Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Red Sweater Project... Completed!'s finally completed and you would thing that it is a huge project for as long as it took me!
I was stumbling over details and so I just decided to keep it simple and move on. I tend to over-decorate anyway.
This was such an easy project and fun! I really enjoyed using the old red sweater.
And I loved the texture of the ribbing from the bottom of the sweater. I thought
it would make a cute ruffle.
The lace is a bit ink-stained. It's hard to see in the photo. I didn't want to make it
too dark. The flowers were fun but my first and so they took a little while to
shape. They are made of wool and felt pieces that I had on hand. I wasn't sure about
the middle for the creamy flower (which was inspired by She Wears Flowers  over at
Tea Rose Home) but  then I found that pretty gold
button and really like how it blended with the little tan flower above.
The  little yo-yo center is very easy to make and the instructions for it are all over the internet.
I was just reading in a craft magazine the other day that you can buy little tools of to help with yo-yo
making. That's good to know if you want multitudes for a particular project. I enjoy making them, but to have to make fifty by hand would be bit tedious!
I hope you enjoyed seeing this. I would love to hear about a project that you have put together!
Thank you for stopping by.
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There's lots of creative people sharing their talents.
Have FUN!
*Oh. I realize the flower picture is a bit out of place. I thought it was pretty and cheery for a mid-winter post. It's a bit of Feverfew that I have hanging on my dresser in my room. It's left over from my fall herb-drying. Doesn't it keep it's color nicely?
I have been working on a HUGE project alongside this little one. ( Today I finished painting and hung a shelf that will organize my fabric.) I am setting up a couple of work
stations to begin seriously creating with many different types of media. I am SO excited. I will share how the whole idea came to be next time! I am hoping that 52 is not too late to start. That's how old I will be on my birthday next month.


mikailah said...

What a cute sweater-pillow, mommy! ;) Oh, wait, I've seen it. :D But I still love it! You are so creative... I love the flowers and the buttons... and the "sebersew" is so pretty. hehe. ;)

Love you!

Jeff LeFevre said...

Beautiful!! Such creativeness!! You are amazing!!