Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vintage Tag Valentine with Waxed Paper Envelope

I enjoy giving cards and gifts to people. And sharing a small token of friendship or kinship
is such a warm way to communicate to someone how special they are.
While thinking of my daughters, sisters and friends,
I was inspired to make these little Valentine tags.
To make the tags, I cut some vanilla card stock 4.75 x 2.75. 
With a ruler, at the top corners, I measured one inch across diagonally
 to cut the corner off
to give it the cropped look. A paper punch works fine for
the hole at the top.
One of the funnest parts of the project is choosing the stamp.
Followed by the color of ink and fabric that
matches the design and effect I am looking for.
 I scrunch the paper to give it that aged look. I then took a light brown inkpad
and rubbed it over the crinkles. It picks up the color very nicely.
I cut the donuts to cover the holes with the Tim Holtz Tiny Tags and Tabs die.
The small hearts were made with a Stampin' Up punch.
Lacey trim really added the feminine feel that I wanted. When cutting it, measure
 one and a half times the width of the tag.
I just held it into place while sewing  it on. I really enjoy working with
mixed media!
Ideas flow and the heart just creates as I go. The feeling of
 unbound creativity is like....
A river that has no end.
Flowing, flowing.

The strips of  frayed rag that thread through the eye of the tag were just torn from scraps
and tied at the end. Finding a bead with a hole big enough to pull the pieces through was a
bit of a challege. But I happened to have the perfect hues to compliment the fabrics.
I learned something about tearing strips. You can't tear against the selvage! I
never realized how strong it could be.
And in the next photo, you can see the little punched heart that
I stitched to the lace. To me, the look of stitched paper has such a neat
 look to it.


 After the little cards were finished, I really wanted to put something
together to slip them in. A special type of packaging that would
add a little elegance. I decided to try waxed paper. I wasn't sure if it was going
hold up under the sewing machine. It was a bit fragile but taking a little extra care,
I was able to do it.
Here's how I made the envelope:
1) With the brand name paper, I tore off a piece wide enough to cover
two of the tags with about an inch or two to spare
because you will need to trim the excess waxed paper off
after you sew your side seams. (This will depend on your tag size.)
Then I folded it with the finished sides together and this
made the perfect length envelope.
2) I wanted a pretty, fabric ruffle on it and so I found a scrap that
matched the colors of ink and fabric strips that I liked and used.
The strips can be the width and shape of the ruffle size and look that you want.
  I had planned to give it a tapered look and so I cut my pieces at
an angle. I didn't measure the length. But you want them at least
one and a half times the width of the envelope if you want
to gather and make a ruffle. Mine weren't exactly the same but this
is part of the charm of handmade items.
They are one of a kind!

3) Next, I gathered the fabric and then placed it where I wanted it on the
waxed paper. I didn't pin the ruffle to the paper. I was afraid that it might tear.
Setting the stitch length at 3.5,
 I gently held it in place, lifting the presser foot to help it over the thicker spots.
  Because the paper is so thin, the feed dog doesn't grab it
as securely as it could. So, it helps to gently ride your fingers on each side of the
presser foot to push just a bit. 
 4) The side seams are next. Fold the paper in half bringing the smooth edges
together until they meet evenly. Crease the bottom and then stitch just to the outside
of the ruffle. Trim off the excess to the desired seam width. To finish it off,
I added some lace that matched the ruffle on the tag and topped that with a pretty
little vintage button.
Over all there were some colors that were a little too plain or stark looking for the design.
To fix that, I found some complementary colors and just did some softening and
blending by inking my fingertip and applying where needed.
And I was very pleased with the final appearance. I thought that it
 turned out very sweet and so I made three more.
I would enjoy hearing your opinions on it!
Thank you for visiting and a very
Happy Valentine's Day
to you all.


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Tamara!! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog! My family has been camping up in the White Mountains and it is one of my favorite places in Az!! Lucky you!!!

Your Valentines Day tag is just lovely. I adore the wax paper envelope and love that you like to sew paper just like I do. :)

Have a great weekend. I look forward to visiting again soon.

Tamara said...

Hi Karen,
You're welcome! And thank YOU. I'm glad that you like the tag; it was so much fun to experiment with. Thank you so much for visiting and I will be a regular visitor to the Desert Cottage. It IS a small world.

<3 Tamara

Miss Emily K. said...

This is such a neat craft!!
Happy Birthday, and hopefully I'll be able to really meet you if you come to visit Maine in May!