Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's A Day To Make Beautiful...

I love waking up to the morning.
Have you ever noticed that

hope is fresh and things looks bright?
Most of the time~
But even in spite of bleakness that may seem to loom,
there are so many ways to make a day beautiful.
New beginnings await as the day breaks.
Courage is standing tall. 
Resolve seems immovable.

And the windows of the heart have lost their shadows.

Goodness is there to be found.


Sometimes hidden but still present.

 At times clouded by the circumstances of the past.

As the light of hope is allowed to shine, they will appear.

Their grayness will give way.

The beauty that lies beneath the drab will

at first be timid.

As the goodness is revealed,

 it will grow to overcome the

things that make it small.


 Look for goodness~

Hope will grow~

Beauty can be seen in every day.

And I always want to remember the butterflies
the flowers..
the people who touch my life..
little conveniences..
my health...

the sun as it warms my back on a chilly spring day..
the cold nose of our dog, Liberty when she wants to "hug"

My list  could go on and on.
 There is
always, always
something  in my life to make me smile.
Even if it's through tears.

Blessings to you,





1 comment:

Mikailah Autumn said...

oh, this is beautiful, Mommy! :) it is so true. there is so much potential for beauty in everyday life; sometimes we just have to look a little bit harder to see it. :)

love you!! <3