Monday, June 6, 2016

Back From the Flea.. Inspiration and Happy Exhaustion!

Hello Dear Friends~

So many weeks have passed since we visited.
I'm sorry I have been away so long. 
I should know better than to make promises of visits 
and checking in.

I didn't make it to the library one time.
Next time I will declare a time of absence!

Honestly, when I'm traveling, I hardly have time to breathe.
By the time I get home I am literally ready to drop
into a happy heap. 

It's so delightful being held captive by family and friends.
and food.

There are two places where we eat that the 
pies are absolutely
And hunting for oh so many treasures!
At times I felt like I was over doing the shopping a bit
but I've learned when it's
available, you must dive in and relish
in the opportunities.

I sure hope that all is well with you, Lovelies. 
This refreshing New Mexico rain shower left us
with a beautiful double rainbow.
It looks like that truck is headed straight for the
pot O' gold!
 Drying my anniversary flowers in the motel room.
Crossing the Mississippi is always a huge landmark. We always feel like we've crossed over from the west to the east. 
And actually, St Louis is considered the gateway to the west.
Remember learning about The Louis and Clark
Expedition? Do you love learning 
about the history and people of our land? 
I do.
 Do you keep your hands busy when you're on the road?
When I'm not watching the scenery roll by, I work on cutting out and sewing yo-yos. I love watching 
the pile of these lovely, pleated and 
colorful flowers grow. 
I'm so drawn to these gypsy colors lately! 
 Looking for movie posters at the flea market was fun.
Here are two of our favorite 
hollywood stars together.  
Jean Arthur and Gary Cooper.
We love old movies!

This one would have been perfect but $995
was a bit out of our price range.
But so amazing.
Don't you love the vintage graphics and colors?

It may have been an original movie ad poster because it
was about 8 foot tall!
 The day we went to the flea market, it rained a good part f the
day. But we had such a great time as we met so many good
folks that inspired us with their hard work and dedication.
There so many vendors! One thing we learned and will do next time is to make a once around and make notes 
of those vendors that we'd like to make a stop at.
It was such a wonderful learning experience 
and so much fun!
 And oh my... look who I found.
My heart gets so thrilled when I consider Beatrix Potter
and her story.  Such sweet characters and beautiful
watercolors. What she accomplished in her day was
 And guess who came home with me?
 Miss Jemima Puddle Duck.
Doesn't she look like she's
 ready to go out and play in the rain with her
 smart little bonnet and jacket?
So sophisticated. 
Getting ready to load some of our treasures.
Chippy pink spindles. 
Oh my!

A Sugartree sunset and dreamy clouds~
It rained most of the time during our stay.

Back to everyday life which is anything but ordinary!
I'm so excited to slip back into it all..
Every day is a gift.. 
If I think of it that way, I hold the time close
and appreciate it more.

Isn't it just glorious to have some warm summer like days?
I'm so happy to be back safe and to have all those
wonderful memories tucked away in my heart.

What the extra-ordinary in your days?

Thank you for coming by. I'm looking forward to
catching up!

Tamara xo


handmade by amalia said...

I love Beatrix Potter as well. And yo-yos. And traveling. And flea markets. And more.

Roosterhead Designs said...

Well hello there, and welcome back dear friend!
So glad you all had such a wonderful and meaningful, and fruitful and fun! experience!! : )
I was glad to see the collage of photo's you've shared Tamara~
Looks like a wonderful trip - full of great memories and great times!
You catch your breath now ; ) and we can catch up soon. ~Blessings, Karen O

Jeff LeFevre said...

I love this post! Great pictures! Glad you are home...