much!

But this year I took a little more time for me.
Making time to sit by the fireplace with 
hot cocoa and a good book.
Taking walks, reflecting 
and putting more value on my time.

I had a lot of peace 
this Christmas just 
knowing that God is working in my life. 
I'm so grateful for His goodness
and guidance as my life takes a
different turn. 
He is with us always.

But to be honest, there were 
some sad times too. 
I was missing my dad so much. 
We said goodbye to him 
16 years ago on Christmas eve.
(I wonder if they know how much we miss them.)
And missing my Ohio girl is always there.

 My heart goes out to all of you 
who have had hard things 
this Christmas season 
and heading into the New Year.
Amidst the magic of these special times, 
I found a little creative time and 
enjoyed making these
tags for my 
grand daughters.

Tags are so easy and can be 
for any occasion. 
I love layering and using bits and
baubles of any kind. 

They each have a
 pocket to tuck a little surprise in. 
 Both were tied with
a ribbon and a had a tiny note written 
on the back with the date. 


I am sending warm greetings to
each of you for a New Year
that is abundant in love and wisdom, 
MAGIC and inspiration!
Prayers for finding your way through
the hard things while
embracing the times of growth.
May your hope and peace
 be overflowing for all that
comes your way.

Here's to you
and your best year yet! 
May it sparkle.

Cheers to 2019!
clink ;)

Blessings to you and thank you for 
coming by.


Friday, September 28, 2018

Ready for Fall While Looking Back at Summer

Well, here we are off on our
autumn adventures!

Though I am always up for adventures,
I am slow to let go of what came before.
 Do you enjoy looking back 
and savoring days gone by?
Like holding onto that good taste of something
that you just want to last forever?

And did I say slow?
I like to think of myself as living in
the moment...
Being present.
This is something that I have had 
to work at.  
My shutter painted mustard yellow. YAY for paint!

I'm a planner and I'm in love with life.
But I felt that I was missing so much
by trying to do too much and always
thinking ahead or of something else.
VERY distracted.
My daughter and 6 of my grandkiddos. Love them all to pieces.
 That's Escudilla mountain in the background.

My life is so very full of rich family times, just living, projects and change. Right now, I'm 
going through some big changes that I hope to
be able to share about later.
It's been a time filled with many emotions 
and physically exhausting. 
But I'm trusting God and He is
ALWAYS good.
These are just some of my memories that
I captured and a few photos of some of the beauty
of my summer. I hope that you don't mind if  I'm not up to speed with fall.
I wish I could keep up like other folks. I have
tried but it just doesn't work for me.
 I have many more garden pictures to share later.
The magic and calming of music that flows through my days and fills my heart is
a gift to me that I unwrapped as a very young child. It's melodies and harmonies have
filled so many cracks and crevices in my soul 
and changed my life forever. And now that goodness overflows and with God's
blessing, is touching the lives of others.
I am so grateful!

and sisterly LOVE!!!
with a dash of ornery ;)

I cannot resist faded petals. I have a collection of geranium 
flowerlets that I've been gathering all summer to be put in a jar.

Fading beauty is a part of life. Aging is a natural process that reveals a beauty all it's own. 
Being able to embrace it all as we pass through each season is a sign of a life richly lived. 
My geranium after wintering in my 
kitchen bay window.
It doubled in size this summer.
I had to cut it back to bring it back 
inside. I love their scent!
Jeff and I play with the group Bush Valley Rounders and the two
 of us have our own two person band called BackRoads. 
We were delighted to have our first summer ever booked from June to September.
We played nearly 30 times. It was a little daunting at times but we did it!
And we're so grateful for all of the support!

On the nights when we play music, the couples get out on the patio under the nights and dance. The merriment of the music rolls out across the valley to meet the mountain carrying the sounds to the elk, deer, foxes, bears, wildcats and coyotes.
 Making our yard and gypsy camp come alive
with flowers and plants is something that I look forward to every year. The refreshing that it 
brings to our spirits is a reward for 
the hours of energy, commitment and time 
devoted to it. During the hottest part of the
morning, I sometimes take a break under the pines
and spend a little time reading and resting.
Three cheers for going on 
a little different kind of adventure!!!
for family togetherness.
lots of clapping! ;)

This week, we will pack to leave for Ohio.
I hope to be hanging around on the blog and coming to say hello.

Now I must go taste the peanut butter pie
that Jeff brought me last evening.
Darbi's in Pinetop, Az...
I lost count of their restaurant awards!
And they have theee best pie on the mountain.

