Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Tiny Garden Oasis at the Edge of the Gypsy Camp Forest

 Summer is here and there are so many wonderful muses.

It delights my heart to be in the garden areas that are

dreamily growing. As many of you know it's A LOT

of work to create these areas of beauty!

I've been digging, moving rocks, pulling weeds, 

planning, planting and reading and watering!

Here are a few of my new friends~
Tutti Fruit Yarrow
I thought the color was so beautiful, soft and peachy.
I just HAD to have her! And there was only one.
 Other lovelies waiting their turn for a new home~
 If you're familiar with this old fashioned beauty,
you know that  her fragrance fills the air with a heavenly, sweet aroma!

 Oh....Those pink blossoms..  and her bright green foliage!
So enchanting.

Much of the work is in camp.

 Our gypsy camp is not deep in the forest, but there are tall Pinon

 and Juniper trees that line the paths and surround some of the 

enchanting hide- a -ways that await us when we need a little 

get-away.  And we're planting bushes and trees.

We have OH so much work to do!

But it's slowly being transformed.

In a few weeks, I will be ready to reveal the terraced, rock garden.

But..... the refreshing comes from slowing down and knowing that

that's our sacred place for communing with God, each other and nature. 


While resting in the hammock,

I heard the sweetest little chitterings of birds.

And then I saw the tiny creatures flitting about

through the branches looking for a snack.

Pine Siskins I believe. 

It was these little birds that inspired the tiny garden.

And so, equipped with petunias, lobelia,

a pewter dish, thrifted cake plate, bird seed,

two potted hens, a small wheel barrow and watering can,

I headed toward the chosen spot.

 I dug it up with and mixed a little garden soil in.
I planted the flowers and settled all of the pieces in their places.
Filled the containers and added some rocks and mulch.

 And now they have a place to stop and get a drink and grab a bite
during their travels. 

And the faeries are welcome too! ;)
I should make a sign.

I believe I will.

What about your projects...gardens or plans..
I love to hear of them!

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.

I'm so thankful for our forefathers and those that
still serve today to protect our country and freedoms.

Blessings to you and thank you, as always
for coming by!

Tamara xo


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, a labor of love and a work of art! I loved gardening when I lived in the midwest but, here in Orlando the heat takes all of the fun out of it. Thank you for your kind words on the Polka Dot Flea, the tragedy damped the second day, but Saturday was great!


Jeff LeFevre said...

Beautiful pictures love.....