Saturday, April 27, 2013

Some Uses of Lavender Essentil Oil

Hello and I hope you're having a good day. I have
recently become and IPC for doTerra Essential Oils.
It will be a continual learning process for me
as the oils and uses are many and there is
SO MUCH information!
But anyone can learn how to use these effectively
for themselves and then can share the information
with family and friends.
I believe they offer my family
a choice for healthier living.
Today I want to share with you a few
facts about lavender essential oil.

Did you know that the application of lavender has
immediately stopped the pain from burns?
You can apply it directly to the burned area and with no
dilution. This has been known to stop the blistering
and to aid burns in healing and sometimes
will prevent scarring.

Let me explain about dilution.
Some of the oils are known to be very hot!
And if you apply them without
 diluting them without the 
use of olive
oil, vegetable oil or fractionated coconut oil,
they can

PLEASE use care especially with small children.
Whenever I share with you, I will be sure to give the
information needed for application.

Some other uses for lavender are:
*Bites and stings
These are just some of the many uses of lavender oil.
More about oils next time!

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