Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Red Sweater Project... A Make-over

Here are some photos of the new project I started today. So far it's been fun but a learning experience as most projects are. Quite a while ago I found this pretty red sweater at a thrift store. I decided I wanted to try and make something from it. I actually have quite a few things stashed in my closet and a few other places. Isn't it fun and interesting? In my opinion it is one of the most satisfying ways to create. Re-making something and giving it new life. I also feel it's somewhat of a responsibility. I suppose that part may have something to do with the frugal ways of my dad.

My Heavely Father is also very frugal. He doesn't waste anything or any opportunity to teach us if our hearts are open. This morning while hand-sewing these sweet little felt flowers, which were inspired by this Tea Rose Home tutorial, it occured to me how patiently He works on me. And how long that takes. It can sometimes be quite a process and take a very long time for me to come to His truth.

Hand-sewing can be a very tedious process as well as time-consuming. But is usually well worth the effort once you see the end result.

As soon as I finish this little project, I will share it with you!

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