Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino Dip; An Easy Holiday Treat

When we travel back east, we like to take advantage of the bulk foods that are sold there. On our last trip, we found this charming little store called
The Pantry Door whose shelves were packed with big variety. The
decorations were all fallish with browns, yellows and ambers.
So inviting.
It was plain to see that this was a place to savor.
Hot drinks are a staple in our home. Pumpin is the favorite so the
drink mixes really caught my eye! As I gathered up several different flavors and moved on
I came aross a sample of this DELICIOUS dip.
We sampled it and knew it would make a great gift as well as
a tasty treat for our home gatherings.
What fun!

 We prefer to use Heavy Whipping Cream.


Whipping the cream to stiff peaks.

Fluffy whiteness.
A sprinkling of Nutmeg.
 Doesn't it look so festive and creamy?
This is SO easy and with all the different flavors of drink mixes,
you can pick the flavor to suit the holiday or occasion. I must warn
you, however. It is VERY sweet and a very small amount can satisfy your
sweet cravings.

Do you have a favorite dip recipe for gatherings or holidays that you would
like to share?




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Anonymous said...

Awww... this looks like so much fun. :) I miss you. Love you!! ~Your Stister