Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Early Morning

                                                                     A beautiful sunrise.....

In the beauty of the early morning, the day is fresh. My mind and heart are not
yet cluttered with the cares of life. It is quiet and peaceful. My favorite time of the day.
It's a chance to plan and to work through things that are happening in my life.
 It is a time with few interruptions. And the small living things are out enjoying
the morning.

A baby Walking Stick. Isn't it amazing how it blends in with the plant?

I like getting out to tend my plants before the sun has a chance to warm things up. I have to protect myself from the brutal southwestern heat. Being out and having the work done before 8:30 is what works best for me.

My gardening hat....

The beautiful Foxglove

Life-giving and sustaining water has to be poured out
very generously here.
 Next year we plan to put in some
drip systems. But for now we water with cans, hoses and a wand.
And everything needs a lot of here in Arizona. In caring for the plants,
we have to go beyond the instructions because of the heat. If they say part sun,  
I know that it can tolerate very little.

This is a southern Arizona butterfly called a
Great Blue Hairstreak

 A Horned Lizard
They also enjoy the Arizona sun in the quiet of the morning.

What do you enjoy about this time of day?

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Mikailah said...

This post is gorgeous, Mommy. :) I love all the pictures--that horny toad is getting a lot of portraits done. Hehe. ;)

I love you bunches!