Have a lovely weekend. Please tell me of your
fall outings and adventures.

Thank you for being here!
Hugs and blessings,
Tamara xo

Friday, September 14, 2018

Brutus, The Garden Cat: ^^ An Impromptu Summer's End Photo Shoot

Happy Day to you.
It's a beauty of a Friday and we've been
watering and mowing.
Our monsoons are gone so we
are back at it with the hose and water cans.

But the temps are cooler now and it's a joy to 
be there just soaking up the 
last couple weeks of summer. 

Do you have adventures planned
for the weekend or are you going to choose
a quiet "last weekend"
of summer?  
I actually just realized...
It IS the last weekend of summer 2018!
Oh my...
Time to reflect on all of the loveliness
and wonder of those beautiful summer
days that have come and gone this year.

That will be my next post.

We are packing up to spend the weekend
with some of our kids and grandkids.
We've rented a large house on a little lake. 
It's only about 20 minutes from here.
It's going to be a beautiful weekend
for some fun and family time. 
No special  big plans. 
Of  COURSE it will be special.

* sleepovers together
*sit in the jacuzzi
*walks around the lake
*drink wine with grown-ups
*annnd... hot cocoa with the kids
(anytime is hot cocoa time)

Just some simple family time.
Isn't life filled with simple pleasures?

But before I go, I want to put a little
 post out and say hello to my lovely

Here are a few fun photos of
He's such a character.
One can almost read his mind here.
Moving in for a closer look...
And closer...
 Guess what happens next? 
 Out of all of the cats that we've ever had,
Brute is the nature lover.
Is it just me, or does he look love-struck?
And definitely mischievous! 
He cannot resist flowers and herbs.
When I have vases sitting  
 on the table, he will jump up
 to smell them and lay
by the vase. Of course, being on the
table is a no no! So I take his picture and 
then shoo him away. 
Whatta cutie!

I do need to go. I have packing to do 
and groceries to buy.

I want to wish you all a fabulous
last weekend of summer.
I hope it's a perfect way to end your
season. And don't we have so many
delightful things to look forward to 
in the fall?

Hugs and blessings to you and 
many thanks for coming by for a visit.
Tamara X

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Summer Magic Under the Apricot Tree

Happy September!
Can you believe that 
fall is just around the corner?

What a beauti-"full" summer it has been!
So many special times with family and friends.
Playing music and making memories
 that will last a lifetime.
Working hard to accomplish goals and
 keep commitments. 

Enjoying all that as well as
 allowing some hard
things to bring me closer to 
who I'm meant to be. 
Each page of my story is a collection of experiences and circumstances.
The part that I am thankful for is that no matter 
what those circumstances are, I get to 
have a part in how the end is written!

Summer is not complete 
without a little magic~
 Beautiful colors swirling together in the breeze.
Underneath the fluttering green leaves of the trees.
A dog of the gypsy kind lies protecting the door.
Pretty little rugs create the softest floor. 
Come on inside says the Gypsy cat.. 
Amidst the sparkles and flowers...
What is more magical than that?

The princess' invite you to come in for a spell.
Please come!  Please come! 
But sshhh..... don't tell. 
(Wink Wink!!)
 The light is dancing all around 
As if to say,  "Look what I've found!"
On her beautiful rug, the sweet princess sits.
Her thoughts faraway like a boat adrift.
The melodic wind chimes in the tree,
Singing in harmony, listen to me!
The sound is enchanting and 
the birds stop their singing,
While each circle of whiteness 
keeps on ringing.
This was such fun creating for my grand
daughters. The girls were enchanted
and loved having Liberty and Brutus
join us for this sweet time.

I hope your summer has been magical
and that you've tucked away some
unforgettable times to add to your story.

It's gorgeous here as we are in the midst 
of our summer rains.
 I will share some pictures.

We went to Phoenix for a little get
away and a concert. 
It was so inspiring.
When we returned, our grass
was very high and the house
needed attention.
 However, the mountains were calling 
so we went camping.
 The scenery is breathtaking
right now. And to sleep in a tent during thunderstorms is quite an experience!

There were kids, dogs and all kinds of 
big people huddling by the fire. We 
spent time making s'mores, 
building forts with sticks and
hanging sleeping bags to dry.

 Throughout the week, we travelled nearly
 800 miles! Some of these roads included 
some steep and narrow
mountain roads we trekked 
to sing at a wedding.

Where has your summer 
adventures taken you? I
 would love to hear about them and 
thank you for coming by
and sharing some of mine with me.

Blessings to you,