Tuesday, June 21, 2011

De-Cluttering...Desks, Shelves and Organizers

Do you have the desire to get out from under clutter and decrease your cleaning

It seems to make sense as we try to prioritize the precious moments of time that we
have been given. I don't have time to waste. Most people don't.

I must admit that most of the time I enjoy cleaning and organizing. However, there
are plans and purposes that the Lord has for my life that come first. I want to be
a good steward of my days as well as be obedient to the Lord's direction for my life.

Our days are numbered. We only have so many. Psalm 90:12 says "Teach me to
number my days that I may apply my heart to wisdom."

It is only by God's grace that I have another day. He has given me the gift of time
each day and I am responsible to be the best steward of that time that I possibly can.

As I seek God and consider my days, I will have the desire and learn to walk in a
greater degree of  discernment and wisdom in every area of my life.

I am very fond of desks, shelves, cabinets, boxes, and plastic organizers. They are so
quaint and neat looking. They can be so creatively organized. And I admit I like to
organize stuff.  I used to think that I needed them to keep my home in order. This 
was a gross misconception.

The trouble with desks, shelves and organizers in my house is that they have created
a lot of work and I was spending too much time organizing.

I finally got wise to the merry-go-round that I was on. Having these things to organize
my stuff- TOO much time organizing because I have TOO much stuff in TOO many
places. One of my biggest problems with clutter is that I like stuff. 

It was very easy for me to give away. But I would begin the cycle again with
bringing more in. Thinking big can be a good thing, as long as it's coupled
with discernment, wisdom and good stewardship. 

When we are unrealistic about what we can accomplish, our purchases are not
balanced either. May I give you an example?

Books. How many books do I have on my shelf that I have not read? I am not sure
but there are some. A few of them have been on the shelf for years. If you are a
reader and love books, you understand the temptation to buy books that you may
not have time to read.

This last week, I had an opportunity to visit a Border's bookstore. Throughout
my browsing, I had picked up around 10 books. I would choose them and then
put them back on the shelf.

At one point, I found myself talking to the Lord because I was so tempted to
make a purchase that I wasn't sure of. My final purchase consisted of  Nancy Drew
Mad Libs, White Fang and a Barnyard Friends board book for my granddaughter.

I have had to learn to take these things very seriously to honor my husband. He has
entrusted me with the purchases of our home. I want to walk worthy of that trust.


There are also seasons which we journey through that create a need. As a homeschooling
family with 5 girls and 4 boys, there was a need at times to have a good amount of resources
on hand. (Though the need was greater, I can see now that I was unrealistic about what
we truly needed.) We now have 3 teenage daughters at home. Obviously, the need has
greatly decreased.

There was a transition time that took place where I had to learn that our needs had
changed. Recognizing and accepting the different seasons is not always easy. But as
we do, our home will run more smoothly and the resources on hand will be more
relevant to our needs and the direction that God is leading in.

This season of change has offered an opportunity for thinning. With adult children
who are now homeschooling, we have been able to bless them by passing on
books, games, and other teaching tools that are useful to them.

I ask myself this question often; DO I USE THIS STUFF? If I don't use it, why keep it?
If it does not serve my family in some manner of enrichment or helps, it is not an
asset but a burden. Jeff says that I have learned to be ruthless.

I don't own a desk anymore. I am comfortable on the floor, the couch, or standing to do
what needs to be done. I rarely sat at the desk anyway. It thought it would be helpful and
I think it supported my image of a teacher when I began homeschooling. It's funny.
I thought a desk would somehow help make me a better teacher.

I am actually more on top of my paperwork than ever because I don't let it pile up.
The area I use for this is centrally located and serves our family better.

You won't find many organizers in my home anymore. There are a few that are used to
organize what craft supplies we keep on hand. Our bookshelves have been thinned out
as we have become more selective about what we store on them.


                                                I have to try to remember the lesson that God
                                                                      has been teaching me.

                    {Less is MORE}___________

This is my understanding of what God intends for me to glean~

*More peace
*More time
*More depth
*More creativity
*More growth
*More understanding
*More appreciation

If we are really serious and committed to de-cluttering and living a life of greater
depth and fulfillment, it's imperative that we take definite steps to unloading what
weighs us down.

It's a process and it will never end. Don't feel pressured or anxious. Begin with a
particular area and set reasonable goals. It's a good season to begin.

As needs change and God brings clarity to your family, He will enable you. (We
watched a teaching this past evening that confirmed some areas and clarified others.
In response to this, I am already thinking of items that we will be passing along to

If we allow God to lead us in the ordering of our possessions, we won't feel driven by
the compulsion to "whip the house into shape" but we will have His peace as we move
forward to reach our goal.

I would love to hear of any helpful hints, victories or struggles that you have had in
this area.


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