Monday, July 11, 2016

There's Always Time for Music~

Hello everyone..

How I've missed you!

I hope that you're enjoying the season that is before you!

Every season carries it's own endearing elements.

I happen to be experiencing summer and 

it's been wonderful so far!

And my life as I knew it has changed in a huge way. I'm now

keeping two of my grand girlies a couple days a week.

Oh my...The shenanigans ;)

What a joyful and special time it's been.

However, I do find my time limited now. 

Life has been overflowing with goodness.

Planting and landscaping... playing monkey in the middle.... 

learning some new songs... and glorious summer picnics.

There have been some exciting developments

in the gypsy camp's future and with our music.

We've found a place where we can share the love for music.

  A gathering of those who love to sing and play.

It's more like a family. It's a ways up the road in a quaint,

mountain community called Alpine.

It's a mix of all sorts of music and the atmosphere

is free and easy. Where strangers quickly become friends.

Playing music is one of my favorite things to do. My mandolin

and guitar are always out, ready to be tuned up to offer 

 their melodious sounds to just myself or whoever 

else is near to listen.

I like to find a quiet place in the midst of the business

of my day, slow down and pour my heart out in song.

Music is a beautiful way to bridge the gap with people 

and to keep tuned into my own heart. It's actually a kind of 

obsession with me. I was blessed to have a

 friend teach me a few 

chords and then I was able to continue on my 

own using books. 

And I've never stopped learning.

Isn't that one of the most exciting things about this life?

We can keep learning more if we so desire!

I had a borrowed guitar for awhile. I'm thankful that I had 

supportive parents and when I was 16, 

 they bought me one of my own for Christmas.

That was the best Christmas gift I ever received!

I'm always wanting to learn new songs to share with 

others and and I play nearly every day.

And even during the busiest of days, 

there's always time for music.

Here's a video of one of the songs that I'm learning. 

Watching the River Run .. Loggins and Messina
And here's another..

You Make Me Brave ... Bethel .. cover by Sarah Reeves

Do you like music? Do you play an instrument?

I would really love to hear about your favorite song or 

how music touches your life.

I've also been painting and working with some clay.

It's been a learning experience.

I'm considering opening an Etsy shop.

Any advice or ideas?

Thank you for your sweet visit!
Best wishes for your days to be filled 
with harmony and peace.

Tamara XO


Stephanie said...

Dear sweet friend of mine, what a joy to read your post. How I have missed YOU! I am glad you are well :) I can imagine you have your hands full with your darling grandchildren though I am sure you are making many precious memories.

And how exciting that you are still considering an Etsy shop. Your handmade creations are not only whimsical, but incredibly beautiful. You would do well.

Thinking of you! Love and hugs!

handmade by amalia said...

There is a special kind of magic that comes from the company of children. Enjoy the summer.

Kezzie said...

Music is a wonderful thing- it destroys language barriers and nourishes our souls!!! I have a mandolin too although I can't play it very well- I should practice and learn!!!

Junkchiccottage said...

What a great post Tamara. So wonderful to hear you can share your love of music. Beautiful songs.

Jeff LeFevre said...

Great post! So exciting to share all of this with you! <3