Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recycling a Shoebox for Colorful Storage

My daughter recently had a birthday and she had gotten an assortment of cardmaking
supplies. I wanted her to have something to help her keep them all in one place.
I don't like to always go out and buy those plastic containers. I had this idea. I wanted
to try using a large shoebox that I had on hand. I enjoy reusing what I have if I can.
I have quite a few craft supplies that I enjoy while attempting to be creative.

And so, here is the project. First of all, I spray painted the shoebox a cream color.
And then you will need some basic things.

*Pair of scissors
*Mod podge glue (optional)
*Clear adhesive paper
*A protected surface (because of the glue)

I like to sit on the floor and work. If I know a project will take a little longer,
it helps me to set up in a place where I can leave things out. I am not " a projects left
on the dining room table" kind of person. The clutter gets to me after a while.

My pictures are not very good. I didn't even think to turn the Mod Podge
glue bottle around. I'm sorry. I will work on my photography skills! AND lots of
other details.

I started with the Sissix Big Shot, as you can see. I have only two dies
so far. I used the Tattered Flower in the Tim  Holtz collection. 
 I like the raggedy, sharper edges of the flower shapes. I also
used a small tag from the Tim Holtz Tiny Tags and Tabs die.

I had just restocked my paper and so I was excited that I had
so much to choose from. So what I used was the Spring Fling and Summer Combo
 Collection from Joanne Fabrics and Crafts Store. They have such good deals
 on their craftsupplies! (I was very impressed with their look look and selection.)

The fun thing about projects like these, is that you can use whatever you have. Be
 creative and have fun! I wanted something bright and cheerful for the birthday girl.

A box end..
Annnnddd.... the other end of the box.

I Mod Podged the ends. You wouldn't have to use
the contact paper or the Mod Podge. I did because I put a lot of time into this project and
I wanted it to last. I knew the layers would get get caught and torn while getting it out and
stacking things on top. Soo.. this way, it was protected.

The top of the box had several layers, so I decide to use clear contact paper
to cover it. I wasn't sure how Mod Podge glue would work and the layers.
And I didn't want to experiment with this because it took a lot of time to
 put it all together!

Any way, here is the finished top. I was pleased with the way it turned out.

I really liked how the tag turned out.

I hardly ever have a solid plan when I begin a project like this. Just a basic idea. That's
part of the fun, however, it does take a little more time that way. By the way,
I didn't have it finished for Charlotte's birthday but she didn't mind.
My kids are used to waiting for things like that and I am so glad. Because then I
 not pressured by deadlines that don't fit.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing my project.

Have fun making your own!
The possibilties are endless once you get started.


Jeff LeFevre said...

That is a great post! I really like how the tag turned out too! You certianly have an talent for making things beautiful and special for others.

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

What a beautiful and feminine project! My daughters especially love pretty storage ideas, and I hope we can get around to making something similar. Of course, my boys like storing their treasures as well...

This is my first time to visit your site, but I look forward to reading your other posts.



Tamara said...

Thank you for visiting, Sherrie and for the sweet comment. With your industrious and creative family,I am sure that you will come up with some wonderful ideas of your own!

Blessings to you,