Friday, June 24, 2011

After the Fire...Home Again..

I thought I would write a small follow-up on our return home for those who were
reading so much about the fire and our evacuation.

We have been home for week. We were greeted by roses in bloom. That was a welcome
and refreshing sight after so much focus on the destruction of so much beauty.

Our home and property were not touched by the Wallow fire, though it did get close. Our
animals are all fine. We are thankful to have a home to return to. The beautiful mountain
that stands behind our home is still green.

Though we were trusting God with our possessions, we have been through post-fire
reconstruction. It was a valuable time of gleaning and growing but we did not want to
take that journey again.

Some homes were not spared. While others lost their beautiful scenery, some lost part
of their livelihood. We are saddened by these losses and pray for the affected families
as well as for those who continue to battle with largest fire in AZ. state history. We
thank God for those who have worked so hard to protect our home and community.

To be honest, I don't particularly care to live here. I have to work at it I feel badly
saying it. Like it's not spiritual and I may seem ungrateful. Maybe it's selfish. If God
were flesh as we are, He would be weary of my complaining heart. Though there are
beautiful places to enjoy, the reality of every day life here is that the wind and the
drought can be oppressive. 

But no matter where we live, there are imperfections. And God has to
continually remind me that contentment is not found in a place or a circumstance.

My situation in life does not determine my happiness. If I treasure Him, put Him first,
glory in Him, reverence Him, and love Him, this will bring a satisfaction beyond
what any earthly reality can produce.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Matthew 6:21

 "What a man loves, that is his God. For he carries it in his heart, he goes about with
it night and day, he sleeps and wakes with it; be it what it may-wealth or self, pleasure
or renown."
                       Martin Luther

I will, prayerfully, by God's grace, allow Him to be my focus and love.

Is there something in your life that has been an object of focus that is keeping
your full affections from God?

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